Friday, 30 December 2011


10 miles with a stitch, dishwasher broken, boiler broken, radio tomorrow, BIG PLANS....

Love to all


Monday, 26 December 2011


Belated Merry Christmas to all !!!!!

Firstly congratulations and commiserations to all those who won and lost today, and to those who drew, a state of mild contentment.

Well yesterday, together with Cam, Issy, and Paulo, and complete with Speedo's (Budgie smugglers) and a strong heart I braved the sea at Exmouth. There was a magnificent turnout on the seafront and I have to say, with true bravado, that it wasn't actually that bad!!
I did however abstain today in favour of watching the madding (or should I say mad) crowd at Sidmouth. They in turn donned Santa Claus outfits, Speedo's, and even Cops and Robbers outfits to brave the elements. It was a great spectacle and although it doesn't beat playing football it certainly gets the blood flowing (Well in some areas more than others!!) to jump into the raging waves.

Christmas dinner itself went without a hitch, it was truly a sight to behold, and after wining and dining for a good seven hours we went for a full ten minute walk to the pub to get a bit of fresh air - it was shut so we quickly marched back and cracked on for another few hours, although exercise did come in the form of some magic dance moves on the old Wii.

A great day was had by all.


Turkey (Three times)
All the trimmings (Goose fat roasts a given)
Ham (Twice)
Pigs in Blankets
Stuffing (No comment)
Cheese board (Twice)
Salmon (Twice)
Nuts (lots of)
Christmas Pud (Way too much flammable Brandy on board)
Banoffee Pie (Homemade and wicked)
Chocolate orange
Proseco (Lots of)
Red wine (Lots of)
Bays (Lots of)
Mahito's (Lots of)
Peroni (Lots of)
G&T (Lots of)

.....breath, let the buttons loose, and relax

P.S Guilt running begins tomorrow with a marathon like distance!!

Hope all is good with everyone, love to all


Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Divine intervention needed, come on big man!


Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Fever

Just been on another football course, got no Christmas presents as yet, I wore a tremendous Christmas jumper on Spotlight tonight, and we have had one hell of a visit from Mr and Mrs H senior from 'Up North' bearing gifts fit for baby Jesus.
Other than that all is quiet at Hargreaves Towers.

As far as the footy is concerned all is hotting up quite nicely in the 'Prem' going into the New year....Man City for the title!!!!
As for my old clubs, some are facing a fight for relegation and some a fight for promotion. I hope that the outcomes for all the clubs are favourable, I can only say that I would rather be in the mix than not !!



Thursday, 15 December 2011

An unbelievable blog!!!!

You won't believe this, it really is a classic Christmas tale.....

So the story starts here, my wife receives an email from somebody who thought it was their Mum - he was a Hargreaves and his Mum was an F.Hargreaves, strange but true. And no, it wasn't a call, or even a text, it was a Christmas email. In fact it was his Christmas list, and what follows will both shock you and make you laugh.

This is the list... MINE ARE THE BITS IN BRACKETS!

Hi Mumsie (Bad start I hear you say!)

A few ideas for Christmas, more to follow (Oh that's nice of you I hear you say!!), I will send an email to Grandpa, and another when he replies (Wow it's an email frenzy!!)

STOCKING LIST (Not just a Christmas list, this boy wants blood)

Protien - Whey protien tub (First and second spelling mistakes from Mr Charisma)

Cufflinks (Shock horror Gordon Gekko)

Collar straighteners (How about teeth straightners!)

Shirts/ties (How about Shir..T and ti..E)

Ipone (it's iphone mate!) running strap, I lost mine :-() (I had to work it out how to do that ridiculous face!)

Cable for my Panasonic camera, or USB SD card reader very cheap (Oh thanks for caring!!)

Shirts (Shirts again eh, bit greedy aren't we!!)

Razor, a whole razor please I lost mine (Wow any danger of you looking after something)

Books on sales and selling (Yes I know alarm bells are ringing)

Books-on how the city works (Yes it works with ***** like you in it)

Pants-Playboy (You have now confirmed all suspicions!)

Socks -any (Oh come on go for Playboy again)

Moisturiser (Playboy or normal?)

Exfoliator (What's that!)

Issey Mayake aftershave - Spray please not bottle (You get what your given ****head)

Body wash (How about soap for your mouth!)

Shampoo (2 in 1? or will the second email include conditioner?)

OK Breath folks, have a cup of tea, and get ready because her is her main list (I know it's a man but you get my drift)...............


Suit trowsers ? (Wow all the money in the world hasn't helped your spelling has it!)

A new overcoat? ('Flasher mac' or Crombie?)

Jacket? (Potato with Tuna Mayo?)

Boots? (I take it that isn't football boots!!!)

Gym Membership for a year? (Oh why not a couple of years!)

So there you have it, that is Master Hargreaves list to 'Mumsie' mistakenly sent to my wife. Incidentally, her reply was a classic, let's just say he hasn't emailed back.
It doesn't take long to form an opinion about this guy does bloke!!
I may well let this email loose on society just to show how bad it looks, because the worrying thing is plonkers like this may well be sat drinking Pimms and lemonade one day and let loose to make some very bad decisions that affect the common man and woman - be afraid, be very afraid!!



Sunday, 11 December 2011


Great result at Torquay, good goal Kev (you still haven't scored as many goals as I did but well done pal!!!xx).
Off the field and a busy weekend it was, what with buying Mahito's, winning games, learning more about the beautiful game, it is always interesting, and still to come we have the final of the X-Factor......Marcus to win!!!!!

Tree looks good, roast tasted good, wine will taste good.
10 mile run last week, going for twelve this week. Heavy weights on Friday, bulking up.

Yes, all very random

God bless one and all


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Big day

So the big day is arriving and all is very normal at Hargreaves Towers. By that I mean lots of stress, lots of stress, and lots of stress, and for good measure a large portion of stress.....happy days!!!!!!


Monday, 5 December 2011


The boy had a landmark birthday on Sunday. Yes CH junior is now a teenager, and what a day it was. Luckily for Cam, and for us!, there are no signs of the teenage angst that comes with the age, no spots, no girlfriend, no mood swings (well only at bedtime!), and no locking himself away in his room. In truth Cameron Hargreaves is a true star and god damn it I love that little man.
So for his birthday treat we opted for something very different. He did get the usual chocolate, football, and money, but we also did.......SEGWAY!!!!
I have to say it was awesome, in true Mall Cop stylie we all gave it the large on two wheels and it was absolutely hilarious. Trekking through the forest we all loved it and if you haven't tried it, DO IT!

Gutted to see my old mates at T.U.F.C go out in the F.A Cup at the weekend, it was a big ask away at Sheff Utd, and at one point it looked like a shock was on the cards, but it wasn't to be.......back to the league!!

All the Georgie


Thursday, 1 December 2011


The tree is up. Yes, after a couple of barren years (Using an artificial tree) we have opted for a lovely Nordic Spruce!! The babies and I (yes they will always be my babies) searched high and low last night for the right shaped tree and once back at the ranch I trimmed this bad boy down and then we wedged it into it's allotted space, and I have to say, even though it is still decoration-less, it was great to walk into the room this morning and actually smell Christmas. Whilst I train in the rain tonight I'm sure that my clan will trim this beast up to within an inch of bursting point. I cannot wait to get home, to put on the Christmas jumper, turn on the Christmas lights, find the Christmas chocolates, open the Christmas wine, and that will be about Ten O'clock then!

P.S Message to Jamie Oliver...your a good lad but for Christ sake stop pouring olive oil over everything. Pasta- olive oil, Risotto - olive oil, salad - olive oil, steak pie- olive oil, Fish and Chips - olive oil, chocolate pudding -olive oil, coco pops- olive oil, beans on toast- olive oil, mince pies - olive oil, your wife......lets not go there!!!!!

Love to almost all


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gary Speed

I feel have to talk about the tragic death of Gary Speed and like everybody else I just cannot believe that something like this could happen. On the outside it looked like he had everything but there were obviously some major problems in his life. It has not only shaken the football fraternity but also had a profound effect on those who knew nothing about the game, they just saw, as we all did, a successful young man seemingly at the top of his tree.
I feel very, very sad that he felt that death was the only option left in his life and I can only hope that his wife and young children can somehow recover from what must be the worst possible time.



Friday, 25 November 2011

The morning after the night before, the night before, the night before that

Seriously, how the hell is Joe 'Chas and Dave' Swash on TV. He can hardly talk, I have just thrown the control at the TV (50 inch plasma') luckily it took the force, but I am serious, it's car crash TV. Anyway my Jim Royle mode is going a couple of ways at the moment . Last week it was a ten mile run to get the anger out of the system (Non Jim Royle), this evening it was a few glasses/bottles of the blood of Christ (Jim Royle), both did the job, tonight however I have gone one further it's both!!!!!!'

Bush tucker trial for Joe Swash......Man eating crocodile has a star in it's mouth.....'do you get me'!!

Love to all


Thursday, 24 November 2011


Someone just asked me if I felt sorry for AVB at Chelsea, my answer was a simple "NO". How can you feel sorry for someone of fifty big ones a week, living in London, and in a great management post, come on, you can't can you.
I feel sorry for the child who has been born into a life of famine, turmoil, or poverty, I feel sorry for the young family who have lost a loved one at war, I feel sorry for the children in hospital over Christmas, and yes in moments of immense weakness I, like most, sometimes feel sorry for myself (only very occasionally I might add!!), but do I feel sorry for AVB, no.

Sympathy, and empathy however, maybe a little.

Love to all


Tuesday, 22 November 2011


A whole week without a blog......a joke I know!!
Anyway lets get to business and before I talk football, politics, and current affairs I have to apologise to the fantastic students at St Cuthbert Mayne school. I was unable to get to their Schools Challenge award ceremony at South Devon College (my mate Andy stepped in and as much as he tried his best he wasn't me!!!!!!!!)so instead of being there to present the prizes I am giving a roll of honour to be proud of.
The six heroes managed to win a competition between Torbay schools to find the most creative and innovative way to market a local business. This they did by joining forces with a business partner to produce a radio advert in only three hours and then present their ideas to a panel of judges, no mean feet I hear you say.
So here goes, in no particular order, to the mighty .........


