Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to post a video on the blog. It is not working so I am now giving up, before I beat up the laptop in anger. Just go into You Tube and type in NFL SUPER SKILLS. See what you think!


Monday, 30 March 2009


The Clarke's nutcracker can remember 700 of the 1000 seeds it buries over 100 square miles, the seeds it can't remember will grow into pine trees. Sorry was I speaking out loud there!!!!!!. Just watching 'Yellowstone' which is on in the background and what a crazy place it is. America's 'wildlife jewel in the crown' has some of the hottest and coldest temperatures in the world, from boiling hot geezers to - 50 degree winters. I know, I know, I have to stop it for fear of boring the whole of Devon!!!.

Last night I watched Secret Millionaire. What a great programme it is, last night's episode saw a scrap yard owner, come millionaire, visit Blackpool. He was a big bloke who knew his way around a fry up and at first glance you would probably never have guessed he was very rich, but he was. After infiltrating a homeless centre, a 'Dream' house where terminally ill children and their families could have a holiday together and finally a war veterans club, Gary was brought to tears at least five or six times.
He had lost twin sisters to Heroin abuse and had been brought up by his grandad who was a D-Day landing hero so he had experienced first hand the pain these people he met had felt. It was a great sight, when at the end, Gary announced that he was a millionaire and that he wanted to give the respective parties thousands of pounds, great TV.
Then we watched Piers Morgan on Ulrikka Johnson, just slightly different, but interesting all the same, especially for John Leslie, Stan Collymore and Sven Goran Erikson !!.
Today, a day off and an epic skill school with the boy. Father and son outside with Torquay 'Hargreaves 14' shirts on enjoying football like we were kids again, well one of us anyway!.
Fianlly I feel like I need to tell it like it is. I have played every game but one this season, and yes I am shattered. So to the bloke who shouted "Come on Hargreaves get a ******* move on" at last weeks game I say fair enough. If I had had a hard day at work and had put my money in my pocket to watch Torquay only draw at home then I would be annoyed. And yes I would probably be shouting at the Captain.

So when my three children are in bed and I have trained all week and played my 44th game this season at the age of 36 I will definitely have tried to get a move on. If the pain of last season still burns you and not a day goes past that you don't think about it then fair enough. No one is more desperate than me for promotion this season, and whether I am at Torquay or not next season I will be doing everything in my powers to achieve it, end of story.


Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sleeping Lamb

A late picnic on Exmouth beach, an even later fish and chip supper at Budleigh Salterton, and now a small/large glass of red, will finish off a nice Sunday.

P.S They say football is a funny old game, well Formula 1 is giving it a good run for it's money. Almost without a team, written off as a serious racer, and constantly in the shadows of fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton, today's winner was Jenson Button. He must be feeling pretty good in his trailer tonight with Richard Branson in tow after winning his first race for Brawn. He is also still earning a fortune, even after agreeing to take a 4 million pounds a year pay cut !!!.

P.P.S On the way home from Budleigh, Harriet, our 2 yr old firecracker looked out of the window and said " Look at all those 'sheepies' ", she carried on "Where's Manse, is Manse in there, I can't see him, is he asleep?".
(A reference to our very own Lee Mansell) Sorry 'lamby' but now even Hatty has caught the bug, every time she passes a field she thinks your in it!.


