Thursday, 30 July 2009

No pain no gain

My body is falling apart, the pain has returned, the ice baths have started, and the prescription is ready to be collected. Yes, it's great to be back training and playing again !. Last night's game went well, apart from the fact that we lost, I nearly broke my hand and my left boot split wide open it couldn't have gone any better!!. A 12 p.m return and then it was back to 'work' this morning.
It was really good to see so many Trust members at the training ground today, the children showed us how to shoot, and celebrate !.
Thank you to Avy and Mart ( Grandad and Grandma ) for returning the children from their camping trip, they all had a brilliant time. It rained for five day's and towards the end of the week the site resembled Glastonbury but it didn't matter, to the 'young ones' anyway!, their little break was perfect. It wasn't as much fun for the less hardened camper's though, four or five people abandoned their tents and left halfway through their stay, a man even tried to sell his caravan he was that desperate to leave!.
Tomorrow night we play Dorchester in the final pre season game. We then have our last Saturday off before the 9 month marathon begins, so for me that means mowing the lawn, tidying the garage and clearing the loft !.


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Return of the Clan

I watched on again last night as the team put in a good performance, beating Brighton and playing well into the bargain. Today I make my return to competitive football. I am turning out for the youth team in a 'friendly' against a team near Weymouth. Kick off is at six thirty ( I'm guessing no floodlights ) and I will be the only Pro there. It is a bit of a contrast to the last time I played, and in fact the last stadium I played in !!!!!!!!. Hopefully the calf and nose stand up to the test and hopefully I can blog later on tonight safe in the knowledge that I am ready for the new season !.
The children return today from their camping expedition, they have absolutely loved it with Grandad and Grandma who in turn are now looking into 'child free' spa breaks!!.


Monday, 27 July 2009

"Let's play Darts"

I have finalised details for 'the' book today which is great. It has been an ambition of mine for a long time to write a book, but for it to happen the way it has and to actually see it and hold it is brilliant. It has certainly taught me a lot about the world of publishing, namely that to make money you have to sell bucket loads!. Whether anyone buys it is another thing but either way I am delighted to have done it. It still brings a smile to my face knowing that I can read a book with a happy ending and at least for those who suffer with sleeping problems it may well send you off nicely at night!!!.
Two generations of the Hargeraves clan are still braving the elements in a tent, and surprisingly are still having a whale of a time ( the children anyway! ). Even a pitch relocation and two day's of torrential rain have failed to dampen their spirits. When Issy and Cam told me last night that Harriet had thrown darts with Bobby George I thought they were joking but no, Bobby, complete with candelabra and cloak, and Sid ("He is puttin awaay doubles like an exorcet missile guing from naytion to naytion") Widdell were putting on an exhibition match at the complex. Harriet was dancing away to the music near the stage, when, before you could say "Let's play darts" the 'king of bling' was holding Hatty, throwing arrows and having his picture taken. I can't wait to see the pictures, they will be posted straight away !!!.

Finally I trained today for the first time in what felt like ages, not with the lad's but with Gareth and it went well. It's a case of 'do or die', hopefully though I will join in tomorrow and then play on Wednesday in a rearranged pre season game. If that goes well I will go for it in the Dorchester game, the final pre season friendly. The squad is looking good and with a few additions it will be even stronger. This summer seems to have flown by, it won't be long until points are at stake, ice is at the ready, happy pills are stockpiled and late, late blogs start appearing!!!!!!.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Crazy world

It's a crazy world we live in. On one hand there are stories such as that of Harry Patch, our last remaining 'Tommy'.
He was, at 111, Britain's oldest man for the final week of his life. He was also the last surviving soldier form WW1, fighting in the sodden trenches of Passchendale where, in 1917, 70,000 British troops died on the battlefield. It was a war that he didn't like to reflect on, and who can blame him. I recently saw a picture from that war, in it five men were carrying a stretcher, they were waist deep in mud and this was a time when high tech clothing or footwear just didn't exist. When Harry Patch did reflect on of that time, the millions of lost lives, he said he always ended with the same conclusion "It wasn't worth it".