A brilliant achievement by all six, not forgetting the all important tutor, Mr Felix Woodyatt.


Football, politics, and current affairs.........

Football first and what a weekend of local derbies to savour it was. Well done to my old club T.U.F.C for at last getting some bragging rights back, but I have to say that I am gutted for Plymouth, I just hope someone can come in at some point and turn things around because going down into the conference is no fun at all.
I popped back to see my folks, Avy and Mart, and my old club, G.T.F.C, last weekend. It was good to return to the club where I spent the first four years of my career. Grimsby Town is another club just waiting to be taken back to former glories. Spending time with the family was an utter winner, the hospitality levels are always of a seven star hotel standard!
Politics now and....... actually lets leave that until News at ten tonight when we can all then worry to our hearts content
Current, current, affairs now, and........all is quiet at this present time.

Love to all


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Another return

I was really honoured to do the 'official' return to Plymouth Argyle on Saturday, it was a great day and what with the pre match entertainment on offer and then the quintessential F.A cup to watch it was a pretty good few hours spent, and thanks to all for the reception. I am delighted that the club is now safe and so now....the only way is up!!
Well down to my old muckers at T.U.F.C for their convincing win at Chesterfield, I know that the coach journey back will have been a happy one. With Exeter, like Plymouth, snatching a late draw it was a decent return for the South West clubs. I am sat here now after a gruelling day of judging and then coaching and then coaching again, my wife is in an almighty strop, the children are going to bed and so that leaves kick back and watch the football highlights and rant to my hearts content.
In other news there is a other news that will for now remain a maybe.

Love to all


Friday, 11 November 2011


A big weekend ahead, not only in sport but also with remembrance. I am heading to Plymouth tomorrow to take in their game against Stourbridge and I'm sure many other journeys (much longer than that one I might add!) will be made by fans up and down the country to support their teams in the first round of the F.A Cup. I was lucky enough to score ten F.A cup goals along the way in my career (Oh and an own goal against Man United but let's not dwell on that!) and it was always special on an F.A cup day, so fingers crossed for all the South West teams involved tomorrow. I have reached the latter rounds with a few clubs and more recently we very nearly reached the fifth round at Torquay, twice in fact, so maybe it's your turn this year lads!!
I am sat here watching Derron Brown and thinking 'Am I lucky' and the answer is an unflinchingly sure one, YES I AM.
I live in Devon, I have a great family, three belting children, a half decent wife (Joking!), I am very handsome, and I have the ability to 'do' the 'pec dance'. Add to this that I have written a couple of books - incidentally the latter of which can still be bought at any decent bookshop!! - I have won the South West footballer of the year award (Ok it's not Sports Personality of the year award but come on let me have it!), I have played football for a living and, well the list could go on..................yes at this point you may be thinking you jumped up, vain so and so, but my point is that I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself this week and I'm not sure why really.
But, having watched a few programmes including World War heroes, and News at Ten and where I saw children the same age as mine working ten hours a day chopping cocoa beans out to feed the indulgence lot's of rotund westerners, I thought to myself, come on sunshine sort yourself out and celebrate the good things.
So with that in mind I am going to hug the children, maybe even the wife, headache permitting, I will polish the trophies (that is of course a joke), I will enjoy going back to a former club tomorrow, and after doing all of that, I will think long and hard about the future.



Monday, 7 November 2011

Catch up

So, lot's to get through, so here goes.....

Away from football first and I am sure everybody in the South west feels the same about the horrendous events of last Friday night. We all spend a lot of time on that road and I'm sure at some point we have all passed that same spot at the same time on the same night.It was a devastating night that will never be forgotten.

Well done to all those at P.A.F.C for their hard work in saving the club, it is a club well worth saving and hopefully the future now looks good. On the field it is good to see all of the South West clubs turning their 'dodgy spells' around - especially those I have played for!!

Still on the football front and things are developing, it may take a while, but a plan is in place.

Shop now and please feel free to pop over to Chris Hargreaves SPORTS REPUBLIC Sidmouth for the Christmas push to say hello (And hell if you want a pair of wacky sox while your there, or a pair of Saucony's or some Zumba bit's then of course feel free!!!)

At home now and for fear of giving too much detail away about Mr H's private life on the old blog I will calm it down a bit and just say, the clan are good, hard work, but damn good.


Monday, 31 October 2011


Thank-you so much to all of the Cobblers fans who came to the book signing at the club on Saturday. I am so grateful that so many people came to say hello and it really was a true honour to return to a club that I spent four very happy seasons at. The club and it's fans deserve some success and hope that in the not too distant future they get that reward. It is one heck of a club.
Up The Cobblers
Ok so I thought two blogs had posted but they clearly havent made it. Our rubbish computer is seriously not playing ball at the moment so for fear of me taking it outside and smashing it into a million pieces I am doing an iPhone special..

Friday, 28 October 2011

UNPOSTED BLOGS !!!!!!!!!!!

Cant believe it, just logged on and these blogs haven't posted. While I go and smash the laptop into a million pieces outside and swear my heart out I will put them on via iPhone so here goes......

Well it's the weekend and I am nipping up to see some old friends of mine tomorrow - OK well old employees but fortunately it is the same thing - I have a little book get together set up at N.T.F.C (The Cobblers to those who haven't guessed the initials)and I am really looking forward to it. Going back to former clubs is always a bit of a treat (As long as you didn't have a total and utter stinker at said club that is!!).

In other news the Hargreaves empire is going well. It was Breast Cancer awareness day in sunny Sidmouth today and all the shops were decked out pretty in pink.I obviously did the same, but with bells on, and I even added a couple of strategically placed pink balloons to my lady mannequin - incidentally her name is Mandy and she is a real firecracker. She is much more talkative than my male mannequin Paulo who is a silent but deadly.....and back to the real world! - for fear of offending some of the Sidmouth hierarchy though I did remove Mandy's assets and the day went very well. Hopefully lot's of money will be raised for what is a very important cause.
The shop is ticking along nicely and we are soon to go online selling lot's of nice little Christmas goodies, so please feel free to take a butchers in a couple of weeks or so.
In other, other news, the Hargreaves clan are firing on all cylinders - well all apart from Mr and Mrs H who are like most British families are ............ working/cleaning/driving/typing/phoning/stressing/sleeping our way through the week!!

P.S Great to have Becky, Josh and Millie over, top, top stuff.
P.S.S Good times Carol and Andrew, Downton on our doorstep!
P.S.P Thank-you Sarah, a night out is needed
P.L.C Hi Jase, ditto to the above!



Tuesday, 25 October 2011


And the winners are.......

Alan Roxburgh
Daniel Balsdon
And .... an old friend of mine (and no it's not a fix) Lisa Pearce - got your email, I'll be in touch!

Thanks for all of the entires, blame Guy for the results as he picked them -sorry pal weak from me!

I will get on the case and get the goodies sent out.

Love to all

P.S Well done for returning the phone, you massively made the right decision
P.P.S Sent from said iPhone so apologies about the spacing my thumbs are too big!


Sunday, 23 October 2011


Auntie Becky, Josh and Millie have arrived in town!!!!! Five children in the house, should be fun!

In true text spk,OMG, 6-1.I know it's harsh but I cannot help but feel a bit of happines for the City fans, after twenty years of United's dominance I think this result finally announces that they are now a proper title challenger.

I have decided against all of my better judgement to start tweeting,I know it's controversial but now that I am in the real world of major working hours it will definitely be a huge time saver.The blog will obviously continue but I will now be able to comment about bad drivers and rant about supermarket checkouts to my hearts content, and at great speed.
So,today is about thinking,tomorrow is about working, and last night was about sleeping.The day before that was about London, and what a city it is.

P.S Very, very sad to see the death of another racer this weekend.An awful end to a decent weekend of sport.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011


After finishing work, and all the children's homework projects, and shopping for all the stuff for all the children's homework projects, and after the after school clubs, and after the track, and after my dinner, and after everything else had been sorted, including and not enjoying getting the clan to bed, I sat down to watch News at Ten and I have to say I was very sad to see what a state this world is in.
What with the Middle East in conflict, half or Europe in political turmoil, Africa still in crisis, and our Country still seemingly in the melting pot of financial instability (I know that was good!) it is understandable that some people don't even turn the news on at all, such is the despair on show. And to be honest I don't blame them because last nights offering really did top it all.
I won't go into detail but it was in China and it was bad, very, very bad.
So this morning I decided that I would champion the simple things and the special people in life. I'm talking about a cheeky smile from your child at the school play, I'm talking about the young mums who are struggling with five bags of shopping and a pushchair and who have probably one hell of a battle on everyday but who just crack on and get on with it. I'm talking about the selfless who care and look after people, I'm talking about a nice phone call or text, a bunch of flowers, a sunset, a handshake, a bag of chips at the seaside, a bike ride with the kid's, a sunny day, a snowy day, an autumnal day, or maybe even a day when it just feels right ?
Of course this may all change tomorrow and it may be another ****** day, but yes, a moment of contemplation it has been.


Monday, 17 October 2011


Thanks to all at T.U.F.C for your help on Saturday, infortunately the result on the day wasnt the best but having spoken to Martin and Sean after the game they are determined to turn it round. It was great to catch up with a few old faces and I have to say a massive belated congrats to Kev and Jenny for the birth of little (well ok big then!) Leo Jay Nicholson - let's see if he grows up with long hair!!!!!
I also bumped into Ricey and Dingle which was good and I sat with a couple of old faces in Sean North and Guy Branston. Finally it was a pleasure to sit next to Frank O'Farrel in the second half, 84 years old and still as sharp as a tack.
On the home front it is school project time, Cam has dislocated his thumb (4 Hours of NHS hell!), Hattie is recovering well, Issy is nearly back to full fitness, Mum and Dad are stressed to the max, and there is no wine left in the cellar!!!

PS Poor old Wales, chin up Toddy!