Saturday, 28 March 2009

Anyone for Tennis

I have to first apologise for the lack of blog postings in the last few days. Thursday night was spent filling out tax returns ( nice ), last night I was at the hotel, had forgotten the old lap top and wasn't prepared to spend £24 for Internet access!. That leaves today......I'm back so here we go.
A hard fought draw today against a tough new look Mansfield side and even tougher weather conditions. It was more like a game of tennis in the middle of the park today, the ball was literally going from head to head for the whole of the first half. A good second half display and a great debut goal from Blair Sturrock at least gave us some reward for the lads efforts. Blair is on the lookout for a good hair restorer and owes me money for cards but other than that he is a really good lad who is going to give us some more firepower for the run in to the end of the season.
Thanks from the lads and staff for the support we had today, in very cold and windy conditions we were cheered on until the end.
I have returned home to find my wife in bed ( yes on her own! ) and with the house still showing some signs of the party the night before. A friend of ours, Sarah, had her 'pre-hen night' 'hen night' last night and it was hosted by Fiona - who I've heard partied like it was 1999!. Believe it or not the bride to be made sure everyone got home and in to bed !!!!. Fiona made it up to bed about 2.30a.m and Hatty Beast arose at 6a.m, that has got to hurt. Still I'm not complaining the house is quiet, I have just finished off some great leftover party food and cake, and I can stay up and watch as much bad late night TV as I like.

P.S Bev's stop sending me pictures of your abs and concentrate on the job in hand. And definitely stop doing press ups before you take the picture. Trying to end the one of longest barren spells ever known is your only thought.


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Thanks to all

A very long, bizarre, but productive day. It started with Harriet jumping on me at 6a.m ready to get up, this after a bad night at the office and not much sleep. I don't need to say much about the game as it was said for us by the fans at half time and at full time. We were as disappointed as anyone and although we have had a great run a draw at home at this stage is frustrating. We didn't play well, end of story and will look at why tomorrow.
The rest of the day was a blur. I was picked up at 9.45 in a fire engine and handcuffed for a 'Ransom' day at the South West M S centre. I then spent four hours on my mobile phone asking lots of friends if they could donate money to ensure my 'Release'. I managed to raise £1200 pounds for the MS centre and for all those poor unsuspecting people who received calls a massive thank you. In all, along with several other 'Hostages', we managed to raise £5500 pounds for a great cause.

I then nipped in to Jodes salon with Kev Nicholson for a trial run of a traditional Wet Shave and man's facial treatment!. Jodie, my sponsor at Torquay, asked us if we would pop in to try out the Mens treatments available at the salon and then put a bit about it in the salons newsletter. Jodie and her husband John are huge Torquay fans so maybe it was a bit of a risk, after last night, letting Jodie loose with a cut throat razor. But I have to say, even though it was a first for both of us, Nicholson and Hargreaves left unscathed and feeling great.

It was then back home for a bit of tea, then out the door again for coaching and back in about 9.30. A tough day, especially after last nights events, but for everyone who will benefit from that five and a half grand it was well worth it.


Monday, 23 March 2009

Mothers Day

Belated blog 'Happy Mothers day' to Averil Hargreaves, my lovely mum, and to Fiona Hargreaves, Cam, Issy and Hatty's lovely Mum!.

After the lie in, breakfast in bed, and presents, the decision was made by the Hargreaves clan to have a day out in Woolacoombe. Sun, sand, and surf was enjoyed by all, as was more breakfast, some waffles, a bit of shopping ( expensive day this mothers day business!) and the building of a few hundred sand castles. Father and son did manage to get a few kick-ups in on the sand but it's hard to sneak off with three strong willed women in the family.
We trained today in preparation for tomorrow's game against Grays, again a team fighting for their lives.
We know it will be another tough game, but it is also another game that we can win . On to the fitness front now and the 'Beavonater' is close to breakdown after this weekends events. A chocolate sponge at the hotel on Friday and a Macdonalds on the Saturday, coupled with a few comments in the gym today that he has lost his 'shape' have really thrown the big fella. I think he could still be in there now working on those crunches he looked that worried. Don't let them ( I mean me ) get to you mate!.
I must admit though Friday's evening meal was a killer, I ordered Brushetta to start and out came cheese on toast. I then ordered the pork and out came a full fry up with chips and for dessert, it was too late by then, the chocolate sponge was on it's way.
Another player who has been throwing the old weights about is a real surprise. Not a hulking defender, a battling midfielder or even a big centre forward. No the D-unit Danny Stevens has caught the bug. A combination of a desire to play every week and an imminent Ibiza 'large one' has seen Danny hit the iron hard. Dennis Wise watch out.
Lastly Mark Ellis has finally got a bit of colour to his skin, unfortunately though it is not down to the sun. The showers on Friday were only a couple of degrees below boiling point which meant that it was a quick in 'Ow' and back out several times. But with Mark loving showers as he does third degree burns didn't worry him at all. As long as he spent the 9 minutes 48 seconds he requires daily in there the fact that his skin was melting off was not a problem.
While I'm on the subject of 'Dingle' I have to say that his attitude this season has been spot on. It is not easy for him, or any player, to be in and out of the team but when he has played he has been ready and when he hasn't he has been the first one to shake the lads hands and wish them good luck, not an easy thing to do. The competition for places is strong, and although not everyone can play each week hopefully come the end of the season we can all celebrate together, as that is what this squad has been, very much together.


