Monday, 31 October 2011


Thank-you so much to all of the Cobblers fans who came to the book signing at the club on Saturday. I am so grateful that so many people came to say hello and it really was a true honour to return to a club that I spent four very happy seasons at. The club and it's fans deserve some success and hope that in the not too distant future they get that reward. It is one heck of a club.
Up The Cobblers
Ok so I thought two blogs had posted but they clearly havent made it. Our rubbish computer is seriously not playing ball at the moment so for fear of me taking it outside and smashing it into a million pieces I am doing an iPhone special..

Friday, 28 October 2011

UNPOSTED BLOGS !!!!!!!!!!!

Cant believe it, just logged on and these blogs haven't posted. While I go and smash the laptop into a million pieces outside and swear my heart out I will put them on via iPhone so here goes......

Well it's the weekend and I am nipping up to see some old friends of mine tomorrow - OK well old employees but fortunately it is the same thing - I have a little book get together set up at N.T.F.C (The Cobblers to those who haven't guessed the initials)and I am really looking forward to it. Going back to former clubs is always a bit of a treat (As long as you didn't have a total and utter stinker at said club that is!!).

In other news the Hargreaves empire is going well. It was Breast Cancer awareness day in sunny Sidmouth today and all the shops were decked out pretty in pink.I obviously did the same, but with bells on, and I even added a couple of strategically placed pink balloons to my lady mannequin - incidentally her name is Mandy and she is a real firecracker. She is much more talkative than my male mannequin Paulo who is a silent but deadly.....and back to the real world! - for fear of offending some of the Sidmouth hierarchy though I did remove Mandy's assets and the day went very well. Hopefully lot's of money will be raised for what is a very important cause.
The shop is ticking along nicely and we are soon to go online selling lot's of nice little Christmas goodies, so please feel free to take a butchers in a couple of weeks or so.
In other, other news, the Hargreaves clan are firing on all cylinders - well all apart from Mr and Mrs H who are like most British families are ............ working/cleaning/driving/typing/phoning/stressing/sleeping our way through the week!!

P.S Great to have Becky, Josh and Millie over, top, top stuff.
P.S.S Good times Carol and Andrew, Downton on our doorstep!
P.S.P Thank-you Sarah, a night out is needed
P.L.C Hi Jase, ditto to the above!



Tuesday, 25 October 2011


And the winners are.......

Alan Roxburgh
Daniel Balsdon
And .... an old friend of mine (and no it's not a fix) Lisa Pearce - got your email, I'll be in touch!

Thanks for all of the entires, blame Guy for the results as he picked them -sorry pal weak from me!

I will get on the case and get the goodies sent out.

Love to all

P.S Well done for returning the phone, you massively made the right decision
P.P.S Sent from said iPhone so apologies about the spacing my thumbs are too big!


Sunday, 23 October 2011


Auntie Becky, Josh and Millie have arrived in town!!!!! Five children in the house, should be fun!

In true text spk,OMG, 6-1.I know it's harsh but I cannot help but feel a bit of happines for the City fans, after twenty years of United's dominance I think this result finally announces that they are now a proper title challenger.

I have decided against all of my better judgement to start tweeting,I know it's controversial but now that I am in the real world of major working hours it will definitely be a huge time saver.The blog will obviously continue but I will now be able to comment about bad drivers and rant about supermarket checkouts to my hearts content, and at great speed.
So,today is about thinking,tomorrow is about working, and last night was about sleeping.The day before that was about London, and what a city it is.

P.S Very, very sad to see the death of another racer this weekend.An awful end to a decent weekend of sport.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011


After finishing work, and all the children's homework projects, and shopping for all the stuff for all the children's homework projects, and after the after school clubs, and after the track, and after my dinner, and after everything else had been sorted, including and not enjoying getting the clan to bed, I sat down to watch News at Ten and I have to say I was very sad to see what a state this world is in.
What with the Middle East in conflict, half or Europe in political turmoil, Africa still in crisis, and our Country still seemingly in the melting pot of financial instability (I know that was good!) it is understandable that some people don't even turn the news on at all, such is the despair on show. And to be honest I don't blame them because last nights offering really did top it all.
I won't go into detail but it was in China and it was bad, very, very bad.
So this morning I decided that I would champion the simple things and the special people in life. I'm talking about a cheeky smile from your child at the school play, I'm talking about the young mums who are struggling with five bags of shopping and a pushchair and who have probably one hell of a battle on everyday but who just crack on and get on with it. I'm talking about the selfless who care and look after people, I'm talking about a nice phone call or text, a bunch of flowers, a sunset, a handshake, a bag of chips at the seaside, a bike ride with the kid's, a sunny day, a snowy day, an autumnal day, or maybe even a day when it just feels right ?
Of course this may all change tomorrow and it may be another ****** day, but yes, a moment of contemplation it has been.