Friday, 14 October 2011

Book club


See you there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Monday, 10 October 2011


Shock horror Rooney gets himself sent off and I cannot believe it, the rugby lads have blown it. My summary of the last few days events is very simplistic but I have to say I was more surprised at England's exit in the rugby World Cup than Rooneys red card. Add to that Mike Tindalls breast nuzzle (that's my own!) and matey's swan dive off the ferry (I'm on the iPhone and so spelling his name would mean a near certain dislocation of my fingers on this keypad) and it has been a pretty bad week for the Rugga fraternity - England ball sale has started at the shop!!! Anyway good luck to the Welsh now!.
I played football yesterday and the old school method of no warm up and no stretching afterwards really has not paid off, my groins are hanging by a thread. Still it was worth it.
I am revisiting my old club Torquay at the weekend for a bit of a book signing/supporting day out and I am really looking forward to watching the boys play. I will obviously have a blinder sat in the stand but I will take my boots just in case !!!!!!!!!

Love to all


Thursday, 6 October 2011

To tweet or not to tweet

Two answers to my question about tweeting were much appreciated. One was giving me a link to the facebook freternity (cheers Spence) and the other was to remind me that I always harp on about not facebooking/tweeting/SMSing etc etc (cheers Anon) - and anon is right, as much as I would love to break into the 21st century phenomenon of 'techno jargon' I will stick to the old school form of contact, phone calls and print it will be.
Still, for the record I will leave you with ten classic Hargreaves tweets......

'Wife in Dubai, who wears the trousers?'
'Wife back, get the dinner on, I do!!!!! (Joking!)
'Bike ride at Halden, got lost'
'Chipped my tooth on an adaptor, fuming, and vain'
'All watching Peppa Pig, Hattie is the boss'
'Hair been chopped, boy band beckons'
'Gone surfing, back next week'
'Been for a run, back in tatters'
'Red wine flowing, new bottle required'
'Drinking tea and eating flapjack, living the dream'


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tweety pie

Contemplating 'tweeting', your thoughts please?????????


Monday, 3 October 2011


Loving your work, thanks for getting the numbers up, and thanks for the top comments. OK the next target is 1000!......Do what you can !!.

As every Brit has said this week "What about the weather". Well bring it on I say, if only this Indian Summer/Autumn could continue into an Indian Autumn/Winter, I would be delighted. I'm sure this time last year I was wrapped up and struggling with TARZAN flu, this year I have been jumping into the sea at Perranporth and camping with the 'fam'.
Before I continue, and before I forget, I have come to the summary that there are a lot of really nice people out there in the big wide world. Yes there are some proper 'wrong uns' around (And yes that is a very Northern saying) and yes that will probably always be the case but for those who are good, see good, and want good, nice one!!!.

The Tevezgate scandal will no doubt carry on until the weekend but I'm sure that something else will crop up in the meantime.
As far as the rest of football is concerned for the last couple of days or so I just cannot get my head around not playing anymore, so I'm gonna leave footy for now. I'm sure I will be OK next week, or even tomorrow, but at the moment I have got a serious case of ex-footballer blues. 'They' said it would happen and 'they' were dead right.
Away from football and are we seriously saying that Johnny Robinson is some of the best talent that this country has to offer, and that he has in fact got the X-Factor. Mental or what! He is probably a really nice bloke but I just can't do it, I can't join the family on the sofa and suffer the madness (Boy and Tarzan will be abstaining and pressign hot coals onto our faces instead).
Love to all, I'm going to peel an orange.



Thursday, 29 September 2011


Well I have to say I am a bit gutted tonight as I had saved a great blog ready to post tonight, but I didn't save it, so this will have to do!!
Before I talk about dummies, and Champions leaugue games, I will talk numbers, and then I will talk about 'THE' competition.

Please tell your freinds by................... email/phone/text/facebook/MSN/Rac/B&Q/TNT/M&S/Carrier pidgeon that this Blog is amazing (You are allowed to lie) and that it needs more followers to continue - My OCD and vanity levels also need it to be above the awkward number of 93. I can then continue the blog (Unpaid) but with love in my heart!!

OK now to the 'comp', simple really, answer the question, send it to my mate Guy and he will choose three random picked winner's. The prize, for three winner's, is a signed book (not signed if requested!!) and a ball from the Sports Republic empire (I will of course be paying for it!)

QUESTION; What is the nickname of the club I made my debut for?

Answers please to

Deadline two weeks today

OK now for the 'fuzball' and I cannot believe Carlos Tevez refused to come on as sub against Bayern Munich. You sign the massive contract, you pick up the big, big, 'doh ray me', you buy the big house, you take the plaudits, but you can't take being sub, come on Carlos sort it out. And you too 'Gekko' 'Chequo' 'Grekko', you accepted the seventy-five grand a week, now pop the strawberry flavoured dummy back in and pull your socks up....breath.


Deadline 2 weeks today.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hammer down

Hell, fire, and damnation !! I honestly thought I had blogged a couple of days ago, obviously not! So what's going down? Well the rugby is going well, the book is selling well, Plymouth have lost their manager, the folks are down, I have just run six miles with a torn calf, flopsy has a new home, I want a glass of red or a pint of guiness, Hattie made it round the challenge trail at Halden without breaking sweat, I have met some great people this week, I have also spoken to great old friends this week (flashy you are a star) , I have received the best email possible (Jim, nice one) and finally her indoors is enjoying some serious 5 star luxury! (I'm really pleased for her).

Love to all

P.S To all those lucky enough to be playing or managing this weekend, enjoy it and keep the hammer down for as long as you can


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Signing on

11 a.m Torbay bookshop paignton !!!I

Funny isn't it, the Rugby boys go out on the lash and it sort of just fits in, I for one thought it was just a harmless bit of fun and obviously a bit of a reward for a gruelling first game. Now spin it on it's head and imagine the football boys and the reaction that it would bring seeing John Terry and co on a night out after a World Cup match. Result, front and back page news, and massive domestic criticism.
I think there are a few reasons why we have forgiveness for one and not the other. A recent World Cup win helps that is for sure, but the gladiatorial exploits of the rugby lads definitely leans to forgiveness on the public front. Anyhow massive fingers crossed for Sunday's game.
Tomorrow I am in media mode, first thing it's radio 4 for a chat and then I am shooting over to Torbay bookshop for a bit of a signing. Really looking forward to both. My last thought for tonight is a classic even by my standards. As I have discussed before my evening journey or to coaching can sometimes be very challenging but last night was a real belter. At the front of the convoy of drivers I was behind was the obligatory Nissan micra (no offence to micra drivers, it must be coincidence) anyway behind the Nissan was a lorry carrying a tractor, oh yes, then ( and I am not joking here) was a landrover carrying a tractor on a trailer and behind that was......a tractor carrying ? Yes you've guessed it a tractor ! As you can imagine my blood pressure reading was off the scale and my tourettes problem was maxed out!!!!!

Love to all
See you tomorrow (hopefully!)


Monday, 12 September 2011


BOOK SIGNING of 'Where's Your Caravan' 17th SEPTEMBER (This Saturday!!!) at Torbay bookshop Paignton 11 a.m - Hopefully see you there!!!!!!!!!!

Well done David Walliams, nine or ten hours swimming a day is just unbelievable. I find swimming hard at the best of times so 140 miles of it is a horrible thought. In saying that I do fancy a bit of a swim/run/cycle jobbie at some point, and on that front well done to my next door neighbour, and tennis buddy, Dan, for completing a similarly arduous event for charity this weekend.
On the footie front I went to see Plymouth play at the weekend and it was a tough day all round. For everyone concerned at the club I really hope that the financial situation gets resolved soon. I have been at football clubs when the off the field stuff takes over from the job of winning points and in my experience it has always ended in disaster on the pitch.

Away from footie, and changing the shape of the ball, COME ON ENGLAND. I am really enjoying the totally gladiatorial matches that have been played so far in the Rugby World Cup. I am massive fan of the rubgy and I hope that the England boys can pull off what would be an epic achievement by winning the tournament - I also want them to stay in as long as possible as I have ordered in fifty World Cup balls for the shop!!!!

And in other news (I love saying that!)X-Factor has obviously now started so that signals tears by the the wife at every half decent singer seen, and sighs of woe from me and the boy who just refuse to show emotion. And before I go I must just return to form with a few rants of the day;

1.Tissue boxes on the parcel shelves of cars (Especially those driving at thirty in a fifty zone)

2.Rude staff at the Carphone Warehouse who will get a real backlash from yours truly the next time I pop in - my wife was not amused with the service one little bit

3.Lorry drivers who seem determined to smash my wing mirrors off on the Sidmouth road.


5.Dark nights


P.S Big up to Jamie Campbell, nice to hear from you pal and give Andy my best.
P.P.S Big up to Torquay's number one supporters who popped into the shop today - you know who you are!!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Thanks to all who have left comments about the book, much appreciated. I am really delighted that it has already been read as 'a holiday book' and even more delighted that it wasn't thrown in the pool. Incredibly I even had a Grimsby Town fan come into the shop yesterday, he had bought the book that day and just happened to be walking down Sidmouth High street when he noticed my name above the shop. It was stuff of total coincidence and I have to say it was great to meet a fellow Grimberian (Although technically I am a 'Meggie' coming from Cleethorpes and all that).
Thanks to Kev and his wife and 'Up the Mariners'

Like many, I watched England last night and like many I was a bit disappointed with the display. Not an easy watch but being an England fan must be easy compared to being a Plymouth fan at the moment. It is sad to see such a good club in such a mess and hopefully it can all be sorted soon. I haven't been to as many games as I would have liked but I am going to watch the Pilgrims on Saturday in a match where a win is much needed.
I reckon my old muckers at T.U.F.C are going great guns at the moment. As much as I don't want to give Mansell and Nicholson any credit at all, they have been in top form this season and are a massive part of why the club are doing well - In saying that it is obvious I could still beat them both at head tennis mind you, probably with my Jeffery West's on as well!. If 'Woodsy' happens to be down this way some time we may have have a game for old times sake and show those two muppets up a bit !!!