Saturday, 21 March 2009


Relieved to be back home in good time tonight. A real battling performance from the lads saw us rewarded with another crucial victory. My room mate Chris Todd returned, and what a return for him it was, a great performance and a goal to cap it off. As well as his presence on the pitch the banter in our room last night was epic!. I'm delighted for 'Toddy' and I'm sure his family are extremely proud of him, now he just needs a promotion medal!.
Further goals, a brilliant header from 'Sillsy' and a winning strike from Rosco, on his return, sealed the victory. The game got a bit heated at times, on and off the pitch, but that sometimes happens, especially when one team is fighting for it's league status and the other is fighting for promotion. Today's game certainly was not pretty but the points are all that matter at this stage.
A great following and a great win all the same.


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Taxi for Hargreaves

Hargreaves Taxi service has just returned from the football, athletics, back to football, back to athletics, back home, run. Not that I'm a pushy parent or anything but when Hatty ( now 2 ) takes up Tennis it is going to get really busy !.

This weeks training has been unusual in that the sun has made an appearance. Mark Ellis actually got burnt during this mornings session, it wasn't that hot but Mark's body is only designed for cold weather. Between Stevie 'Ghoul' Adams and Mark there is only a three minute window of Sun allowed before the old factor 100 has to come out.
As I mentioned a few weeks ago on the blog the Gym is packed at the moment, especially this week, as the boy's can smell the beach!.
The 'Beavonator's' weights sessions are increasing weekly, in fact the barren spell that he is enduring with the female of the species is getting that bad that he has resorted to some bizarre gym one on ones. He is regularly asking Wendy, one of our masseurs, to pepper him with punches for a minute. Bev's tenses up while Wendy punches away on his stomach, gloves on of course, for a minute. That coupled with the fact that he is constantly asking Mark Ellis to wrestle with him sends massive alarm bells ringing!.

We leave for Northwich tomorrow and aim to return late on Saturday night with three points in the bag.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Steve Woods

Obviously, unless you have been on Mars, if you are a Torquay fan the news that Steve Woods is no longer at the club will be common knowledge. 'Woodsy' is a top lad and a good player and will be missed by all the lads at the club. We have had a good laugh over the past eighteen months or so, and as founder members of the 'old school' have had a common bond. Although I have been speaking to Steve I just wanted to wish him, and his lovely family, all the best for the future from myself and all the boys.

Cheers Mate

Chris H

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Happy Birthday to Isabella-Eve-Hargreaves, 9 years old today, those 9 years have gone very quickly!. The Birthday celebrations started with the cinema on Friday and ended with a meal out tonight. Times have definitely changed as her presents included getting her ears pierced and getting a Netbook!. I dread to think what purchases await in another 9 years !. As Long as I still have a job and there are no boys around it will be fine!. We love you very much darling and are so proud of you.