On the other hand there are stories such as that of John Terry, the Chelsea and England captain. Reacting to Man City's interest his camp have signalled their intent, for him to stay at Chelsea he wants the current 3 year contract ripped up and renegotiated to, a longer, and nearer 170,000 k a week deal, he wants the club to deliver the big signings that they promised, and he wants his employers to reassure him of his importance at the club! Wow he doesn't want much then !!!!!.
Don't get me wrong I know you have to get as much as you can from this game, but I also know something for sure, John Terry would give all of his pay rise for the remainder of his contract to replace that ball for his penalty kick in the Champions league final, and then, to smack it into the top corner. Unfortunately money cannot buy that!.

I am in a 'bear with a thorn in his paw' mood today. I cannot seem to shake off this calf injury. I have been told that it is either scar tissue that still needs a week or so to calm down, or that it is 'compartment syndrome', a much more serious, and lengthy, injury problem. Obviously I am hopeful that it is the former. To be honest though I would still not have been able to play due to the operation but one thing is for sure, my desire to do well for Torquay is as strong as ever. I am, as we speak ( or in between typing! ) doing hundreds of calf raises in the living room. The neighbours must think I'm mental, but I suppose bobbing up and down in the front room window is a bit bizarre!!!.


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Lead Balloon

Yesterday was full on. A mercy mission to Woolacoombe to drop the children off and erect the tent, for the Grandparents arrival, turned out to be a major operation. Rain, lost Grandparents and deadlines to meet meant that we were stressed to the max by the time we returned home. I will explain more later, much later, as unbelievably, we kick off tonight against Tiverton at quarter to eight. As you can imagine that has gone down like a lead balloon !.


...........much later ! Unfortunately the team lost to Tiverton tonight, a late goal conceded was a bit harsh on the lad's who had put in a lot of effort . Some of the younger player's also played last night so it was a real test for them. Again though I saw something that amazed me. Towards the end of the first half Bev's, who was sat next to me, pulled out a Tupperware box and started eating strawberries and grapes. While Sillsy and I were laughing away the big man was just delving away into his sport billy bag, pulling out protein bars, drinks and even his own cereal mix !.

Yesterday as I mentioned earlier was traumatic. My parents had, as usual, set off from the East Coast with no directions, sat nav, or map ( to be fair they did have a map but it was just for show. It's a sort of 'let's just head in that direction and I think we will find it' mentality. It failed !. At 3 o'clock we got the call "Lost" and so, after sweating with tent pegs and airbeds for the last two hours the St Bernard rescue took place. Before long though everything was calm and the whole gang were set up in their canvas home for the next four day's.
My Mum and Dad are incredibly generous and before we could say "Don't ask for anything" to the kid's, the pocket money had been given out and the children were all beaming away. In four day's time all the children will have had a brilliant time while my parents will have aged ten years !!!.

So with no children to look after, we ( the wife and I ) decided to go out for a meal last night. We went with our friends Jase and Sarah and the food and company was great. In saying that we have all decided that, taking into account the money, the babysitters availability and the quality, the next meal together will be another 'cook off'. After the last feast we were treated to I think it will have to be something special. It's Fiona's turn next time so we are expecting big things, she has even suggested a live version of 'The Naked Chef' !!!!!!.

P.S Hope your getting better Lamb


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Monaco to Tesco

I watched the lad's play again tonight, I'm still unable to take to the field due to the old 'snozzer' operation and a troublesome calf injury. I thought the team played really well, being robbed of a penalty aside we were definitely the better side. I think 'Cloughie' junior has certainly got his hands full trying to make a serious challenge for promotion with that team, on tonight's showing anyway.
The quickest bit of play that came from one of their team tonight didn't even involve a ball. Finding himself at the edge of the pitch the wily old campaigner with long hair ( wow that sounds familiar! ) Robbie Savage started to get some stick from the home fan's, chants of where's your caravan started up. Nicky Wroe was near him and he said that without hesitation Savage shouted back "Monaco mate" !!!.

