Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding bells

The big wedding tomorrow and as much as all you blokes out there will be saying "Not interested" I know you will all be taking a little look at the days events. It is a bit of a late blog (Just sat down) but I have to discuss a few things.
Firstly football, and this weekend will decide the fate of quite a few clubs, some will cement promotion or the play-offs, some will cement relegation, and some will be in cement. I really can empathize with all the lads, coaches, and managers out there as the season draws to an end. All I will say is that I am very, very envious of all the players out there. I don't know why but I felt quite low today thinking about football, I still miss it terribly, but the excitement building about the shop opening, and seeing the whole project come to fruition, has certainly stopped me thinking too much.
It has been a crazy few weeks, and even as I type away now I am covered in dust and my head is still spinning with orders. I am also up at 6.30 a.m so I will love you and leave you.

Happy wedding day to all


Monday, 25 April 2011

One beer and bed


P.S Seen the results though, another mad day of football.


Sunday, 24 April 2011


I am a nightmare! I am ashamed to say my last blog was on Wednesday. I didn't mention Good Friday, St Georges day, never mind Thursday. Well there has been a lot going on, what with the children off school, the shop being full of activity (At one point last week there were eight people in there working away, it was like being on the set of DIY SOS). Not forgetting Becky, Josh, and Millie leaving, or Avy and Martin (Mr and Mrs H) arriving.
Shop wise we are aiming for a 30th opening but it may well be the 7th - so much to do and so little time in the day!!!

Now to football.....

It really is hotting up in the South West, Exeter have a chance of making the play-offs, Plymouth have given themselves a chance of survival, and Torquay can still go up automatically. It is a brilliant time of the season but being at the bottom of the league at this stage really is not nice.
My daughter Issy went to see another team fighting for survival yesterday, in the form of Wolves. She was invited by her friend Georgia (A member of a family of wolves fans) to watch the game between Wolves and Fulham, and you can only imagine Cams reaction to that (my son and a football nut).
It is all smiles this morning though as Easter Sunday brings not only reflection and thought, but a breakfast of.........chocolate!!!!!

Happy Easter

P.S Thanks the the Stout clan for the invite, Issy loved it!!


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Welcome to BECKY, JOSH, and MILLIE. The sister and the cousins have arrived!!

MANIC. We finally got the keys on Monday, the stock was sorted(and is ongoing), and now it is time for the powder and paint. The re-fit has officially begun. And in a word it has been ........brilliant. Although I haven't had time to eat it is like being a kid in a sweetshop at the moment, not only am I coaching which is brilliant, I am also sifting through and ordering a menagerie of sporting goods. Finally there is the added bonus of ripping ceilings and walls out.

P.S Well done Cliff, but please calm down or you will give yourself a hernia! Well done Nigel, and thanks for the fish and chips (OK I have eaten but it was nine hours after my porridge).


Love to all


Monday, 18 April 2011


Takeover and makeover. Sports Republic is official. The shop will be open on the 30th of April (or if we spring a leak maybe the week after!!) and I cannot wait. Well done to all, the work will now begin.


Sunday, 17 April 2011


Averil C Hargreaves

Happy Birthday weekend to the loveliest mum in England, and probably the world.



A great time was had by all last Friday night (Yes I am still playing catch up) as I went along to my mate Mickey Turners Sportsman's dinner, in aid of the Firefighters Trust. Together with Dan, my next door neighbour - Also a firefighter, also a mate, also on the receiving end of many a battering at tennis by yours truly, and also the worst quiz player ever (that's for telling your dad to put 9!) - we popped along to Harkham house and had a good meal,a good laugh, and a good chat to some old school football faces. Steve Perryman and Keith Burkenshaw provided some great stories from years gone by (I started playing when Steve was finishing!!) and together with a bit of an auction (A massive thanks again to you Mike, I think a certain Mr Turner has bid the highest for the black and white shirt!) a fair whack of money was raised for a great cause.

Yesterday it was a day off football and a day on the rides, and today it was a day of coaching with another fifty or so very hot and bothered football people.

Finally, it's a case of an early evening beach, a late supper salad, a late night chat, and an early morning start. Then let the games begin.

