Sunday, 31 January 2010

Welcome Back

Hello one and all welcome back to the blog! The last week or so has been a bit crazy, hence huge lack of blog activity. I am however continuing the blog. I should have blogged on Thursday but the hotel I was staying in was charging about ten pounds a minute for the privilege and so I declined. Firstly I am gutted about yesterday's result, a win would have been just what was required at this stage but, after going into the lead once again, it wasn't to be.

So much has been said about my departure that I feel it is right to set the record straight once and for all. After that point I will never mention it again and only focus on the positives of my time at the club.
My plan was to see out my career at Torquay and until a few weeks ago that was still the plan. It is true that I was offered a coaching role that I did decline, but it was, with immediate effect, to stop playing, take half my wages, and commence a trial period of three months with no guarantee of anything at the end of it. If that offer is trying everything in your powers to keep somebody at a club then fair enough. If it would have been to stop playing and see my contract out on trial as a coach I would have done it. If it would have been to take half the money but with next season to give it a proper go I would have done it. But I could do neither. I was also not the one who first mentioned my name being circulated to other clubs. I think with all these proposals put forward I kind of guessed my time was up. I have absolutely no problem with the club moving forward, I want it to like everybody else, and I have no problem with my time being up but I just have principles and have to point out the facts. I hope that I have earned my money at this club over the last few seasons on the pitch through blood, sweat and tears and did not earn a penny that I did not deserve or that did not drain the club of it's resources. Hopefully everyone else can say the same.
I suppose it is a disappointing end to a great few years but so often in football that is the case. I have now signed for Oxford and hopefully will give them exactly what I gave Torquay, commitment to the end. I want to thank the fans for giving me two of the best seasons of my career and thank my team mates for being a top bunch of lad's.
I will continue to support Paul and the team, both of whom I have to say I have had a fantastic relatinship with, and will continue to want this club to do well.
Future blogs will include family and the club as normal but will now include a few snippets from another footballing world.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hargreaves Junior's blog

I've just demolished a slice of mums homemade Victoria sponge. She also made some chocolate orange muffins they were amazing as well. I was really disappointed about my game being off today but instead I had a good go on my rebound net and got a new record of 622 times without a bounce.

Today we went to town and got attacked by a flock of birds while feeding the ducks we also had the best pizza ever at a restaurant by the quay. Last week we froze to death surfing on our new surfboards that we got for Christmas.

We've got school tomorrow and we have to take some donations for Haiti's earthquake. Our aim is to fill up a Haiti flag with coins. I had to had to do my homework today , I never like doing it because I can't really concentrate with two screaming girls running all over the house.

I am now watching footie on the TV dreading mum and dad saying "Cam its bedtime".

Cam H

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Cruel game?

I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that today was a bad end to a bad week. I am exhausted pyhsically and mentally and am annoyed because I have put my family through far too much football stress this week. Today's game should have been out of sight before half-time but again it wasn't and to have lost it is just a real killer, it is the worst I have felt in a long time in a Torquay shirt. I am so thankful for the support received and wanted more than anything to at least win the game. As we all know though it never happens the easy way and sat in that changing room afterwards was tough for everybody.
The last week has been a challenge to say the least, a week when I had thought that I may be going and that ended with me playing this weekend. One thing I know for sure is that Torquay Utd getting results is the most important issue for all concerned.
My situation is the same as with most player's, come the end of their contracts, a decision has to be made and I am fine with the one made with me. A short term coaching role was talked about but it wasn't right for my family, it's as simple as that. If I do stay at Torquay which was obviously my plan from the start of the season I will do my upmost to help the team, the manager, the young lad's, and the groundsman. If I don't then it is for the right reasons.
It's not just my situation though, is an uncertain time for many player's at this club, and other's across the country at this level, but that is the way it is most seasons. Clubs have budgets to look at and player's have to fight and show character to either get a contract or to move on, and that is what is required now. Everybody needs to be doing everything in their powers on and off the pitch to win games for this club regardless of negotiations, rumours or transfers. The single most important point is that Torquay stay in this league and not only do that but drive forward, as it has over the last few seasons.
Time for bed now and at least eight hours without thinking about this sometimes beautiful, but sometimes cruel, game that we love.