In other news, massive respect to Mr David Walliams for his Thames swim, a hugely tough distance and some really nasty parts of river to contend with along the way...... I must just mention that whilst watching Justin Lee Collins in Vegas a few minutes ago I ran into the room semi-naked and severed a cucumber with a kitchen knife shouting "Hiyashi" as I performed the ritual. The children found it really funny but I think it finished my wife off for the day and she has now gone to bed!!! P.S DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, AT ALL, EVER, PLEASE.
Tomorrow it is more sell, sell, selling, and on Friday I may put on a cabbage suit and run into a pen of Llama's whilst reading my book, or something like that.......

Love to all


Monday, 29 August 2011


A week, a week has passed and nothing, not a sausage from Mr H (well quite a few actually as the BBQ has taken a battering, but you know what I mean) Well sorry about my absence but let's crack on.
On the home front the Hargreaves clan have been reunited and we have already seen some surf, some van time, and a tad of 'fuzball'- 8-2 by the way, what is that all about !!!
On the domestic front we have seen Big Brother, X- Factor, and a few festival's, and on the World front (odd phrase but I'm going with it) yes, we are still seeing more turmoil.

I would continue but after only a couple of hours sleep in the last 48 hours my left eye is slowly closing.

Love and luck to all


Sunday, 21 August 2011


I am currently in agony, it's not the run I have just been on or the fact that I am missing the children, it is being subjected to Big Brother for just five minutes that is giving me pain. I have just seen Mohammed Al Fayed walk in dressed as some sort of Egyptian Pharaoh surrounded by a load of mummies, or should I say dummies. Come on Al surely you don't need to do that!
I'm not going to rant on about the cost of living, the price of a loaf of bread, or even about the Khaliif family who are living in a £2 million house in West Hampsted on £8,000 a month rent benefits.....oh I just have !!!
No, tonight is a rant free special.



Friday, 19 August 2011

Pass it

A Licence passed !! Delighted, big ups to 'Big Al', Robbie H (who has also passed), Geoff, and all the young boys at T.U.F.C for their help (Namely turning up to train in the rain and being good lads!).

P.S All the best this weekend to one and all

P.S Please feel free to give 5 star reviews on Amazon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, 15 August 2011

'THE' Book is out..................................

Available at all good bookshops 'Where's Your Caravan' has officially been published. Covering twenty two years, ten clubs, and plenty of ups and downs, it was certainly a mission to write. Hope you enjoy it and if nothing else it will make one hell of a paper weight !!!

I cannot believe the severity of the Worlds news at the moment, from gun attacks to knife attacks, from riots to famine and war, it is just one total nightmare. For fear of adding to the misery I shall move on with gusto and try to give a lighter feel to our everyday toil and trouble. I have just returned from an early evening/late night run and my usual rapid onset of rigamortis has yet to hit. I may escape the pain but just to avoid any early morning stiffness (excuse the Freudian slip) I will guzzle a quick snort of the old 'Blood of Christ' and I may even treat myself to a Tramadol sandwich for supper.
The children are away with the grandparents (my Mum and Dad this time) and I am seriously hurting, I miss them that much. Now don't get me wrong it will only be around twenty minutes before it all kicks on on their return, but god damn it I miss those little beauties.
Gotta go, the wine has arrived !!!!!!!!!!!

Peace (Hopefully)


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Business as usual

Football first........Well I'm sure there will be quite a few very happy T.U.F.C fans this weekend, old boys and all that. You can't fault what Bucks and a few of the old boys did for their former club, but with football as it there is no sentiment and so it is now business as usual for both clubs and fans alike.
The Premiership seems to have kicked off as it finished last season with Joey Barton getting into the usual bother, Arsenne Wenger lamenting his bad luck, and early predictions of relegation given. I am looking forward to watching M.O.T.D tonight (If wifey pops off to bed that is!), after one mammoth day with a roller and an industrial sized pot of emulsion I am well and truly done in. Where's the red!!!

Home life second........Me and 'Her indoors' nipped out last night, not for a drink or a meal though, no we were the recipients of a few tickets for Crealy Rocks and so we took a little look at what was on offer. It was a good laugh but the shoulders were well and truly dropped 'early doors', let's just say we saw what we needed to see !!

P.S An Indian on Friday, a Chinese last night, Spanish tonight (Thanks Holly!!), I wonder what we will have tomorrow....English maybe?

P.P.S Bruno, totally wrong but very, very funny

Love to all



Lot's happening, lot's happened, not much said. WILL blog later...............

Hope all well x


Friday, 5 August 2011


The new season is upon us, so good luck to the players and fans of all clubs, and especially those of Everton F.C, Grimsby Town, Hereford Utd, West Bromich Albion, Northampton Town, Brentford F.C, Oxford Utd, Hull City, Plymouth Argyle, and of course Torquay Utd. I am disappointed it is not me giving the Torquay lads the pre - match team talk tomorrow but I wish Martin and my old mate Shaun all the best. I may even pop over to the game tomorrow as I have a sofa date with my darling Natalie on Monday.
I managed to go for a run tonight and I have to say it was bloody painful. I did no stretching beforehand, no stretching afterwards, and set the tone for the run with a pre-run bottle of lager. I ran for six miles on will power alone and clocked in a time in the late thirties. Not bad for an old boy eh.
The fam are still away, so the microwave went on, the chocolate came out, and I am currently sat semi-naked swearing at the TV......bliss!!!



Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nowt as strange as Folk

The family have gone 'Up North' so I am home alone. It will be microwave meals, Top Gear, Grand Design, chocolate, and red wine. I would of course swap all of that 'Man stuff' to have my family around but I am cracking on with the business and the Grandparents are ready for action.
As regards football - the world of - I am still always amazed at how ridiculous some players can be with their 'tweeting' obsessions. Why Joey Barton feels the need to criticise a club that pays him around seventy grand a week is beyond me. Keep you mouth closed and play for the club that pay your wages, end of story. I did have another rant to get off my chest but I have completely forgotten what it was.
As regards work - the world of - the shop is steaming along at a frenzied pace and it has been a weird and wonderful week in Sidmouth as the annual folk festival is currently taking place. Now I'm not going to say I'm a big fan of men dancing around in tight trousers with bells on their legs and wearing funny hats but it's not just about that. There has been some great entertainment on the go and the town is absolutely buzzing......and what about the weather!, come on sunshine keep it up.

P.S A bit low today, missing the old game, it is still very hard to let it go!!!

Love to all


Sunday, 31 July 2011




Saturday, 30 July 2011


Football training, trainer selling, beach walking, parents visiting, fish and chip's the weekend!!


Thursday, 28 July 2011


I am currently being subjected to another horrifying TV programme - my wife is in Prosecco mode so whilst she enjoys the dross on show, and the fact that we have both finally sat down, I will seize my chance.

With the children officially off school it is the season of entertainment for thousands of parents around the country. Some have gone away, some are holidaying at home, some are lucky as they live in Devon!, but most have their fingers crossed that our temperamental British weather gives us all a break - for us it will be a summer of VW touring and I cannot wait, if I manage to get a day off that is, how times change eh!!!

As far as the old 'fuzball' is concerned (and no I haven't forgotten that this blog did start out as a football blog!) the big news has to be Man City going in big for Sergio Aguero to the tune of 38 big ones. Not a bad fee for a club that have already plundered around a hundred million over the last twelve months on strikers......... And in other news Jordan have reached the third round of Asia's World cup by beating who ? Kathmandu of course, 10 - 1 on aggregate if you want the facts!!

I am now going to wring the neck of a good bottle of red and I will speak to you all soon.



Sunday, 24 July 2011

Snap Shot

Hattie poorly, tent been **** in, shop opened up, painted the en suite and bathroom, enjoyed a nice meal out last night with the fam, done some ironing!, demolished a full English for 'brekkie', had burgers for tea, got a Corona on the go (STILL DOING PRESS-UPS THOUGH) Cam cleaned the van, Issy tidied the playroom, 'Wifey' been shopping and choring, Sky has gone, and I have absolutely no idea who has played who, who has won, lost or drawn, and who is in or out. Next week it is time.



Saturday, 23 July 2011


NEWS FLASH... 'Where's Your Caravan' is finished!. At a local bookshop near you very, very soon.

I am actually shocked at the lack of frequency to my blogging at the moment but it has been a massive change of lifestyle for me recently, and I suppose it boils down to the fact that on some days I don't sit down until around ten. Nevertheless 'Must do better' springs to mind.
Football first and we have the normal furore over summer transfers, with Man City trying to capture players..........and Man Utd capturing players. There will be a hell of a lot of money spent over the next few weeks so it will be really interesting to see who has got who come the start of the season. I will of course be rooting for all of my old clubs (so just over ten percent of the league then!!!) and now that I am no longer playing I may even get time to watch a few games.
Life at home is very normal, which equates to total madness,other than that I wish everyone a very lovely weekend!!!.

P.S One hundred and sixty million pounds eh, chin up one and all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Season Ahead

Football first and I hope that everyone is OK out there and looking forward to the new season. Lot's of lads across the country will have put some serious hours of hard work in over the last few weeks in readiness for the season ahead but I haven't even managed to go for a run for nearly a month, which I think is the longest I have ever not done any exercise (obviously apart from the odd long term injury like a broken ankle or punctured lung). I am back coaching now, hoping as ever that the young lads I am in charge of make it as professional footballers. A long, hard but enjoyable road ahead for these boys.

My last rant about slow drivers is still on mind and I suppose it may be my terrible impatience but being stuck behind a Toyota Yaris for twelve miles at twenty seven miles an hour (in a forty and then fifty zone) is way too much for my ever shortening fuse. I will also add Nissan Primera's to that list of snail paced country drivers who seem intent on not getting anywhere any time soon. Please put it into second gear and try not to use up all the obvious time on your hands by driving like Mr Bean. And breath Mr H.

NB Any offence caused to the owners of these particular vehicles is regrettable.

At home now and life is good, I am one lucky boy.



Monday, 18 July 2011

Catch up

I know it's 'Tweet like' but I am watching a re-run of the apprentice so it's crisps, beer, and silence, will speak later...............


Thursday, 14 July 2011

SPEEDING (or lack of it)


If you get penalised for driving ten miles an hour over the speed limit then you should really get fined for driving ten miles an hour below it!!