And yes, there's always a 'finally' once a month. Finally I popped into Tesco ( my nemesis ) late on to get some milk and cereal. A lady was ticking off a list of newspaper's that hadn't sold and were due to go back. Always inquisitive to find out more ( like do the paper take them back, or are they recycled ) I asked one of the ladies " Where do they go back to, what happens to the papers? ". A woman replied " I don't care, as long as I do my job I'm not bothered". In my book she might as well have said "World poverty, it doesn't interest me" or " Ozone layer, couldn't care a less, just feed me, pay me and let me be in a bad mood for the next 40 years, I've got no views on anything, no ambition and absolutely and completely no banter ".
And my reply to her answer ?............ "Thanks then, bye", let's just put it down to the fact that she was tired, it was late, and some bloke in a suit with long hair was asking too much!!!.


Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Well done to Tom Daley, what an amazing achievement it is to win the world diving championship at the age of fifteen. His dad spoke about the bullying that Tom had endured at school during the last year, I think they have both had the last laugh. The bullies will still be smoking behind the bike sheds and writing out I MUST NOT WEAR A HOODIE IN THE CLASSROOM in detention, whilst young Tom will be deliberating about who to take to the school prom !.

It is all quiet at the club at the moment. At home, Becky, Josh and Millie have just left after a nice break, but a few tears ( see you soon Bec ). Cam and Issy have broken up for their six week summer break, they are delighted but Fiona is being heavily sedated as we speak!, Hatty is constantly on the phone ( it is plastic honestly ! ) saying things like "Yeah, yeah, yeah I'll meet you in town for a coffee, see ya later" or "It's Will on the phone and he is my boyfriend" and finally Avy and Mart ( Mr and Mrs H ) are coming over at the weekend to take the children camping ( good luck!!!!!!!!)


The Beautiful Game

The beautiful game ?, it still amazes me after all these years that the football world can be so cut throat and deceitful. I know you have to be a bit selfish in this world to survive, but the characters you come across that are in it for number one and number one only are growing rapidly. Thankfully, for the moments where you can watch your son score his first goal, raise a trophy aloft or simply just enjoy playing we can just about still call it 'The beautiful game'.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

News time

This is a preview ( in 'bullet' form ) to tonight's ( late ) blog posting;

Newquay; Is it becoming the Blackpool of the South ?

Nicotine gum; Whose fault is it that a pupil eats a weeks supply in one go at school?

The Moon; Did the U.S.A land there or not ?

Shamrock Rovers; How well did they do last night ?

Scott Beavan; Is there a girl out there ( in Devon ) for him ?

...............until later



Newquay; In the space of a few weeks there has been three deaths. First two young lads fell from the cliffs and just last Sunday a man died after getting into difficulty in the water.
I have been to the seaside resort quite a bit recently, and I think there could be a bit of a problem.
Although the incident where the poor man died in the water was a tragic accident there are far too many stag parties flying about. The pubs and clubs are going to have to think seriously about putting a stop to big groups of lads piling in to party.
I may sound like a killjoy but if it was your son who lost their life you would feel very differently.

The fact is that my children, like many others, want to enjoy surfing at one of Cornwalls' most famous beaches and I don't want them to have to see a 'drunken nun' being sick at the entrance of WH Smith's. Someone will have to sort it out otherwise it will be ruined as one of our Great British holiday destination, end of story.

Nicotine gum; No it probably should not be given out at school, but come on, do you honestly think that if you eat forty six pieces of the stuff your going to be alright ? your not, your mental!.

The Moon; Did Neil Armstrong really land there?. The original footage has now 'gone missing' and so the conspiracy theories have started again.
My honest opinion is that with millions of people living in poverty in the world, about ten major wars going on and the ozone layer being wafer thin, whether someone landed on the Moon or not is dropping down on the list of importance!. And now the race is back on !!.