Friday, 22 January 2010

Bahama's bound?

Apologies about the recent and prolonged silence but the last few day's have been a bit hectic. Obviously it has been well documented about a possible transfer but football being as it is no deal has been reached. It has been a bit stressful but as it stands I am happy to be at home with the family with my bag unpacked and the dinner on!.
I am at the moment still a Torquay player and very proud to be one, and as far as I'm concerned it's business as usual tomorrow, that means for us trying to win a game of football. The last thing I want for both clubs is controversy about the whole thing because long after I'm gone, or any player has, the clubs and their supporters will still remain the same.
You have to be philosophical about the whole situation and say that clubs move on, and so do their player's - and after all, with me purchasing the random number of fourteen lucky dips for the lottery it may well be a move to the Bahama's!

Tomorrow we face Burton, a team we have had a bit of history with in the past. We need a win so all efforts must go into doing that.

P.S Thanks for the tyres Ian, I owe you at least an afternoon of Bass.


Thursday, 21 January 2010


Two day's of waiting, and counting.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010


No long blog as I'm sure that the football is on the box in many a house this evening. Huge decisions to make and not much time to do make them.


Monday, 18 January 2010


I am just at the end of my shift as part time house husband (other job footballer). The dinner has been cooked, the washing has been done, and the children have been put to bed. Fiona is out on one of her job's (not that sort!, her Lash Boutique business is just taking off so I am digging in). After the trauma that is homework hour (weekly and they still moan) I emptied the washing machine - which easily gets as much use as Dot Cotton's did in her heyday - to find whites that were now darks and colours that were even more colourful. Nevertheless you cannot beat the banter with the children at home - actually it's just like being at work!!!!.
I was going to talk about the weekend but it has passed, and do you really need to know about Elliott's hygiene misdemeanors, Bev's pack-up contents (18 daily multi-vits and a lot of rabbit food), or Tyronnes' phone deals (moody leather jacket's on offer).
All I will say is that we nearly had tears at the services stop as Mark 'Dingle' Ellis was forced to buy the coffee and cake, 'Eununununun', our new Irish 'so it is' midfielder, gave us a great ballad/rap mix, this all backed up by Saul, who belted out an Oasis number so aggressively that he put 'Charns' off his chocolate cake, and all this topped off by an hours worth of white hot banter on Friday night. A bunch of great lad's they are.
Apologies to the two couples who were situated near our table who must have thought Beadle's About was back on TV. Also can't wait for the forthcoming dance-off - Jake, Kieran, and Chris take your positions please!.

It was great to see my folks (Avy and Mart) at the game, thanks for the children's treats, sorry about the result, and we will all see you soon.

I rose at 5.30 a.m this morning with a tired eyes, a daughter demanding entertainment, but with a clear mind.
Thanks again to Rick (Steve's gym) for the aggression release. Training today good, body good, time now to relax.

P.S Like us all I am very aware of the horrendous tragedy that has affected so many of the people of Haiti, totally unfair and totally devastating. The children are doing their bit at school, as I'm sure thousands are around the county, and millions are around the world.


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Late late show

Sorry about tonight's late blog, and also the recent lack of recent blog activity. On Friday we travelled to our on/off, on/off, game against Chesterfield. The hotel had a distinct lack of Internet service (as in it wasn't free!) so I did not blog but I could have written for hours about the journey alone - full rundown on activities and personalities tomorrow.
The game itself was obviously lost, but it shouldn't have been. We had more chances by far, they had one and scored it. Our support was brilliant though so thanks to all those who braved the conditions and travelled up to see us. I really wanted us to win that game for so many different reasons but it wasn't to be.
A late return on Saturday meant no blog again and today we decided to have, what seems to be rare at the moment, a family day together - albeit being blown and battered to pieces on surfboards in Woolacombe. So, as you can see my 'blogtivity' has been hampered a little lately. More tomorrow but for now it is a late film and a drop of Iron brew.