Rant over.


Saturday, 9 July 2011




As usual there is plenty going on at Hargreaves towers. Today I am in fact blogging from the shop. In between selling Canterbury stadium pants, Nike Tiempo football boots, and tennis racket grips, I thought I would quickly take the chance to say a very belated hello...... hello. I am without wife and children today as they have been dispatched to Peerinporth for the weekend. We loaded the van last night (Yes I am now officially in the VW crew) and shot down to Cornwall. We then hooked up, pegged in, and battened down. The BBQ went on (at 10 pm) and after a bit of lubrication we spent the night listening to the rain, and the rabid badger that my wife is convinced follows us on every camping trip. After forty two minutes of sleep and with the gang wedged in I shot back (early) this morning and here we are.
Tonight will invlove more sausages, some squeeky cheese, and a few light ales, and tomorrow, I am pretty sure, will involve a fair bit of sea, a little bit of sand, and hopefully a glimpse of some sun.

For now though, goodbye and godbless.
Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S Football News, News of the World, and news of the ladies World Cup to be discussed............


Friday, 1 July 2011


I cannot believe it is Friday night, honestly I do not know where the week goes at the moment (Jesus that sounds old!). Well what's in the news ? Obviously Murray has gone out of Wimbledon today, which is a bit of a blow, but even worse is the fact that the Hargreaves family haven't received any Olympic tickets......................yet!!!!!!!
In other news, Averil and Martin are taking a visit down to Devon this weekend so looking forward to that, and I am about to pour myself an industrial vat of wine.
Finally a massive shout out to my mate Matt, he is driving back to Poland tomorrow (All eighteen hours of it!)after being in England for three years. I can honestly say he is one of the nicest blokes I have met and I truly wish him all the best. He has helped out at the shop for the past month or so and it has been an absolute pleasure to have him on board. Good luck Matt.
Finally, finally, a huge well done to my little tartlet Issy for blasting her way to two golds in track and field, to my boy Cam for blasting his way to a hurdles victory, to my little firecracker Hattie for constantly making us laugh, and to my wife for not streaking at the Take That concert.

Have a good one, one and all.


Monday, 27 June 2011


Wife away, house a mess, kids still up, beer fridge turned on.

Love to all


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Take That

Glastonbury, and Beer! I'm not actually at 'Glasto' this year but I have loved watching the action on the box, dry and with a comfy bed to jump into! As far as Beer is concerned I was there today with my mate Jase and his clan, a nice little beach hut, a dip in the sea, and few hours of fun. And where were the wives you may well ask? Well they have been treated to a few days away watching Take That. I know what your thinking, how good are we!!!! Well this is true, but as much as the old man points have taken a beating this time our own little treat will be all the sweeter. What have we got planned? Just a lighting quick break to Stockholm we think, you know it's a cultural thing!!!!!!!!!!!.

I haven't got too serious on the blog for a while now, partly because there is more than enough on News at Ten most nights to cover most serious issues, but I do feel I have to mention how horrendously sad I felt when I heard the emotional statements given by the Dowler family shortly after leaving court. It was heart wrenching stuff, and it is so, so wrong that our pathetic justice system goes to such ridiculous and unneeded lengths to protect the rights of people that have done such wrongs. Words cannot describe the sorrow I feel for that young girl and her family.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Time flies

Sorry about the lack of blog activity, I have lots to say but not enough time to say it!!. I'm not sure if I should completely change the blog or carry on as it is, I will pause for thought for a few hours and decide. Tonight will mainly be spent drinking chatting and drinking. Hope everyone is OK

Go on Andy


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad (Martin H!)

Well, I'm back! And it certainly has been a pretty interesting couple of weeks. I have to say that not becoming the new Torquay Utd manager was extremely disappointing but I wish Martin Ling all the best. He tried to sign me when he was managing Leyton Orient, so he may well be a decent judge of character!, but other than that I don't really know the guy. I do of course hope that the club do well,but, as it has to be, the page gets turned over and a new chapter has to start. Another time eh!!
Off the field of play now (well almost) and I have been to Belfast to complete the 'A' licence. I met up with some of the lads from last year and it was great to see how they were progressing, from lads on tens of thousands of pounds per week to those without a proverbial pan like object to you know what in, they are a great bunch and it was a pleasure to be there.
On the shop front it is all going really well, the place is busy, the till is ringing, and the reaction has been great.
And finally, to the family. Cam has just finished a magnificent history project, creating an unbelievable cast of Brunel, Issy has bought some pink spikes from the shop, they are called 'Rocket girl' and she is definitely living up to the billing, and Hattie has eaten 'Spag Bol' for dinner followed by chocolate torte, followed by.......... yes, Beef flavoured Hula Hoops!!!!!!!!. My wife has been holding the fort and is now looking forward to Take That, and I am.....well let's just say I am reflective.

Love to all


Sunday, 12 June 2011


See you in a week, I'm off to Ireland!!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Catch up

So much happened and so little said!

Obviously there is a lot going on at the moment but firstly I have to say how gutted I was for the T.U.F.C boys, losing in a final is no fun at all.
At this stage it has to be no comment about any other football business.

Moving on quickly, the shop is at full belt, the family are at full belt, the weather is superb, and the TT is off I go.


Friday, 27 May 2011


Holy smoke Batman!!!!!! I cannot believe I have not managed a blog in the last week! To be fair I have been a little bit preoccupied with finding Asics in a size 6, balancing the books, and ordering stock, but it's no excuse...... must do better!
Well it was great to see the boys at Torquay on Tuesday - I popped down with the SKY camera's to do a sort of preview to the big game at the weekend (There is a full showing pre-match tomorrow so please tune in!!!!!)
I took some abuse from the boys about my attire (as usual) and about my hair (Rick Astley shouts) but on the whole it was a top day (I gave some major abuse back of course). Everyone was in a really positive frame of mind and the team spirit was spot on, I really do think it will be a great day tomorrow, for the players, staff, and of course the fans. Sadly I cannot be there but I will be wearing a T.U.F.C shirt, the flag will be flying at the shop, and my fingers will be crossed that the cup is lifted.
Granddad and Grandma have arrived so we can breath a sigh of relief!!
I have bought a VW transporter so I am now officially a member of the cool gang.
I haven't managed to lift a weight for three weeks
I haven't managed a run for three weeks
My wife is now nearly back to full fitness
Harriet dressed as Sporticus to go to school
Issy dressed as 'Supercook' to go to school
Cameron is creating a IKB sculpture
I have landscaped the garden
The book is complete
and finally

P.S. SOME HOME TRUTHS. I know how it feels to be on the verge of a big game, and I have to say it fills me with sadness not to be with the boys tomorrow. I still find it very hard to admit it's over for me, but it is, and I can only hope that this feeling dies down eventually.
Grasp the opportunity lads, it is yours for the taking.


Sunday, 22 May 2011


Well done lads, by that of course I am talking about T.U.F.C. I will see the boys on Tuesday (You know TV and all that) but unfortunately I will not be at Old Trafford (got a see a man about a dog) but my thoughts will be with the lads and with the fans. I am really chuffed that some of my old mates have reached the final and that their families will be able to enjoy travelling up to Manchester to see them play. I am also delighted for the fans who pay at the turnstiles each week and who can now watch a piece of Torquay history - the lads will obviously win the game!.
On to current affairs now, and after one hell of a week I am delighted to say that CHSR has had a 'belter'of a start. Twenty cricket bats, thirty five pairs of trainers, about a hundred tennis balls, a shed load of rugby balls and footballs, a couple of punchbags, and a whole host of other wares have passed through the door (and till!). Thank-you to all those who have helped out, worked, and of course purchased. Now where to open up next..........................


Thursday, 19 May 2011



Sports Republic is going GREAT guns, MASSIVE good luck to T.U.F.C, and I have just poured myself a LARGE glass of red.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Two days in, fourteen hour days.........welcome to the real world!

P.S Great fun though!!!!!!!

P.P.S I will publish all comments tomorrow (if suitable of course!)

P.P.P.S Love to all


Sunday, 15 May 2011


Chris Hargreaves SPORTS REPUBLIC, Sidmouth, opens tomorrow. Fell free to pop over for a chat.....and if you insist, a purchase!!!!!

P.S 'Official' opening Saturday 21st May.




P.S Loved the day, Bruce was a top guy, the studio was a bit windy, and it was great to see all the boys before the game.
Gotta go now though, the Hargreaves clan have put another serious shift in at the shop, and as they have all just toddled off to bed shattered, I too now have system failure.

P.S Thanks to Avy and Mart as ever

P.P.S THE SHOP IS OPEN TOMORROW, I may well blog (Well a tweet-like blog anyway) from the shop tomorrow.

Friday, 13 May 2011




Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Is it still Wednesday ? Wow I'm losing the odd marble here, I am drifting folks so I will join you tomorrow. I haven't seen the News today, I haven't seen Sky Sports News today, and although I have seen my family today we didn't have time to talk, so my current affairs knowledge, or in fact my family affairs knowledge, is not up to speed, hence no rants/rambles/stories.

P.S Well done to my beautiful girl Issy in her SATS and to the boy for his cricket/athletics/football..... and whatever else he is managing to do at school. I can't miss Hattie out so well done to my little firecracker for constantly making us all laugh.

P.P.S Thank you fi-fi x


Freudian slip

I meant Old Trafford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freudian slip



Ridiculous lack of blogging! Sorry about that.

Firstly massive congrats to my old mates at T.U.F.C, a brilliant season could be capped off with another Wembley appearance, I will be there on Saturday in lets say, a commentary role!.
Secondly it is the school run and I am in a bit of a rush, so this will be short and sweet.
Thirdly, and finally, the main reason for the lack of postings has been long days and late nights preparing the shop, and long days and long nights finishing the book. Both of which are nearly done.

Speak later


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pomp and circumstance?