P.S Happy St Guinness day to all

Monday, 16 March 2009


Our fierce 'Cook off' rivalry, with friends Jason and Sarah, was put on hold on Saturday night as we decided to 'do' take-away. The choice of Indian was made and after we had all returned home from victory at the game, a double celebration on the day as Jason and Sarah are huge Liverpool fans and so had two 4-1 victories to cheer, the call was made. We ordered big, and with the liquid refreshments in place we were soon tucking into some seriously spicy dishes.....then disaster.
Sarah was immediately struck down with 'Delly belly', having to lay on our bed within minutes of eating, and no it was not a bizarre plan to get Tarzan upstairs, she was really poorly. I hadn't had a drink and so dropped them both off, taking it easy round any sharp bends!.
So, the one time we go for a take-away someone falls ill. To be honest though Sarah thinks it was a case of a 24 hour man/woman flu bug. Nevertheless from now on it's strictly 'Cook-off' and Jas has now got me very, very worried on that score. It was my turn last time and, although I do say though myself, it wasn't half bad. But old 'Topper' Miller has gone one 'massive' step further. He has not only sent an invitation out but there is a theme!!!!. On the invite, to 'The Sultans banquet - Morocco' no less, we are asked to dress appropriately !!!.
So it's a Moroccan loin cloth for me and my Wife, a night of mysterious food and a guest appearance from Sid the snake. Just a normal night really.


Saturday, 14 March 2009

Home Front

A much needed home victory today. There is a lot going on at the football club at the moment on and off the field, the only thing that remains constant is the need to win. That was done and now, as usual, it is on to the next game. No anecdotes, no stories just a recharge of batteries and back to work next week.


Friday, 13 March 2009

Looks can be deceptive

Cam, my son, is sat on the sofa watching his favourite TV programme Top Gear. Harriet is destroying a bottle of milk next to him. The other girls, mother and daughter, are having a girly night out with friends at the cinema. That leaves me to put the children to bed, eventually!, and then sit down to wade through the third series of Prison Break.
As with most of these American Dramas take your eye off the ball and your suddenly thirty episodes down, so while I can it's a case of Sofa, bloodshed and tattoos. I have given up on Lost, the plot on that programme is not thickening it's actually set, and I haven't even seen 24 or the other popular one I can't think of that everyone watches.
The thing is we Brits accept these decent American imports and just enjoy them, whereas the Yanks take our best stuff such as The Office and completely nause it up. I'm surprised they haven't Americanised The Royle Family with old Jim sporting a set of Whitened Knashers and Barbara breast implants.
Going back to Prison Break and Tattoos. I took my little firecracker Hatty, or Hatty Beast, as she calls herself to the supermarket this afternoon. While there I had to remind her not to stare as she was fixated on a couple of lads in there. But as I turned round to see what she was so interested in I found myself doing the old 'Google Box' and 'Neck Brace' such was the spectacle. Now I don't mind tattoos, in football you come across some real beauties.
Chris Todd's Welsh Flag, fist and stars , Manse's Nursery rhyme and Chinese takeaway order, Northy's bulldog and even an old mate of mine John Ashton's Ten Commandments, completely covering his back( even though he has never adhered to one of them in his life!). But what I saw, that Harriet was so intrigued by, was in a word, mental.
We are talking massive, ear to ear, spider's web chin strap, creeping Ivy growing up his back to the top of his head, a teardrop below both eyes and to cap it off two earrings the size of fifty pence pieces wedged in between his ear lobes. Oh and his ears were covered with ink for good measure. I don't know if he was popping in for a pint of milk or a pint of blood.
In saying that looks can be deceptive. In my Northampton days I walked into a Jaguar garage with my long hair, ripped jeans and beanie hat on. I was nearly escorted off the premises!!!!. Yet when one of the lads from the workshop recognised me as a Northampton player the kettle went on and the finest 'dunkers' came out. I also remember going back home to Grimsby to help my Dad out in his garage and workshop. Complete with overalls on, oil on face, and a pick-up for wheels I stopped at a cashpoint. As I was waiting for the old 'Spondoolics' to appear a couple walked past me and I overheard the guy say "Jesus that's Chris Hargreaves, he used to play football and for Town as well, look at him now what a loser". I was actually playing for West Brom at the time!.