Surfs up

Off surfing

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Today the team was put through it's paces before any footballs had even been touched. Our weekly visit to Steve's gym is becoming a bit of a favourite, even the lad's who usually only do bicep curls with a cup of tea are finding their feet - albeit with a helping hand from Rick and Laura.
This morning Rick got hold of Elliott and put him through his paces, this not only will help Elliott with his strength but it also keeps him away from the boy's for a good twenty minutes!
Most of the lad's throw a few weights about though, even Jake did a few pull-ups (but then had to have a rest) and the crew that think they could have future career's as body builder's (Bevan, Charnock, Hargreaves, Robertson, Mansell -sheep are incredibly strong you know!) do a bit of 'spotting' for each other and shout things like "Put another Weeetabix on there mate" whilst someone is pulling a hernia to lift a weight, sorry 'Manse'.
In all seriousness though it really should benefit the team. Whether it be upper body or leg strength, lifting weights can improve a player's fitness, strength and discipline. I met a brilliant man when I was at West Brom called Tony Ford and he changed my whole outlook on looking after your body, discipline, and motivation. I actually still used to drive to meet him on a Sunday morning in Birmingham when I had signed for Plymouth because I knew that it was important and that no one else would be doing that on a Sunday morning - this I knew because I used to be the lad who would just be usually getting in! but Tony is definitely one of the major reasons why I have kept playing for so long. That, and will power, and my wife shouting at me of course!!!!.
After Steve's we reattached our muscle linings and shot over to the racecourse to prepare for Saturday's game against Chesterfield. Will it be on ? who knows but we are preparing as normal to win the game.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Football Quotes

'They're the second best team in the world, and there's no higher praise than that.'

'You half fancied that to go in. It was rising and dipping at the same time.'

'There's a little triangle - five left-footed players.'

'Well Clive, it's about the two M's - Movement and Positioning.'

'He dribbles a lot and the opposition don't like it - you can see it all over their faces.'

'Our first goal was pure textile.'

'What I said to them at half-time would be unprintable on the radio.'

'A lot of hard work went into this defeat.'

'In terms of the Richter scale this was a Force 8 gale.'

'We talk about it for twenty minutes and then we decide I was right.'

'The River Trent is lovely - I know because I have walked on it for 18 years.'

'I think this could be our best victory over Germany since the war.'

'I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don't know into what religion yet.'

'I tried to get the disappointment out of my system by going for a walk. I ended up 17 miles from home and I had to phone my wife Lesley to come and pick me up.'

'The Albanians are penetrating us form all positions.'

'I loved football. I played in the morning and in the afternoon. Even when I went to bed with my wife, I was training.'

'There are thousands of kids in the area who who'd have their legs chopped off to play for Brighton.'


Closer to home, in fact very close. All CHRIS HARGREAVES !

'I went to control the ball and this big fella just barked at me, in fact he just barked at me for the whole game, without speaking at all.'
On playing against WOLVES defender JOHN DE WOLFE

'I will probably have to play until I am fifty the way my wife spends'
After being asked the question of RETIREMENT.

'I lent against the door and it to my horror it flew open. I was hanging on for grim death whilst the white lines of the motorway shot past. I told the assistant manager I could have died. He said "Well it would have saved Jim (Smith) a big problem mate".

This after a near death experience on the coach trip to an away game.

'You can be Grimsby's first million pound player if you just stop messing about'
ALAN BUCKLEY's words to a young Chris Hargreaves. Eighteen months later he sold me to Hull for 50 grand!!!!!!.

It's a funny old game!!!