Shamrock Rovers; Yes, but at the end the day they lost !!!!!!.

Scott Beavan; Thirteen months and counting, please someone help !!!!.


Wow I forgot, breaking news !. Pete 'Guru' Morgan has shaved off his Moustache !

Friday, 17 July 2009

More new video!

What happens when you leave your video camera lying around...?

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I watched a decent game of football last night along with another 2000 people. I thought the team played really well against a championship side and deserved at least the draw that they got.
Today the 'weekly' warm down/swimathon took place at Odicombe beach. Most of the team jogged from the ground whilst Bev's, Gareth ( who is helping us out in the absence of a physio ) and myself took the car down with the towels and the kayak's.
Gareth generously brought his kayak's from home and, taking the opportunity to have a quick go before the rest of the team arrived on foot, Bev's and Gareth were soon in the water.
The 'bevonator' was already weary of the water after hearing tales of a thresher shark sighting close by - the lads on beach patrol did nothing to ease his worries, telling him it was fifteen feet in length and had jumped out of the water 'Jaws style'. I think a thresher shark would be more scared of a 6ft6in tattooed, ginger ninger on a kayak than Bev's would be of it.

Already worried about the shadows in the water and the seaweed swirling about and now with shark tales in his head, he set off gingerly ( no pun intended ) with Gareth close by. The first couple of runs went ok, twenty metres or so out and then back in to shore. Then disaster - but not for me and Gareth, it was easily the funniest thing we had seen in ages - on a return run the big man overcooked it and started to wobble, and before we could shout "shark" he was in. That wasn't the best bit though, while he was struggling Gareth shouted "Quick Bev's I just saw an eye" .

Well that was it, we were now witnessing a human thresher shark. Calling for Gareth in vain, Bev's was desperately trying to get out of the water ( even he can't walk on water though ). He eventually got on his Kayak but then fell off the other side in panic. I was actually in pain watching it from the beach it was that funny. After the nightmare was over he recovered enough to have another go but the damage was done, deep water and Bev's don't mix.
I have to say though that Scotty beavon is a top, top lad, in fact one of the best lad's I have met in football. Just don't mention water.
The rest of the lad's then arrived - luckily for Bev's !- and normal serice was resumed. Broughy, Manse, Kev and Tim swam to Babbacombe, whilst we ( I took over from Bev's while he had a hot chocolate ! ) kayaked for another 30 minutes or so to give the lads a bit of support and then shivered for twenty minutes after we had stopped, swimming and then rowing out to sea can be a bit nippy!. Well done to Muzzi and the 'Bunionator' for swimming, Mark Ellis took today's medal for 'biggest wuss'. I think the big fella is bringing his bucket and spade next time judging by his love of paddling !.'s been a long one I know! well done to my son, Cameron, in tonight's school play. He played the part of Ferdinand in the Tempest. It was a great show and I might get some tips off him for my blog video's!!!.


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New video!

Free time and flatpack

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sad times

So sad to hear the familiar sound of a soldiers bugle playing 'The Last Post' and the familiar sight of a funeral procession in Wooton Basset. Five men lost last week, two the week before and now, this week, eight young men who have returned home, but not to their loved ones and not with their lives. Extremely sad times for the families here and the lads still out there fighting.

On the same news programme, and a million miles away from the woes of war, I saw Carlos Tezez joining Man City, not only was he signing for the bitter rivals of his 'beloved' United but he was also wearing a tea cosy on his head ! a double whammy of bad taste -I'm sure though that many people reading this will be saying, rightly or wrongly, "So what, good player, rich man". And judging by the greeting he got from the City fans they can't remember who he last played for anyway !.

And finally ....................... Great to see Ted and Marilyn Newton and their family win 8 million pounds on the lottery, I'm just so, so pleased for them, aren't you !.


Monday, 13 July 2009

Leap of faith

Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say "It's just not working" , hence the colour change back to yellow and blue!. White and blue has been a pretty lucky colour for me in the last few months, but then again so has the yellow and blue of the blog. No more colour changes for the foreseeable future - I may have a few baubles at Christmas though!.