On to tomorrow and as ever it is a very important game. We will concentrate on ourselves and nothing more, and hopefully by this time tomorrow we will all be one game nearer promotion.


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Marital Bliss

Evening all!. It will be quick and painless tonight as 'Comic Relief Does The Apprentice' is on. Flicking through the paper today I was astounded to see the attendances at the big European games this week. Over 80,000 fans for Roma v Arsenal, Bayern Munich v Sporting Lisbon 66,000 fans, at Man Utd v Inter Milan 75,000 fans and a massive 93,000 fans saw Barcelona beat Lyon. Incredible numbers at these big games and also a real presence again from English clubs, once again it will be hard to bet against an all English final !.
More Incredible numbers have been banded about in today's paper's as Bernie Ecclestone (the Formula 1 boss) prepares to give his wife Slavica a 1.2 billion divorce payout. On the grounds of 'Unreasonable behaviour' by old Bernie boy the 'quickie' divorce will certainly put a dent in the F1 supremo's pocket. On the upside he will still have 1.2 billion to play with!.
If Fiona and I ever face the prospect of a divorce I will obviously leave her the house and car and I'm sure in return she would be more than happy to leave me the Bike I'll probably have by then, the dog I'll probably have by then, the contents of the loft and garage, and more importantly and without doubt the delightful array of credit cards.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Last Gasp

A late return back to Devon in the early hours of this morning but a return to Devon with three vital points. Again a mammoth coach journey, this time to Altringham, a team fighting for their league status. A last gasp goal was no more than the lads deserved, especially Wayne Carlisle who has shown huge character in the last few weeks. A good pro works as hard when he is out of the team as when he is in it and by doing that old 'Wayno' has been rewarded with two winning goals in a week.
Travelling fans we thank you again. I'm sure a few of you were tempted to get away early but the combination of a lack of any 'home fan's traffic problems'! and our away form meant staying till the end was a good option.
All we can do from now on in is to win as many games as possible and deal with whatever comes our way with a strong mentality.


Monday, 9 March 2009

Adrenaline Junkie

I have just read an article on base jumpers, madmen and women who just love jumping off mountains and, more often than not, skyscrapers. Recently a Frenchman and and an Englishman climbed the 155 floors of Dubai's newly constructed, and the Worlds biggest, 'Burg' tower, skyscraper. At around 5.30 a.m, after a short look over the building site that is Dubai, they leaped off the half - mile high building. They landed, escaped security guards and lived to tell the tale.
It may just be me, but whenever I am at the top of a big building or bridge the first thought that pops into my head is that of.....Wonder what it would be like to jump off ?. No, I have not got suicidal tendencies! It is the same instinct that jumps into your head when, at a wedding, or a school assembly, or even a dinner party you think about shouting Blah blah blah blah at the top of your voice!!, maybe that one is just me!.
There must be a line though that you, or your mind, crosses to do something that is beyond the risky. I'm talking jumping the Grand Canyon on a bike ( Evil Knievel ), or climbing into a barrel and being pushed over Niagara falls. Or in fact, as in Phillipe Petit's case, to walk across a tightrope between the now infamous twin towers. Incredibly this man, Phillipe Petit evaded security to rig up the thin piece of wire, attaching it to both towers, before walking across the 30 yrd gap. He didn't do it once, he walked it eleven times in forty minutes with only a 25ft balancing pole for company!!!!.
My wife and I actually went for a meal at a restaurant at the top of one of those towers and it was a long, long way down. I think the reason people do these crazy stunts is sometimes for fame but more often than not for the rush of adrenaline you get. That is why I have pencilled in the skydive, the white water rapids, climbing Everest, wing walking and the purchasing of a Ducati 996 ( maybe that one is a mid life crisis ). For now though the combination of Red Bull and the pre-match bell is enough adrenaline for me.