Love to all CH


Saturday, 16 April 2011


Yes I seem to be currently posting blogs every three days!! I have to address that very soon.
Well on Thursday I re-visited my old stomping ground at T.U.F.C. Along with many past, and some present (well only 'Manse') players we were invited to look back at the clubs previous cup finals, play-offs, and near misses. Together with a fair few supporters we had a bite to eat and then took part in a Q and A session about the 'old times'. It was a great evening with some really good people, (thanks again to the lads, and lovely lady,on my table). It was also great to catch up with former players, especially 'Hilly' and 'lamb' Mansell. Kev is a fantastic lad and if he could just keep still for five minutes you could have a really good chat with him but with his constant bouncing and strange mutterings it's tough. 'Manse' is now in a position to be able to take the club to the next level and I really hope he does it - as much as you can deflect at an international level your not a bad lad! Say hello to Mr Nicholson, Mr Bevan and the rest of the motley crew for me, and good luck pal x


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


OMG, I have not blogged for three days (yes I am up with the kids using txt spk - that will be the last time I use it though!!!) . Poor play from Mr H but with business fever hotting up, football training in full swing, and with the children on holiday, getting time to post anything is tough. The season is coming to a climax and some of my old clubs are really in the mix at both ends of the table. It will be stressful for the clubs at the bottom of the league but for the ones near the top you just can't beat that feeling in the changing room, a mixture of nervous energy, excitement, and confidence.
I really hope that each of the clubs get what they deserve, after a long, long season - it flies by when your playing but this first season of not playing has absolutely dragged on beyond belief.
The strange thing is that after living, eating, and breathing this game 24/7 for two decades, the reality now is that sometimes I don't even know who is playing who, when, and where, or in fact what the score was!.
Is that refreshing, I'm still not sure.

Tonight we plan, tomorrow we return, and on Friday we raise.


Sunday, 10 April 2011


Eating, drinking, surfing, bbq-ing, footballing, gardening, relaxing.

P.S Well done to all this weekend.


Friday, 8 April 2011

Return of the Cam

The boy has returned! Top gear is on, his stuff is all over, and we are all arguing again. Yes, it is back to normal.


Thursday, 7 April 2011


Missing the boy, the house is very quiet!

P.S I feel a one point deduction for Torquay is pretty good, the fight for promotion is still on. My old mate Jamie Pitman at Hereford will be more disappointed at the three points that they lost, and their fight for survival is now well and truly back on.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fi Fi

Happy Birthday to 'her indoors'. My lovely wife is.......( ) today!!

Love CH

P.S Last nights post below - forgot to post it!
P.P.S Tonights post tomorrow - football on the box !!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


'See you in court', great programme on BBC 1 at the moment - incidentely Uri Gellar has got one heck of a house for basically bending spoons.

Firstly, a great comment on the last blog and I totally take your point. Secondly, I have just sat down so it will be a very short blog, and thirdly.......Chris Hargreaves SPORTS REPUBLIC, Sidmouth, is coming soon. It has seemed a long road, but we are very close to opening. In, on, or around the 30th April, a bit of British cool, a slice of seaside, and hopefully a great sports shop, will be open for business. Feel free to pop over to for a coffee, a chat, and a pair of size 9's!!!!


Monday, 4 April 2011


I didn't get back to sleep and I can't remember all the things I was going to discuss. There are some subjects though that are impossible to ignore, and again it's off the field stuff that seems to be hitting the headlines - to be fair this time it was only a yard and a half off the field but you get my point.
I do have some sympathy for Wayne Rooney, what with the emotion and pressure of game situations the way they are it is sometimes very hard to keep it together when you score. On the other hand, if you are a ten year old boy watching your hero swearing down the lens at you, it's not the best image in the world is it.

Onto the football field now and is it going to be a second promotion in three seasons for Torquay ? I certainly hope so - I have fifty pounds riding on my old team mates to pull it off and the odds at the start of the season were very, very good!
I watched Exeter at the weekend and the biggest roar of the day came when a good old mate of mine won....... a fiver. It wasn't a bet as such, it was more a game of pass the fiver along the line if the ball goes out of play, and yes, he had it in his hand at the final whistle. The celebrations were of promotion like proportion but a massive well done has to 'Bucko'. That fiver will last him ages!!!!!

P.S Good to speak to you AB. Deal with it in the morning!!



A big weekend of football it was with some great results, some controversial celebrations and some unexpected departures. I will trawl through the weekend events later but for now I am going back to bed, the combination of my sons school trip to France (departure time 3 a.m!!) and a bit of sofa action with Natalie (not that sort!) means I am heading back to the land of nod.

Bonne Journee