Killer blow (Well not in the big scheme of things but you know it's still not good) the Sky TV is on the blink (broken). As much as I would love to converse with my good lady wife over a nice glass of red, or play a board game with the children (difficult anyway as the one who loses always throws the board upside down) our life has ground to a halt. I wouldn't say that I am obsessed with the TV, far from it - to be honest by the time I have sat down and the children are all tucked up it is about ( about now in fact!!)- but you know what it's like when you have had a busy day, sometimes it is nice just to turn on the box and watch some 'escapism' TV - In other words I watch whatever my wife Fiona is watching
It is usually Katie Price, L.A Ink (although neither of us has a tattoo!)or any one of the thousand 'cooking' shows on the box.
The only time I ever get chance to watch the TV, and choose the channel I want, is either when a really important footy match is on, and me and the boy 'have' to take control of the remote, or when my wife has retired to bed (again about now). I can then flick through the channels to my hearts content (no comments please, I know what your thinking!). I will watch all the things that Fiona doesn't like (no comments please!), things like Blackadder, Alan Partridge, Fawlty Towers, QI, anything about the war, any old black and white classics, Sky Sports update, the News, all these great programmes have been robbed of me though what with the faulty lead/line/signal/connection, whilst I am still paying the bill (which all in, and for multi room etc, is a joke).
I am therefore cancelling Sky, because they have not only annoyed me for letting me down with no signal, they are also very expensive - and free view has almost everything anyway......................and breaaaaaaaaaattttttthhhhhhhhhh.

I have the memory of a sieve at the moment so apol (I overheard that shortened version of 'apologies' today and so had to use it) to anyone whose call I have missed, but the shop is nearly there, so in the not very distant future I really hope that anybody and everybody will come and see me in sunny Sidmouth - it would also help if you need a new pair of trainers, boots, a bat, a racket, a ball, a top........................................and so on.

And finally, the book is also nearly there. It has been very, very hard to write it, not just with supplying the content, or with the failing memory, but with the fact that I have written it whilst I have been coming to terms with retiring from football, that has been the toughest part. Don't get me wrong, earning money is quite an important factor when finishing a football career, and that part has pushed my wife and I to the edge at times, but that pales into insignificance with not having the match day buzz, the post match relief, and the training routine of the last couple of decades. Onwards and upwards now though and the future for me is Sports Republic and a certain football book called 'Where's Your Caravan'.

P.S I can't even remember if I mentioned 'THE' wedding, and if I didn't I am ashamed, but for the record (again sorry if in fact I have already mentioned it) I that thought Kate looked thoroughly magnificent. She was absolutely radiant, and I am also not ashamed to say that, amongst the inevitable pomp and ceremony that always exists in these mainly aristocrat affairs, it was a great sight to see so many people watch such an unusual event. Unusual in the fact that there aren't many countries that can pull off such a well organised and historic setting for the young royals. And for all those anti-royalists out there, pulling in 2 billion viewers worldwide must mean that someone still rates the fact that for all it's faults (and I know there are many) this country has Kings, Queens,Prince's and Princesses, and some pretty damn impressive weddings to show off. Harry and William have single handedly pulled the monarchy back into the hearts of the British public and for that, as any self respecting 'Hoorah Henry' would say "Here, here"


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Again too tired and again too late, but I have to say commiserations to Plymouth who have suffered the almost inevitable relegation. At the other end of the league below and good luck must go to my old muckers at T.U.F.C, a win and they are in.
Man U roll on, Chelsea close in, but Barca are still the team to beat.
Football report done.

P.S Thanks for lunch Scott, and thanks for the books, the train journey was much easier on the way back.

Over and out



Too late and too tired.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Massive weekend of football, and one still to come. I will discuss all later, along with Bin Laden, the shop, the Turf hotel, and anything else that springs to mind.

P.S I'll ring you today 'Slipmat'.

Love to all


Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding bells

The big wedding tomorrow and as much as all you blokes out there will be saying "Not interested" I know you will all be taking a little look at the days events. It is a bit of a late blog (Just sat down) but I have to discuss a few things.
Firstly football, and this weekend will decide the fate of quite a few clubs, some will cement promotion or the play-offs, some will cement relegation, and some will be in cement. I really can empathize with all the lads, coaches, and managers out there as the season draws to an end. All I will say is that I am very, very envious of all the players out there. I don't know why but I felt quite low today thinking about football, I still miss it terribly, but the excitement building about the shop opening, and seeing the whole project come to fruition, has certainly stopped me thinking too much.
It has been a crazy few weeks, and even as I type away now I am covered in dust and my head is still spinning with orders. I am also up at 6.30 a.m so I will love you and leave you.

Happy wedding day to all


Monday, 25 April 2011

One beer and bed


P.S Seen the results though, another mad day of football.


Sunday, 24 April 2011


I am a nightmare! I am ashamed to say my last blog was on Wednesday. I didn't mention Good Friday, St Georges day, never mind Thursday. Well there has been a lot going on, what with the children off school, the shop being full of activity (At one point last week there were eight people in there working away, it was like being on the set of DIY SOS). Not forgetting Becky, Josh, and Millie leaving, or Avy and Martin (Mr and Mrs H) arriving.
Shop wise we are aiming for a 30th opening but it may well be the 7th - so much to do and so little time in the day!!!

Now to football.....

It really is hotting up in the South West, Exeter have a chance of making the play-offs, Plymouth have given themselves a chance of survival, and Torquay can still go up automatically. It is a brilliant time of the season but being at the bottom of the league at this stage really is not nice.
My daughter Issy went to see another team fighting for survival yesterday, in the form of Wolves. She was invited by her friend Georgia (A member of a family of wolves fans) to watch the game between Wolves and Fulham, and you can only imagine Cams reaction to that (my son and a football nut).
It is all smiles this morning though as Easter Sunday brings not only reflection and thought, but a breakfast of.........chocolate!!!!!

Happy Easter

P.S Thanks the the Stout clan for the invite, Issy loved it!!


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Welcome to BECKY, JOSH, and MILLIE. The sister and the cousins have arrived!!

MANIC. We finally got the keys on Monday, the stock was sorted(and is ongoing), and now it is time for the powder and paint. The re-fit has officially begun. And in a word it has been ........brilliant. Although I haven't had time to eat it is like being a kid in a sweetshop at the moment, not only am I coaching which is brilliant, I am also sifting through and ordering a menagerie of sporting goods. Finally there is the added bonus of ripping ceilings and walls out.

P.S Well done Cliff, but please calm down or you will give yourself a hernia! Well done Nigel, and thanks for the fish and chips (OK I have eaten but it was nine hours after my porridge).


Love to all


Monday, 18 April 2011


Takeover and makeover. Sports Republic is official. The shop will be open on the 30th of April (or if we spring a leak maybe the week after!!) and I cannot wait. Well done to all, the work will now begin.


Sunday, 17 April 2011


Averil C Hargreaves

Happy Birthday weekend to the loveliest mum in England, and probably the world.



A great time was had by all last Friday night (Yes I am still playing catch up) as I went along to my mate Mickey Turners Sportsman's dinner, in aid of the Firefighters Trust. Together with Dan, my next door neighbour - Also a firefighter, also a mate, also on the receiving end of many a battering at tennis by yours truly, and also the worst quiz player ever (that's for telling your dad to put 9!) - we popped along to Harkham house and had a good meal,a good laugh, and a good chat to some old school football faces. Steve Perryman and Keith Burkenshaw provided some great stories from years gone by (I started playing when Steve was finishing!!) and together with a bit of an auction (A massive thanks again to you Mike, I think a certain Mr Turner has bid the highest for the black and white shirt!) a fair whack of money was raised for a great cause.

Yesterday it was a day off football and a day on the rides, and today it was a day of coaching with another fifty or so very hot and bothered football people.

Finally, it's a case of an early evening beach, a late supper salad, a late night chat, and an early morning start. Then let the games begin.

Love to all CH


Saturday, 16 April 2011


Yes I seem to be currently posting blogs every three days!! I have to address that very soon.
Well on Thursday I re-visited my old stomping ground at T.U.F.C. Along with many past, and some present (well only 'Manse') players we were invited to look back at the clubs previous cup finals, play-offs, and near misses. Together with a fair few supporters we had a bite to eat and then took part in a Q and A session about the 'old times'. It was a great evening with some really good people, (thanks again to the lads, and lovely lady,on my table). It was also great to catch up with former players, especially 'Hilly' and 'lamb' Mansell. Kev is a fantastic lad and if he could just keep still for five minutes you could have a really good chat with him but with his constant bouncing and strange mutterings it's tough. 'Manse' is now in a position to be able to take the club to the next level and I really hope he does it - as much as you can deflect at an international level your not a bad lad! Say hello to Mr Nicholson, Mr Bevan and the rest of the motley crew for me, and good luck pal x


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


OMG, I have not blogged for three days (yes I am up with the kids using txt spk - that will be the last time I use it though!!!) . Poor play from Mr H but with business fever hotting up, football training in full swing, and with the children on holiday, getting time to post anything is tough. The season is coming to a climax and some of my old clubs are really in the mix at both ends of the table. It will be stressful for the clubs at the bottom of the league but for the ones near the top you just can't beat that feeling in the changing room, a mixture of nervous energy, excitement, and confidence.
I really hope that each of the clubs get what they deserve, after a long, long season - it flies by when your playing but this first season of not playing has absolutely dragged on beyond belief.
The strange thing is that after living, eating, and breathing this game 24/7 for two decades, the reality now is that sometimes I don't even know who is playing who, when, and where, or in fact what the score was!.
Is that refreshing, I'm still not sure.

Tonight we plan, tomorrow we return, and on Friday we raise.


Sunday, 10 April 2011


Eating, drinking, surfing, bbq-ing, footballing, gardening, relaxing.

P.S Well done to all this weekend.


Friday, 8 April 2011

Return of the Cam

The boy has returned! Top gear is on, his stuff is all over, and we are all arguing again. Yes, it is back to normal.


Thursday, 7 April 2011


Missing the boy, the house is very quiet!

P.S I feel a one point deduction for Torquay is pretty good, the fight for promotion is still on. My old mate Jamie Pitman at Hereford will be more disappointed at the three points that they lost, and their fight for survival is now well and truly back on.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fi Fi

Happy Birthday to 'her indoors'. My lovely wife is.......( ) today!!