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bad Day at The Office

Not happy tonight, not happy at all. Not only should we have won but the results around us went our way, and so it has to be said it is three point dropped. I'm not sure how people in other jobs react to a bad day at the office but I know how it affects me. Weekend ruined!.
Another mammoth trip for us on Tuesday, this time to Altringham. Already the only thought on my mind is winning there and until we play the game my bad mood will remain. Other than that I hope everyone out there has a great Saturday night and weekend!.


Friday, 6 March 2009


I arrived at Newton Abbott racecourse today to find lots of motor enthusiasts gathering, for what at first looked like a bit of a car club. It turned out to be some sort of South West Rally, starting with a lap around the racecourse. This was just too much of an opportunity to miss, as, parked in the corner of the car park was Damien Davey' ( our physios ) car. It was early and while Damien was busy treating the sick, and most of the Halfords loving car enthusiasts were busy checking out each other's Peugeot 106's, Rover 14's and Mini Metros, the time was right. With my right hand man ( Kenny Veysey )in tow we set to work on Damien' car - the perfect car for a rally, fifteen years old, one not very careful owner, no working instruments and the length of a barge.
Yes the Mercedes 'Boat class' was kitted out with personalised number ( 69 ) and large DAVEY letters on the side. It was then driven to the start enclosure and abandoned.
It was like a core workout for me and Kenny watching people admiring the motors on show and then getting to 'Damo's' barge and looking round it a bit confused. We were in stitches. Most of the lads then arrived and we all had a good laugh as Damo ( when told of his car re-positioning !) donned his overalls ( complete with sponsors logo's) and cap and proudly stood by his car while I presented him with the 'Best Newcomer but most likely to breakdown' award. It's just a shame Damien had to work, and we had to train, as seeing him being counted down 5..4..3..2..1 go, go, go would have been priceless.

Tomorrow we face Rushden and Diamonds in the league. An old mate of mine, Andy Burgess, from my Oxford day's will be in their line up. I will try my best not to kick him but obviously accidents sometimes happen !!!. A fellow car school member at Oxford and Soccer School partner in Northampton 'Burge' is a really nice lad. We had some great laughs at Oxford, even in the dark days, and although he has been through a lot in the last couple of years his philosophy in life still remains the same 'Deal with it in the Morning'!!!!.

P.S Happy Birthday tomorrow to Martin 'Yes you did train well today' Rice. Twenty Three tomorrow, so the least I could do today was buy 'Ricey' a coffee and a sandwich. You can square me up next week pal.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Jailhouse Rock

After a pretty intense training session it was a surprise to see so many faces in the weights room. Normally there are only a few of us left in there, but today the gym was teaming with lad's pumping iron. Now I could say that with our season hotting up and with games coming thick and fast the boy's are getting in a bit of strength training for the remaining few months. Or I could say that Summer is just around the corner and that the old abs, pecs and biceps need a bit of shaping for the beach. I think the jury is definitely out on this one !!!!!.

*News flash* Funnily enough I have just overheard a news flash on 'Sixty Second News'.
Ashley Cole, the Chelsea and England footballer, has been arrested outside a bar in the early hours this morning. He was allegedly using threatening behaviour and swearing at police outside a London nightspot. Meanwhile his Wife is in Africa climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and raising money for Comic Relief!.
Now I'm no saint but come on mate, is being a millionaire, playing for Chelsea and England and having a pop star wife not enough. Why don't you park up the Bentley, buy a few three hundred pound bottles of wine, or what the hell even Crystal, and have a night in with the boy's. Get the cards and cigars out, set the pool table up, turn the jacuzzi on and take the cover off the pool. Last of all turn the old Jukebox on and kick back and relax. Just don't play any Girls Aloud tunes!!.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Journeymen !!