Monday, 17 October 2011


Thanks to all at T.U.F.C for your help on Saturday, infortunately the result on the day wasnt the best but having spoken to Martin and Sean after the game they are determined to turn it round. It was great to catch up with a few old faces and I have to say a massive belated congrats to Kev and Jenny for the birth of little (well ok big then!) Leo Jay Nicholson - let's see if he grows up with long hair!!!!!
I also bumped into Ricey and Dingle which was good and I sat with a couple of old faces in Sean North and Guy Branston. Finally it was a pleasure to sit next to Frank O'Farrel in the second half, 84 years old and still as sharp as a tack.
On the home front it is school project time, Cam has dislocated his thumb (4 Hours of NHS hell!), Hattie is recovering well, Issy is nearly back to full fitness, Mum and Dad are stressed to the max, and there is no wine left in the cellar!!!

PS Poor old Wales, chin up Toddy!


Friday, 14 October 2011

Book club


See you there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Monday, 10 October 2011


Shock horror Rooney gets himself sent off and I cannot believe it, the rugby lads have blown it. My summary of the last few days events is very simplistic but I have to say I was more surprised at England's exit in the rugby World Cup than Rooneys red card. Add to that Mike Tindalls breast nuzzle (that's my own!) and matey's swan dive off the ferry (I'm on the iPhone and so spelling his name would mean a near certain dislocation of my fingers on this keypad) and it has been a pretty bad week for the Rugga fraternity - England ball sale has started at the shop!!! Anyway good luck to the Welsh now!.
I played football yesterday and the old school method of no warm up and no stretching afterwards really has not paid off, my groins are hanging by a thread. Still it was worth it.
I am revisiting my old club Torquay at the weekend for a bit of a book signing/supporting day out and I am really looking forward to watching the boys play. I will obviously have a blinder sat in the stand but I will take my boots just in case !!!!!!!!!

Love to all


Thursday, 6 October 2011

To tweet or not to tweet

Two answers to my question about tweeting were much appreciated. One was giving me a link to the facebook freternity (cheers Spence) and the other was to remind me that I always harp on about not facebooking/tweeting/SMSing etc etc (cheers Anon) - and anon is right, as much as I would love to break into the 21st century phenomenon of 'techno jargon' I will stick to the old school form of contact, phone calls and print it will be.
Still, for the record I will leave you with ten classic Hargreaves tweets......

'Wife in Dubai, who wears the trousers?'
'Wife back, get the dinner on, I do!!!!! (Joking!)
'Bike ride at Halden, got lost'
'Chipped my tooth on an adaptor, fuming, and vain'
'All watching Peppa Pig, Hattie is the boss'
'Hair been chopped, boy band beckons'
'Gone surfing, back next week'
'Been for a run, back in tatters'
'Red wine flowing, new bottle required'
'Drinking tea and eating flapjack, living the dream'


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tweety pie

Contemplating 'tweeting', your thoughts please?????????


Monday, 3 October 2011


Loving your work, thanks for getting the numbers up, and thanks for the top comments. OK the next target is 1000!......Do what you can !!.

As every Brit has said this week "What about the weather". Well bring it on I say, if only this Indian Summer/Autumn could continue into an Indian Autumn/Winter, I would be delighted. I'm sure this time last year I was wrapped up and struggling with TARZAN flu, this year I have been jumping into the sea at Perranporth and camping with the 'fam'.
Before I continue, and before I forget, I have come to the summary that there are a lot of really nice people out there in the big wide world. Yes there are some proper 'wrong uns' around (And yes that is a very Northern saying) and yes that will probably always be the case but for those who are good, see good, and want good, nice one!!!.

The Tevezgate scandal will no doubt carry on until the weekend but I'm sure that something else will crop up in the meantime.
As far as the rest of football is concerned for the last couple of days or so I just cannot get my head around not playing anymore, so I'm gonna leave footy for now. I'm sure I will be OK next week, or even tomorrow, but at the moment I have got a serious case of ex-footballer blues. 'They' said it would happen and 'they' were dead right.
Away from football and are we seriously saying that Johnny Robinson is some of the best talent that this country has to offer, and that he has in fact got the X-Factor. Mental or what! He is probably a really nice bloke but I just can't do it, I can't join the family on the sofa and suffer the madness (Boy and Tarzan will be abstaining and pressign hot coals onto our faces instead).
Love to all, I'm going to peel an orange.