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Kick About

Due to the weather it was beach training again today. I thoroughly enjoyed being by the sea and kicking a football about this morning, who wouldn't?. After our session myself, Scott Bevan and Mark 'Dingle' Ellis stayed behind to have a bit of a kick about. It was great to be on an empty beach just messing about and the added bonus of Mark losing heavily at two touch means that 'Bev's and myself are owed a nice cup of coffee and slice of cake whenever 'Doug' can find his dusty wallet.

I hope that everyone got home safely tonight as Devon's weather took a real turn for the worst this afternoon.
Tomorrow will either involve training, work, and school for my clan, or it will be sledging, writing, and talking.


P.S Hope the exam went well Bro.

Monday, 11 January 2010


A lot has happened in the football world over the last few days. First and foremost the shocking news that the Togo team bus was attacked at the Africa Cup of Nations tournament, resulting in the tragic death of three people and the subsequent withdrawal of the team from the competition. It is an unbelievable thing to have happened and with the amount of conflict in the area I can see why some people, including Clarence Seedorf, think that the competition should be cancelled.
I don't think that it will be because of the amount of money involved but with the likes of Didier Drogba still participating the risk to not only their families but to their clubs is huge.
With so many games cancelled recently the sports news pages have been filled with alternative topics over the last few weeks, namely debt, and namely Man Utd's debt. I would guess that after this season Sir Alex may, for the first time in a long time, consider retirement, after all even Sir Alex needs money to spend to stay at the top.
Changing the subject dramatically I recently watched Grant Mitchel's (I mean Ross Kemp of course!) two incredible documentaries highlighting the ongoing and bloody war between Palestinians and Israelis. I cannot believe how complicated it is between the two religions, Jewish and Muslim. It is a complete and utter mess there. Gaza, Jerusalem, Israel, Arab, Jew, Muslim, a 400 mile wall, the breaking of the Geneva convention, smuggling through tunnels, car bombs, suicide bombs, whatever it may be, and yet most people spoken to, on both sides, want peace and think that they can live in harmony together. Having been at war for sixty years, sadly, it seems unlikely.
Again changing the subject, but staying with TV, I watched 'Elvis with the Presley's' on Saturday morning - I allowed myself a whole fifty minutes of time to watch it but I paid the price with a subsequent 'Wife strop' and 'Children strop' in the process. Note to self, when I am not playing on a Saturday I must not relax!.
Anyway, what a brilliant show. He was the ultimate performer and he lived the ultimate rock and roll life. Together with Priscilla they were one great looking couple, who had everything, but with Elvis's relationships with his 'boy's', his manager Colonel Parker, and with the army of his fans, in the end it was too much. It was incredible to see how upset his family, fans, and friends still were when talking about him after all these years. He died at the age of Forty - two having been addicted to prescription drugs for at least ten of those years. The fact that he had been forced to 'play' Las Vegas, for 837 pretty much consecutive shows, certainly didn't help his health. At the time his shows were raking in 100,000 pounds a week and the run lasted for a whole five years. After every one of those shows the whole top floor of the Hilton Hotel, which was home on and off for the duration, there was a party and he was the host.
Seeing his daughter and ex wife talk so fondly about him though, of how generous and kind he was, as well as watching him perform, you couldn't help but be moved by the show. Well that is unless you have an irate wife crashing dishes about and abusing the hoover, and three children panting at the door to be let out and taken sledging!.

Now back to reality and what a breath of fresh air it was today. We trained on Torquay's seafront, complete with oncoming tide and bemused onlookers. It was a great laugh though and by the time we had finished, one of 'Charns' misdirected passes was on it's way to either France or America depending on the current, Elliot was last seen trying to dribble through the waves, and a local fishing boat was now the proud owner of a T.U.F.C football thanks to a Chris Zebroski shot! More of the same tomorrow, so if you fancy a laugh we are the ones on the beach with the shrinking pitch and the floating footballs.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Birthday Greetings