Not a few hours training, not a nine to five, no yesterday we put in a 16 hour shift.
The Stagecoach left Devon around 11 a.m and returned around 3 a.m. Welcome to the real world eh!!!!.
Whether the coach resembled the 'Night of The Living Dead' towards the end of the journey or that some of the lad's got off the coach still in the seated position didn't matter. We won and at a very difficult place and in torrid conditions. The wind was howling and the rain lashing down ( No I'm not telling a ghost story !!!!). Before the game the referee had explained that both sets of players were to stand for a minutes silence, for a devoted Grays fan who had recently passed away. I have never seen a tighter group of players during a minutes silence. At one point I think 'Bev's' and 'Rowey' were actually hugging me for warmth.
With Grays fighting for their survival in the league, with the wind swirling about the ground and with a six hour coach journey behind us all usual excuses were there. Not last night though, we were committed to winning and returning to Devon with three points in the bag and that is what happened.
An amazing turnout by quite a few hardcore Torquay fans. Standing ( or jumping up and down!!!!) in the wind and rain must have been testing!. A victory was the least we could do!.
In summary, a very long day. But in return the lads got three points, ate a combined total of about ninety bags of sweets, got through around ten different films, sent around a thousand text messages and abused Dave, our driver, two hundred and fifteen times ( Destination Grays, stopping at Leighton Buzzard, Shepton Mallet, Melton Mowbray, Hartlepool and Dundee) !!!!.


P.S Second posting around 8.30 p.m

Second posting

Apologies if this posting contains some mistakes, as whilst typing away, I am watching and a bit sidetracked by Heston Bluemanthal's Victorian Feast. He has already constructed a drink based on the Drink that Alice drank in Alice in Wonderland. The Drink that made her shrink. It contained Toffee, Hot Buttered Toast, Custard, Cherry Tart and Turkey!!!. The general consensus was that in the hedonistic day's of Victorian life five out of six families used Opium and that the film itself was based on one long drug taking experience!!!!!.

So, back to yesterday. The coach ended up looking like a crime scene with bodies strewn everywhere. Damian and Kenny were asleep at the front on a lilo, Tyronne was wedged in between bags and seats, Robbo was cradling Danny, and even my film partner Stevie 'Ghoul' Adams had abandoned me halfway through the final film to join his friends in the world of the unknown. Mark Ellis actually fell asleep whilst playing Football manager. I was too busy replying to Scotty Beavan's texts( three seats away) to go to sleep. The big man is still hating the fact that, during the Setanta interview's last Saturday night, I gave the viewers the 'Peck Dance'. He reckons I stole his thunder, even though his desperate attempts at walking past the camera five times didn't work.
I've told him that I will get him on the blog again, and in fact manage him if he decides to go for UFC, WWE or Boxing glory. What more does he want.
Today I took Hatty on the train. We chatted away about life and food. I think we were both having two different conversations but it was great. Her vocabulary is definitely varied. Shouts of "That's ridiculous", "For goodness sake" and "Really Tremendous" combined with "I'm not a Petal I'm a Hatty Beast" made for a funny afternoon.


Monday, 2 March 2009

Mood Swing

Tonight I am officially in a bad mood. A bad mood for me still means that I can make the children and my wife laugh and that I can function, but what it also means is that something/someone has annoyed me. It won't last long, as I can't afford to spit my dummy out at home or at work but it will have an effect on tonights blog. That effect will be evident in the amount of words I type. With the 'Game on tomorrow night, different atmosphere but same importance' shout done the amount of words typed is about ninety, and with a good night and a God bless it will just about top a 'Ton'.


Sunday, 1 March 2009

TV Win

The summary of last nights game ?, great performance, great result, great night. We needed to win and we needed to win in front of the Setanta cameras. I'm sure that that result and performance will give the players and supporters alike a lift, as in recent TV games we definitely have not done ourselves justice. Oxford have won their last seven games at home so to go there and end that run and to do it on the 'Box' feels good. Thanks again to our supporters who travelled to the game and cheered us on, it is much needed and much appreciated.
I met up with lots of old friends from my time at Oxford last night which was nice. There are some really good people associated with the club and hopefully before long their league status will be guaranteed. For now though Torquay's league status is first in line !.
Todays diary of events will involve the purchasing of school shoes, the demolishing of a roast pork dinner, the voting of where to go on the Hargreaves outward bound mission and the general healing of a very sore body!.