Love CH

P.S Last nights post below - forgot to post it!
P.P.S Tonights post tomorrow - football on the box !!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


'See you in court', great programme on BBC 1 at the moment - incidentely Uri Gellar has got one heck of a house for basically bending spoons.

Firstly, a great comment on the last blog and I totally take your point. Secondly, I have just sat down so it will be a very short blog, and thirdly.......Chris Hargreaves SPORTS REPUBLIC, Sidmouth, is coming soon. It has seemed a long road, but we are very close to opening. In, on, or around the 30th April, a bit of British cool, a slice of seaside, and hopefully a great sports shop, will be open for business. Feel free to pop over to for a coffee, a chat, and a pair of size 9's!!!!


Monday, 4 April 2011


I didn't get back to sleep and I can't remember all the things I was going to discuss. There are some subjects though that are impossible to ignore, and again it's off the field stuff that seems to be hitting the headlines - to be fair this time it was only a yard and a half off the field but you get my point.
I do have some sympathy for Wayne Rooney, what with the emotion and pressure of game situations the way they are it is sometimes very hard to keep it together when you score. On the other hand, if you are a ten year old boy watching your hero swearing down the lens at you, it's not the best image in the world is it.

Onto the football field now and is it going to be a second promotion in three seasons for Torquay ? I certainly hope so - I have fifty pounds riding on my old team mates to pull it off and the odds at the start of the season were very, very good!
I watched Exeter at the weekend and the biggest roar of the day came when a good old mate of mine won....... a fiver. It wasn't a bet as such, it was more a game of pass the fiver along the line if the ball goes out of play, and yes, he had it in his hand at the final whistle. The celebrations were of promotion like proportion but a massive well done has to 'Bucko'. That fiver will last him ages!!!!!

P.S Good to speak to you AB. Deal with it in the morning!!



A big weekend of football it was with some great results, some controversial celebrations and some unexpected departures. I will trawl through the weekend events later but for now I am going back to bed, the combination of my sons school trip to France (departure time 3 a.m!!) and a bit of sofa action with Natalie (not that sort!) means I am heading back to the land of nod.

Bonne Journee


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I'll take it

Goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni scores his 100th senior goal for Sao Paulo. That is one heck of a statement and one heck of an achievement. It's not as if the standard of play is that of the proverbial Dog and Duck as Sao Paulo play in the top league in Brazil, and even better, the 100th goal was against fierce rivals Corinthians. I have known a few keepers who have fancied themselves as a striker but Rogerio is something special, a goalscorer and a goalkeeper - it could only happen in Brazil!
I caught the last bit of the England game last night but to be honest I am not over interested at the moment. I don't know if it's the 'Capello factor' that is becoming a bit too annoying or whether it is all the talk of who is going to be the captain, either way I am very non-plussed about our national team. Don't get me wrong I am very patriotic, but there just seems to be a lack of passion in the squad, and I don't blame the players (and yes you may say that is because I was one). Although they hardly cover themselves in glory week to week in the tabloids, I do think it must be very hard to play for England. Not only is the spirit in the camp low, these lads have to pull on a shirt in front of an audience almost already baying for blood, and after all this,they then have to get back to training and playing in tough premiership games for their own clubs a few days later.
Yes you would think that running yourself into the ground to be able to put on an England shirt is an absolute minimum but until the fans and the tabloids (and the manager) give these players a bit of breathing space to enjoy playing for their country, I certainly do not see a trophy coming any time soon - it would also help massively if these players could just manage a few months without crashing 100 grand cars, taking naked photos of themselves, nipping round to their next door 'neighbours', or spitting dummies out until agreeing contracts of 250k a week,it just does not go down well with the punter sat in the pub with a few quid in his pocket who is willing to spend it to watch his country. I think the word is RESPECT.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Game for Archie

I played for Argyle legends today and I have to say it was a top afternoon. It was really good to see some of the old (and some not so old) Argyle faces and it was great to play ninety minutes. The match against Elburton Villa was arranged to raise both awareness, and a bit of money, for the battle against Meningitis for Archie Barton. I had the pleasure of meeting five year Archie after the game and his unbelievable spirit and determination has most certainly defied the odds. His mum explained to me how it had gone from shopping in Morrisons with Archie in the afternoon to watching him fight for his life in the evening.
He spent five months in intensive care alone, he lost both of his legs and several fingers, and lost the tip of his nose and part of his ear. He has since had numerous operations, and will have numerous more. I have to say I was shocked, and I, like quite a lot of people I'm sure, didn't realise the effect that this crippling illness can have and how quickly it can take hold. Archie is a brilliant little boy and with the help of his parents and the many other people that will be involved in his ongoing recovery he will eventually enjoy everything a little boy should. Like all little boys he loves his footy, loves his sport, but will no doubt still hate his homework!!

P.S See you at the next game boys, and as ever, well done Paul and Andy and everyone else who was involved in organising the day.


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Game on

Back in the land of the living. What a lovely day. Football, followed by beach, followed by massive intakes of salt water.

Good luck


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Man down

Hargreaves has concussion, report to follow....sometime.


Monday, 21 March 2011

Blast off

I think I am turning into a 'tweeter'. I am in short blast mode again tonight due to tiredness and irritability levels that I cannot ignore.

Blast 1. Capello is a joke.
Blast 2. 'Fifteen' is good but old Jamie 'Slam it in' 'Pukka' Bad boy' Oliver needs to tell his apprentices to put a lot more on each plate.
Blast 3. Sepp Blatter is a joke.
Blast 4. I'm a moaning old git.



Sunday, 20 March 2011


A big weekend of football and a big weekend of entertainment. For now though, it is a small portion of Sunday night blues.


Friday, 18 March 2011





8 mile run.......done. I thought that I would need my usual Ibuprofen smoothie afterwards, a bucketful of ice, and a walking frame, but no, I feel great. I may feel differently in the morning, but for now, I am still planning a 'biggie' next week. I am upping the 'peg' around the streets to 14 miles, I have no idea why, I just feel like it.

I hope everyone has had a good weeks racing (Cheltenham) but for me all bets are now officially off. After joining a famous old manager's special 'winners' syndicate a few years ago, I learnt the hard way. We lost. My wife also wondered why I was so secretive with my phone, and on that score I made two fatal errors. The first was believing that I could beat the bookies, and the second, equally foolish decision, was putting the bookies number in my phone in the name of a woman, Betty !!!!!!.
Two sayings sum up betting for me 'Four windows to pay in and only two to pay out' and 'A push bike parked on the front and a BMW parked out the back' - I just made that second one up but I think it works - Still a little flutter once or twice a year does no harm and as I'm not a betting man, I am safe. Gotta go, I forgot to get my Euro millions ticket!

Good luck and god bless to all.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Birthday girl

Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl, Isabella Eve Hargreaves, eleven years old today.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011


So much going on, and not enough hours in the day. I think that is the case in most homes around Britain. The working week goes in a flash (for most!) and the weekends in the blink of an eye, in fact I now think that life itself goes by extremely quickly. Am I getting philosophical?, maybe, or is it an age thing?, maybe again. I am sure though that I made my debut only a few years ago, and that last year I was a professional footballer. That chapter of my life has certainly gone very quickly, and I now find myself trying to do all the things that I wanted to do as a player but didn't because I wanted to 'do it right'.

This blog has seen a fair few 'Hargreavesisms' and it will no doubt see a few more in the coming weeks and months. I know I don't talk about football as much as I used to - namely because I am not spending mornings beating Kev Nicholson at head tennis, looking at Mark Creighton's mental tattoos, telling Elliot Benyon to get away from me, or reassuring Matt Green he will score on Saturday - but I still think about all the old boys and want them to do well, but as they too will find out, eventually, there has to be life after football, and as you cant play forever, with managers jobs are at a premium, and with earning money still a priority, the football side of things does get a little neglected.

I do still coach, so I get my football fix (just), I get the odd TV gig (more needed)and I have finally finished the 'big' book - 'WHERE'S YOUR CARAVAN', available at all good bookshops this coming Autumn, sorry about that unashamed plug!- but my immediate future is in business, and very soon I will reveal all.

P.P.S Well done to those who won, and commiserations to those who didn't. Just keep grinding it out, and smile!


Tuesday, 15 March 2011


V tired, el bloggo back tomorrow.


Monday, 14 March 2011

Court 1

6-3 6-3


Saturday, 12 March 2011


Terrible scenes on News at Ten last night, which may or may not be due to global warming, but all the same were horrendous. To be honest, I know news has to be reported, but last night there was so much death and turmoil shown that I turned it off in the end, it is just one disaster or killing after another. I will catch up with News 24 today but just for ten minutes I didn't want to see any more death. I asked my wife what to turn on and she nodded when I flicked past Louis Spence Showbusiness. I think he is funny, but after what I had previously witnessed on the news, watching three camp blokes burying a piece of apple in a plant pot just finished me off. I lasted one minute.

I did catch part of the Comic Relief programme a few nights ago, with Lenny Henry and a few other 'celebs' staying in the slums of Nairobi. It was truly an unbelievable sight, and made even more poignant when Lenny said he couldn't take it any more. He must have been to Africa for Comic Relief many, many times, so for him to think it was bad it must have been very bad.

I will take the boys for a game this morning and then it is a decision, go to a game, or spend the afternoon with the family. A tough choice but one that ultimately my wife may decide!!!

P.S Good luck to all you lucky players out there who are playing this afternoon, and good luck to all you fans (I may see you at a game!!!!!!!!)


Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I may be on my own here but I do feel a massive amount of sympathy for Arsenal last night. Playing with eleven men against Barcelona is hard enough but to play with ten is too much, and even if he did hear the referees whistle Van Persie shouldn't have been sent off. Having lost the Carling Cup final and now this it will take an almighty effort for the 'Gunners' to win something this season but I really hope they do.

Closer to home and could it be possible that Plymouth can escape the drop against all the odds? I massively hope so this time. I was appalled at the club having to let go fourteen or fifteen staff though, these are the people who keep clubs like Plymouth going year on year. The worst part of it is that all their wages combined probably wouldn't equate to that of the top paid player at Argyle. And he might not be even in the team. Now that is football at its most ridiculous.
In other news, I have a bad back and a broken hand, yes I joined in training with the lads!