Last night it was a classic Mrs H dish of Steak and chips followed by homemade, and massively labour intensive, profiteroles. This was all in aid of Mr Jason Miller who is 38 today, three years older than me!. To celebrate his Birthday Jase wore a 'special' shirt complete with it's own volume button, set to loud!. After some great grub and some heated debate we retired, happy in the knowledge that Jase would definitely be seen, and safe, in the dark. A record was also set by my wife before the meal of using every single pot and pan in the house, so that on my early rise this morning (my turn) I would not only be greeted with an hour of Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig but that I would also face a crockery mountain.
The whole Hargreaves family climbed the slopes of Devon today to then hurl ourselves down them at top speed. Having not been able to find any sledges this year we decided to improvise and use body boards instead. This actually increased the speed no end so the children were happy, even Hatty jumped on and sped down like a bobsleigh rider. After scaring Mum to death on the slopes we then headed back - handbrake turns a must on the return journey - a slice of cake and a cup of tea later and it was off again to Kev and Jenny's for a (long overdue) bite to eat. On the way there I decided to pull off and explore a country road. This was a very bad move as, after five miles, we actually ended up completely stuck. I had to slide back down a hill and turn round so that we could negotiate our way back, much to the annoyance of my wife and excitement of the children.
After a great meal at the Nicholson's (sorry Alyssa we will come and see you next time, it was Kev's fault) we headed for a farm, After a few hundred snowballs, some chickens, and a few lambs (I did think of you 'manse') we were done.
Finally, I have just asked my Wife for some inspiration for the blog, and her reply?.."It's cold"... Wow, I must ask her more often!.

P.S Oh yes, and game off ! Hence a very bizarre weekend. In fact after waiting in Saturday 'shoppers' traffic for about half an hour I shouted "This is killing me, I would rather be 5-0 down away at Darlington than here". Now that is the sound of a man who hates shopping and loves his Saturday 'footy'. My wife was not amused!.


Friday, 8 January 2010


First and foremost, huge congratulations to Wayne 'so it is' Carlisle and his lovely girlfriend Emma who have had a baby boy this week. George Carlisle is now back at home with Mum and Dad who I'm sure are loving their little man.

I also forgot to say well done on the blog to Phil 'The Power' Taylor who won his fifteenth World title last week. Relentless treble twenties, relentless doubles, and a body blow of a 170 checkout, destroyed his 'Aussie' opponent. I saw 'The Power' at the Sports Personality of The Year Awards a couple of years ago - I was the one treading over world champions and celebrities to get to Beth Tweddle (British Gymnast) who's autograph Isabella wanted! - and he was a top bloke, down to earth and yet at the top of his tree.

We trained on the pitch today which was great, made even better by the fact that it was full of snow - big kids eh. It is strange having not been able to train for a few days, the vigour and energy levels shown by the squad was very good so I am sure that the enforced rest has been beneficial - in saying that Ty 'bunionater' Thompson came a cropper on the ice a few times and Lamb Mansell thinks he got frostbite!.
This cold snap has also been a real bonus for those of us who love throwing the kids down steep slopes on sledges, and of course for those who love spending the morning submerging biscuits into hot tea because they are 'snowed' in!
After I had popped into the club the other day I had half an hour to spare before I picked the children up so I paid the 'Nicholson's' a visit. I phoned to say I was on my way, but to my surprise Jenny (soon to be Mrs N) answered sounding puffed out! I asked her what she had been doing and after a hazy reply of "where are you exactly" she gave Kev the phone who said the same and then said to pop round. If only I had arrived ten minutes earlier and not phoned I would have stumbled on a great sight. Kev and Jenny had decided to have an afternoon workout at home involving press-ups, squat-thrusts, lunges, curls and other random exercises that most couples would only dream of (or wince of) doing together. The final part of their routine must only remain with them but it certainly involved some serious moves and would have brought a smile to my face had I arrived unannounced. It was lovely to hold little Jessica once she had woken and thanks for the coffee guys as well as the confidential story I have just told!!!!.
This afternoon, after a few meetings and before we went to see the children at Barton School - for a push on school dinners, which I think is a great idea but with three children myself dinners have to come down in cost to enable more parents do it - myself, 'Bevs', Kev, 'Charns', and 'Dingle' had a quick bite to eat. We chose the Angel Tea rooms and all went well until 'Charns' started to panic that it was a bit too posh for him, Bevs started to panic that he may have to pay, and Mark Ellis started to panic that he may have to say something (don't worry mate there is no rush). All ended well though, apart from the hole in my wallet that is.
It was then to the school, followed by a quick dash to get Hatty, a quick dash back to get Fiona, a quick dash back to get the other two, and finally a quick dash to the Chinese to get some food for the Millers (whiplash and pay the topics there) and the Hargreaves.
Finally, and with food in mind, I will have to curb my eating habits because at the moment I am either pregnant(unlikely), have got worms (unlikely), or am having a growth spurt(unlikely). It actually must be the rebuilding process my body is going through after my 'man flu' spell. I am talking fry-ups, Thai curry, bacon 'sangers', cheese on toast, chocolate cake, sweets, and 'Dairy Milk', and that is without even mentioning my main meals! This weekend will involve air sandwiches and water, and next week I will hit the gym with a fury - 'Bevs' I will still destroy your confidence in the 'rippage' stakes next week.
Got to go as WW3 is starting upstairs.


