Monday, 27 June 2011


Wife away, house a mess, kids still up, beer fridge turned on.

Love to all


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Take That

Glastonbury, and Beer! I'm not actually at 'Glasto' this year but I have loved watching the action on the box, dry and with a comfy bed to jump into! As far as Beer is concerned I was there today with my mate Jase and his clan, a nice little beach hut, a dip in the sea, and few hours of fun. And where were the wives you may well ask? Well they have been treated to a few days away watching Take That. I know what your thinking, how good are we!!!! Well this is true, but as much as the old man points have taken a beating this time our own little treat will be all the sweeter. What have we got planned? Just a lighting quick break to Stockholm we think, you know it's a cultural thing!!!!!!!!!!!.

I haven't got too serious on the blog for a while now, partly because there is more than enough on News at Ten most nights to cover most serious issues, but I do feel I have to mention how horrendously sad I felt when I heard the emotional statements given by the Dowler family shortly after leaving court. It was heart wrenching stuff, and it is so, so wrong that our pathetic justice system goes to such ridiculous and unneeded lengths to protect the rights of people that have done such wrongs. Words cannot describe the sorrow I feel for that young girl and her family.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Time flies

Sorry about the lack of blog activity, I have lots to say but not enough time to say it!!. I'm not sure if I should completely change the blog or carry on as it is, I will pause for thought for a few hours and decide. Tonight will mainly be spent drinking chatting and drinking. Hope everyone is OK

Go on Andy


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad (Martin H!)

Well, I'm back! And it certainly has been a pretty interesting couple of weeks. I have to say that not becoming the new Torquay Utd manager was extremely disappointing but I wish Martin Ling all the best. He tried to sign me when he was managing Leyton Orient, so he may well be a decent judge of character!, but other than that I don't really know the guy. I do of course hope that the club do well,but, as it has to be, the page gets turned over and a new chapter has to start. Another time eh!!
Off the field of play now (well almost) and I have been to Belfast to complete the 'A' licence. I met up with some of the lads from last year and it was great to see how they were progressing, from lads on tens of thousands of pounds per week to those without a proverbial pan like object to you know what in, they are a great bunch and it was a pleasure to be there.
On the shop front it is all going really well, the place is busy, the till is ringing, and the reaction has been great.
And finally, to the family. Cam has just finished a magnificent history project, creating an unbelievable cast of Brunel, Issy has bought some pink spikes from the shop, they are called 'Rocket girl' and she is definitely living up to the billing, and Hattie has eaten 'Spag Bol' for dinner followed by chocolate torte, followed by.......... yes, Beef flavoured Hula Hoops!!!!!!!!. My wife has been holding the fort and is now looking forward to Take That, and I am.....well let's just say I am reflective.

Love to all


Sunday, 12 June 2011


See you in a week, I'm off to Ireland!!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Catch up

So much happened and so little said!

Obviously there is a lot going on at the moment but firstly I have to say how gutted I was for the T.U.F.C boys, losing in a final is no fun at all.
At this stage it has to be no comment about any other football business.

Moving on quickly, the shop is at full belt, the family are at full belt, the weather is superb, and the TT is off I go.