Sunday, 6 March 2011


A good friend of mine (my old agent in fact) sorted me some tickets out for todays game. It was 2p.m and we had just returned from Branscombe, which by the way was excellent, a really picturesque village and a great beach - also very bizarre to see some pieces of metal still strewn in rock pools in amongst the starfish.

Anyway the game in question? Exeter Chiefs against, against a team from my old neck of the woods, Northampton Saints. Wrong shaped ball yes, but I have to say it was excellent stuff. I took the children and they loved it. Massive hits from massive players in tight shirts. That is a very basic outline of what is a really exciting game. We were obviously not as well versed in the rules and regulations as a lot of people in the crowd, but you tend to get the gist after a while. The fact that the crowd are friendly towards each other, you can batter the opposition and get away with it, and the refreshments are massively superior to that of a football match, and I reckon football has a bit to learn from 'rugga'. I obviously still love the beautiful game but with the professionalism on show from the rugby teams,including the subs warm ups which are a show in themselves, the half time entertainment, and the variety of food and drink on offer, and you can definitely see the attraction.
The only downside, if you want to sit, and you can't get tickets from your old agent!, is the admission cost, around forty pounds a ticket. If you take a family of five, have three hot chocolates, two coffee's, and some sweets, your maths will soon tell you that it is............a lot!

Well done teams and friends alike for this weekends results.


Thursday, 3 March 2011


Well since Saturday we really have had everything in football, crashed cars, touchline bans, a brawl, a couple of elbows, a tense handshake,plenty of red cards, and even an air rifle. You can't say that it is not exciting, that is for sure. I don't know how fans view it, but some of it is real madness, the rest however has been going on for fifty years,it's just that now there are millions of TV's showing it, thousands of radio stations airing it, and tens of millions of papers printing it.
In other news I am very close to sorting out the business, and the family, as ever, are as mad as a box of frogs.
Finally, I am thinking of making a comeback and will start training at the end of this coming season. I will be having one more go at it somewhere next season.

Night then


Monday, 28 February 2011

Forgot to mention it

Yes it was a sending off, no doubt about it. And yes he is a great player, but if I had given someone a forearm smash I would fully expect to be sent off. The F.A and Clattenburg have bottled it on that one, end of story.

An air rifle at one of the worlds most high profile training grounds, and in the hands of Ashley Cole, totally and utterly MENTAL. Why doesn't he have done with it and start leathering a scooter around the grounds or doing some handbrake turns in the car park.



What a cup final that was! Absolute determination and will to win saw Birmingham through, and as much as you have to feel sorry for the losing team and it's fans, those Blues players and the forty or fifty thousand 'Brummies' present really deserved that victory. Half the back four of the Birmingham team were limping for almost the entire second half, but somehow they got through it and made it to the final whistle. It was one of the most enjoyable games I have seen for a long time, again sorry to any Gunners fans out there, but even I was shouting at the TV for the Birmingham players to keep the ball in the corner at the end.
I have missed playing this beautiful game so, so much, and after witnessing that final yesterday I know why. You can't beat that underdog spirit, and a little closer to home here in Devon, I really hope Plymouth Argyle can beat the odds and survive after what has been a pretty torrid week on and off the pitch.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fun Fair

In true blog fashion I shall be honest and say I have been a bit preoccupied this week. What with the new business being imminent, the children having broken up, the in-laws having arrived, and the book nearly completed it has been a hectic few days.
I am still on the button with the football however, and I cannot believe the woes of my former club down the road, Plymouth Argyle. So much has gone on there that is wrong. Although they are not the first, and won't be the last club, to go into administration, I find it hard to understand how the situation came to this eventuality.
Clubs need to have a serious think about the consequences of any possible relegation, as well as future wages earned, length of players contracts, the whole gambit. It can't be easy to keep a club afloat but something must have gone seriously wrong with the financial planning at Plymouth to end up in that state.
The roller-coaster of football, and of being a fan, will continue, but the financial roller-coaster that clubs are on will have to stop.

P.S Please no more petrol rises, and forget the interest rate rise too.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mind over Matter

Mind still active but body aching badly, hence bath and bed.


Sunday, 20 February 2011


I nipped to see how my old mates at T.U.F.C were doing yesterday. It was great to return to my old stomping ground - albeit it was very low key from 3.01 to 4.44 p.m, and although a lot has changed, certainly staff wise, it was nice to see some old faces, and some pictures on the walls of the 'good times'.
Torquay should definitely have won the game and I reckon if they play like that at home from now on the play-offs are more than a possibility.
Last night it was fish!, it was Carol and Andrew, and it was the Anchor. Good food and good fun.
Today it's bacon buns, a lamb roast, and a walk on the seafront. No football and no deadlines. Loving it.


Thursday, 17 February 2011


It's Thursday already! Wow I am going mad,I honestly though that I blogged last night, but no, I haven't posted a bean for three days, sorry, sorry, and sorry again. My only excuse is that my fingers are on fire at the moment, I am in the latter stages of writing the big book and the last few thousand words are killing me. It is still enjoyable to write but with the madness I am surrounded with on a daily basis getting the 'quiet' time to do so is tough.

Football now and arriving back late last night me and the boy sent the girls upstairs and put the footy on. As Cam had school in the morning we put the game on 2x fast forward and to be honest it was perfect, we got the gist even at that speed - that Barcelona kept the ball incredibly well and then pressed the life out of Arsenal if they ever happened to give it away - Fair play to the 'gunners' though, they went a little bit more direct and low and behold a comeback was soon on the cards. What with head butts,comebacks,and Messi misses, it's certainly been an unusual week in European football.


Monday, 14 February 2011

Loved Up?

I decided to stay in the end, the apartment would have been a bit too poky anyway, so until I have earned a few more pound notes it is good old Blighty for me and my clan.

I am reading Alan Sugar's autobiography at the moment and I have to say it is excellent. Not only can you pick up some great business tips, but the stuff about his time at Tottenham would open the eyes of any wet behind the ears football novice. The many goings on at that club were incredible, and the people who were at fault were our national heroes and members of our national institutions. Definitely worth a read.
So today is Valentines, and I joined the millions across the country who purchased their loved ones Valentines gifts. Gone are the days (for now!) that I would turn up with a piece of jewelery, a car, or a few nights away (after all we are married!!) but joking aside this is not just down to the fact that the bills are piling up faster than you can say 'Women linesman are great', no I actually don't like Valentines day at all. I think it is the least romantic day of the year, being a day of forced happiness and gifts.
And what about this one!, as I popped in to the shop this morning to get some bits for the children's pack ups I thought, why not, I'll get my wife some flowers and a card. And what happened? I got home to find the card accompanied by the wrong sized envelope and one of the roses had been severed at the head! Now you may think that there is some type of weird message or analogy in there somewhere but I tell you what I think. Some ****** has chopped off the rose because he or she is a. Ugly and can't pull b. bitter and won't let go or c. ugly and bitter and refuses to be happy. Well not to be deterred I set to work with the sticky tape and mended the rose, and it wasn't even noticed until this evening when I told my wife what had happened, and pointed the rose out to her, and here's the best bit, the rose is surviving! Here lies the proper analogy.....Love is too strong to be cut.
Hell, am I turning into a poet or what. Come on snap out of this, the football is on!

Happy Valentines


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Flight of Fancy

Well done to all those who have been victorious this weekend, commiserations to those who have not. Today it was Eden, and tonight it is tax. On the subject of tax, it is an absolute joke, as is the £180 we pay for Council Tax, the VAT rise, the price of fuel, and the cost of living, oh and the weather is rubbish too! With this in mind we are currently packing the cases as we have decided to move to a two bed apartment in Monaco....... gotta go as the flight is first thing in the morning.

Thanks for the memories


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Friday, 11 February 2011


Two days without posting, very sloppy from me so apologies there. Today I have mostly been crashing my car and yesterday was spent mostly running, yes, a varied few days it has been!
I saw the tallest man in Devon on Wednesday, Scott Bevan, it was great to see the big fella and his lovely (trapped) girlfriend Kim. I had also totally forgotten about asking for a skinny latte at a coffee shop, so thanks for reminding that fat is not allowed in the diet - you would be very disappointed with my diet at the moment though, obviously I am still ripped, but my press up average has dipped to about five hundred a week, and my cheese, beer, and wine allowance, has quadrupled.

The children are busy bees at the moment what with school, clubs, pets, and sport. Hattie has just returned from the school disco having boogied her way through the last hour, Issy has now realised that her pet rabbit (Flopsy Peppa Marley Pip) is a one woman poo machine, and Cameron is making 'Sport Billy' look like a couch potato. Finally, my wife is absolutely delighted that it is the weekend, and I am.......rushing into the kitchen as World War three is kicking off. Gotta go.

Good luck to all this weekend.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Three main points tonight, firstly I cannot believe the furore (great word) surrounding the case of a fourteen year old being left at home with their three year old sibling. Mum had only nipped to the shop (not to Majorca for a week, or down to the Nags Head), and the elder child was extremely responsible, and yet Mum has now been suspended until further notice and effectively banned from working with children for ten years. Basically a woman already trying to juggle having a job and looking after her children is now even worse off, unable to work and labelled irresponsible. For Christ sake someone show some sense here.
Secondly, Gypsy sites, and we have to be careful here because I am all for the free spirit and traveler in us - I am also well versed in the common rendition of 'Where's your caravan' having had it sung to me over the last fifteen years or so (this also happens to be the title of my second book DUE OUT IN AUGUST 'ish' and available at all good bookshops!), but, and it is a big but, the words 'permanent site' cannot sit comfortably with everyone, after all isn't it an ever so slight contradiction for the gypsy and traveler community?

Thirdly, our cricketers have returned from Australia having won the Ashes, and, well no one is really bothered. Why? because it was about six weeks ago, and also because the team had to play in the one day series which was duly lost 7-1. A brilliant achievement like winning the Ashes should have been celebrated straight away, not after a one day series that no one wanted to play in!