Thursday, 7 January 2010


Feeling pretty reflective tonight. They say all good things come to an end and maybe that is going to be the case in the immediate future for me. I have always been pretty honest on this blog and that will remain the same until the end. It has been a unique experience writing this blog and my life and career have certainly been scrutinised, namely by myself!
Having had such a great time over these last few years of my career I am obviously going to find it hard to hang up the old boots - whether that be next week, next month, or next year.
It is all I have known for twenty years, that routine of keeping fit, of eating the right food, of getting ready for games, and then of course enjoying the euphoria of victory or dealing with the pain of defeat. I don't know if I will ever be sure when the time is right to bow out, and maybe after Wembley was the right time - at the summit of what you want to achieve isn't a bad time I suppose! - but the lure of leading the team back into the football league was extremely strong, as was the fact that I still loved playing.
Whatever the future holds I hope that it can be at Torquay. This club has been very good to me and I hope that the favour has been returned. I am not naive enough to think that every cloud has a silver lining but I do believe in destiny, so in the end what will be will be.
Tomorrow I will return in good form with facts, laughs, and stories but for tonight it is goodnight and god bless.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Today spent mostly sledging, tonight spent mostly thinking.


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sticky Gum

Firstly, and a bit belatedly, I have to say what a result for Leeds at the weekend, Sir Alex must have been chewing his gum at record speed in added time. I know one thing for sure, that my mate Mick 'slipmat cheese stealer' Chapman will have been running around with his shirt over his head for most of the night following the game.
Secondly I cannot believe that Stoke have put a 20m price tag on Ryan Shawcross, good player but come on, are you sure Tony!.
Today we trained on the old 'astro' again. It was a really enjoyable session, which basically involved a big game of football, simple but effective. In saying that the severity of the surface meant that for the second day running most of the lad's were heading for the ice after training.
Playing on such a hard surface really is hard on the body which is why a lot of the club's who had laid AstroTurf pitches in the late eighties/early nineties to save on costs (due to postponed games and training facilities) ended up ripping them up and replacing them with grass again, as most of their squads were retiring through injury!.
The rest of the day has been filled with Christmas 'Deccy' removals, tree toppling, cardboard crushing, general 'choredom' and Harriet. Hatty has kept us all amused by singing her heart out on her piano/organ/mike combo, and eating her dinner with a medicine spoon, whilst dressed as a princess. As well as that she wanted cheese and sherbet pips for breakfast and at school Mrs Irene made her cry at lunch club because she asked her to pick a "bamato" up. Hatty said "It wasn't my bamato Irene, it was Gracie May's, I don't have any bamato's today " I asked her if she was upset and she said she was but that now she was going home it felt "Tremendrous" and that we could do some "Puzzles" and have a "Sausage roll" when we got home. Life is so simple at that age isn't it. Yesterday it was den building, tomorrow it could be "Munsters" and Hide and seek, "Come and find me Daddy, I'm under the cover in my bed"! or even some stories "Once a once a time there was a scary munster" (same story every time!). I love that little fireball, in fact those three goof balls are my life and I don't mind admitting it. Oh and my wife of course!.


