Monday, 29 August 2011


A week, a week has passed and nothing, not a sausage from Mr H (well quite a few actually as the BBQ has taken a battering, but you know what I mean) Well sorry about my absence but let's crack on.
On the home front the Hargreaves clan have been reunited and we have already seen some surf, some van time, and a tad of 'fuzball'- 8-2 by the way, what is that all about !!!
On the domestic front we have seen Big Brother, X- Factor, and a few festival's, and on the World front (odd phrase but I'm going with it) yes, we are still seeing more turmoil.

I would continue but after only a couple of hours sleep in the last 48 hours my left eye is slowly closing.

Love and luck to all


Sunday, 21 August 2011


I am currently in agony, it's not the run I have just been on or the fact that I am missing the children, it is being subjected to Big Brother for just five minutes that is giving me pain. I have just seen Mohammed Al Fayed walk in dressed as some sort of Egyptian Pharaoh surrounded by a load of mummies, or should I say dummies. Come on Al surely you don't need to do that!
I'm not going to rant on about the cost of living, the price of a loaf of bread, or even about the Khaliif family who are living in a £2 million house in West Hampsted on £8,000 a month rent benefits.....oh I just have !!!
No, tonight is a rant free special.



Friday, 19 August 2011

Pass it

A Licence passed !! Delighted, big ups to 'Big Al', Robbie H (who has also passed), Geoff, and all the young boys at T.U.F.C for their help (Namely turning up to train in the rain and being good lads!).

P.S All the best this weekend to one and all

P.S Please feel free to give 5 star reviews on Amazon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, 15 August 2011

'THE' Book is out..................................

Available at all good bookshops 'Where's Your Caravan' has officially been published. Covering twenty two years, ten clubs, and plenty of ups and downs, it was certainly a mission to write. Hope you enjoy it and if nothing else it will make one hell of a paper weight !!!

I cannot believe the severity of the Worlds news at the moment, from gun attacks to knife attacks, from riots to famine and war, it is just one total nightmare. For fear of adding to the misery I shall move on with gusto and try to give a lighter feel to our everyday toil and trouble. I have just returned from an early evening/late night run and my usual rapid onset of rigamortis has yet to hit. I may escape the pain but just to avoid any early morning stiffness (excuse the Freudian slip) I will guzzle a quick snort of the old 'Blood of Christ' and I may even treat myself to a Tramadol sandwich for supper.
The children are away with the grandparents (my Mum and Dad this time) and I am seriously hurting, I miss them that much. Now don't get me wrong it will only be around twenty minutes before it all kicks on on their return, but god damn it I miss those little beauties.
Gotta go, the wine has arrived !!!!!!!!!!!

Peace (Hopefully)


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Business as usual

Football first........Well I'm sure there will be quite a few very happy T.U.F.C fans this weekend, old boys and all that. You can't fault what Bucks and a few of the old boys did for their former club, but with football as it there is no sentiment and so it is now business as usual for both clubs and fans alike.
The Premiership seems to have kicked off as it finished last season with Joey Barton getting into the usual bother, Arsenne Wenger lamenting his bad luck, and early predictions of relegation given. I am looking forward to watching M.O.T.D tonight (If wifey pops off to bed that is!), after one mammoth day with a roller and an industrial sized pot of emulsion I am well and truly done in. Where's the red!!!

Home life second........Me and 'Her indoors' nipped out last night, not for a drink or a meal though, no we were the recipients of a few tickets for Crealy Rocks and so we took a little look at what was on offer. It was a good laugh but the shoulders were well and truly dropped 'early doors', let's just say we saw what we needed to see !!

P.S An Indian on Friday, a Chinese last night, Spanish tonight (Thanks Holly!!), I wonder what we will have tomorrow....English maybe?

P.P.S Bruno, totally wrong but very, very funny

Love to all



Lot's happening, lot's happened, not much said. WILL blog later...............

Hope all well x


Friday, 5 August 2011


The new season is upon us, so good luck to the players and fans of all clubs, and especially those of Everton F.C, Grimsby Town, Hereford Utd, West Bromich Albion, Northampton Town, Brentford F.C, Oxford Utd, Hull City, Plymouth Argyle, and of course Torquay Utd. I am disappointed it is not me giving the Torquay lads the pre - match team talk tomorrow but I wish Martin and my old mate Shaun all the best. I may even pop over to the game tomorrow as I have a sofa date with my darling Natalie on Monday.
I managed to go for a run tonight and I have to say it was bloody painful. I did no stretching beforehand, no stretching afterwards, and set the tone for the run with a pre-run bottle of lager. I ran for six miles on will power alone and clocked in a time in the late thirties. Not bad for an old boy eh.
The fam are still away, so the microwave went on, the chocolate came out, and I am currently sat semi-naked swearing at the TV......bliss!!!



Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nowt as strange as Folk

The family have gone 'Up North' so I am home alone. It will be microwave meals, Top Gear, Grand Design, chocolate, and red wine. I would of course swap all of that 'Man stuff' to have my family around but I am cracking on with the business and the Grandparents are ready for action.
As regards football - the world of - I am still always amazed at how ridiculous some players can be with their 'tweeting' obsessions. Why Joey Barton feels the need to criticise a club that pays him around seventy grand a week is beyond me. Keep you mouth closed and play for the club that pay your wages, end of story. I did have another rant to get off my chest but I have completely forgotten what it was.
As regards work - the world of - the shop is steaming along at a frenzied pace and it has been a weird and wonderful week in Sidmouth as the annual folk festival is currently taking place. Now I'm not going to say I'm a big fan of men dancing around in tight trousers with bells on their legs and wearing funny hats but it's not just about that. There has been some great entertainment on the go and the town is absolutely buzzing......and what about the weather!, come on sunshine keep it up.

P.S A bit low today, missing the old game, it is still very hard to let it go!!!

Love to all