Monday, 4 January 2010


Due to the onset of more icy conditions, this morning we travelled in convoy to Ashburton to train. After throwing a few weights around in Steve's gym with the team I jumped in with 'Toddy', who is back for a few day's training, and we headed off down the A38 . Training itself was really good considering the weather but something had to go wrong. As we were entering the school Toddy noticed that his tyre was flat, so, after training, to calm his nerves and avoid the AA being called out, I turned into Phil Mitchel and whipped the wheel off. Only Toddy could have me changing a tyre in full T.U.F.C kit whilst onlooking students giggled away, thanks for that mate.
A quick change and it was off to Plymouth to talk football with Natalie. I have really enjoyed the 'punditry' slot and hopefully I can expand the role to roving reporter - Keith Chegwin here we come!.
Away from 'footy' and I bought the Sunday Times at the weekend (one tries ones best old chap) - to be fair though it is a weeks worth of decent reading and I can fit the News of the World inside it.
Anyway, firstly I noticed that the director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor, is about to reveal his 100 artefact's that best illustrate the ascent of man - in a nutshell a history of the world in 100 objects - from 7th century helmets and Egyptian Mummy's to Woodcarvings and Chronometer's (A big clock used by Darwin and the like!) With all these historic pieces to marvel over, or not, it is amazing how controversial his 100th choice will be. In the running, to name just a few, are the iphone, an Zimbabwean zillion dollar note, an hallucinogenic drug, and a wind turbine. How times change! Some big names in the world of writing, art, and history were asked to choose their most influential objects, good or bad. No surprise that a writer chooses the ballpoint pen or that a poet chose a printing press, but Max Hastings, a journalist, chose an AK-47 Kalashnikov! His points are strong to support it though. There are 70m Kalashnikov's in active use worldwide, from street gangs, to pirates, and his view that it has caused more deaths than any other weapon in history may well be a strong case to put forward. In his words "It is as much a global product, and as significant in it's impact on humanity as the laptop" - of which I am on now!.
Yes, I have gone of on a rare old tangent there, and to those who have turned off and gone to bed apologises, I will now lighten the mood. Same paper though.
Quotes of the week;

"A lady at the library asked me if my parents were "1960s' people".

Regina Gardner, a shopworker, reveals reaction to her changing her name to Deathstroke Regina Chester Jeff Dave Dum Dee Dum Tumblepot

Go on girl you show em!


Sunday, 3 January 2010


Stoke Gabriel - to go 'crabbing', only to get there and it be freezing with nowhere open to buy crab lines - DONE.
Berry Pomeroy - to look round the castle ruin and have a coffee, we did the latter as the castle was shut - DONE.
Ruby Miller's Birthday - to give Ruby her present, chat with the family, and eat most of Jase and Sarah's excellent buffet - DONE.
Weekend - DONE.


P.S Come on Phil 'The Power' Taylor.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Frozen Out

I don't really think either team deserved to win today so it is a real disappointment that we couldn't at least take it to a replay. Someone asked me if I thought the game should have been played at all as I left the stadium and I said probably not but that I totally understand why it was. The conditions definitely had an effect on our attacking players and their ability to be able to run with the ball, and maybe if I was not slipping about like Bambi on Ice I would have headed the corner away when they scored. But, and it is a but, there are no real excuses as it was the same for both teams, we lost concentration at a vital time and they didn't.
I am gutted for the club and their need for the money, and for our fans who again this season deserved to go to at least one big stadium. We will have to dust ourselevs off and go again starting on Monday and leading to another very important league game next Saturday.