Today was another tough pre-season slog - running day's are always as popular as root canal work. I felt great for the first run but unfortunately my calf didn't - looks like a week or two out for yours truly. Joking aside I am a bit gutted, no player likes to miss training, never mind games, and I am no exception. Our job is all about fitness, if any part of the body is not quite right a sort of bad mood descends over you until you are fully fit again. As long as for me it's before August 8th I'll be happy!.

While Toddy and myself were waiting for Wayne and Ricey ( they were either both easing off from severe riga mortis in the shower or had been temporarily blinded by Tyronne's new boots - bright yellow! ) we decided to have a quick flutter - the races were on at Newton Abbott so it seemed rude not to.
After a quick plan ( share any winnings ) we chose two horses and then sat back safe in the knowledge that we had made good intelligent, informed decisions on our respective 'nags'. To cut a long story short mine came out with a strapping on his calf ( incredible as so did I ) and ended up looking like it had a stitch - came in 5th!. Toddy's faired better with an impressive 3rd but as my old mucker had refused to do it each way it might as well have come 33rd!. Who said betting was a mugs game ?.

I will just quickly tell you about an Austalian motorcross rider, Robbie Maddison. He featured on a TV programme tonight and made history whilst on it. After jumping such distances as the length of an American football field ( massive ) and the height of The Arc de Triomph ( huge ! a replica copy in Vegas ), he was now attempting to jump across Tower bridge in London
A few practice runs to the top of the ramp ( only a 90ft run up ) and he was on his way. Not content with a normal jump he did a 'Superman' the first time ( you let go of your bike and hold on to the back mud guard ). And yes, he did it twice, on the second run he did a '360', a complete rotation whilst jumping.
His job is not without a 'tad' of risk though. He has broken his neck, both wrists and numerous ribs, broken both legs ( pins in both ), punctured his lungs, dislocated both shoulders, shattered his collar bone, smashed his teeth and has nearly died twice!!!.
I may well revise my plan to take up motorcross again once my boots are hung up - in saying that I could just jump over a car and build from there!.

P.S On the player front, welcome to Ben Joyce who has just signed for a year. Congrats to Elliott for being normal for a week and to Rowey for cycling a hundred miles in a week.


Saturday, 11 July 2009


Saturday off, did some D.I.Y bodging, met Kev, Jenny and Jessica for a coffee and a bit of mountain climbing, spotted Bevs who had just bought a wet suit to go kayaking ( but the kayak shop was shut! ) got wet, did some more D.I.Y bodging, talked weddings with Jase and Sarah and now just about to have a smidgen of red whilst reading a bit of 'Senor Nice' the sequel to Howard Marks first book, Mr Nice - basically the story of an ex- Oxford graduate, turned international drug smuggler, turned international best selling author, boring stuff eh !.

la noche buena a todos


Friday, 10 July 2009

Iron Man

A decent run, a long swim and a good paddle. No it wasn't an iron man competition, the lad's all reported to work this morning to warm down, Torquay stlye!.
A short run from Plainmoor and then it was a case of 'kit off' and into the drink - unfortunately, due to the presense of women and children at the beach, I couldn't undertake my annual 'skinny dip'. I was very disappointed but there is always next year!.
The whole squad swam for a while - barring Tyrone and Muzzi who had a nice little paddle in shallow water!. While the Duncan Goodhew squad of Sills, Brough, Mansell and Nicholson tried to reach a tanker out in the distance some of us swam back to shore - we had spotted some cayaks being dispatched to the beach, kindly lent to us by the boat hiring business.
So now we were out of the water, but, on the water!
It was a good laugh speeding past the Goodhew squad with Rowey and Bev's and then speeding back to shore again, even Muzzi and Ty braved it and had a go ( with armbands in place ).
During the drying off/thawing out stage I saw one the funniest things I have ever seen in football ( or swimming ). Let's just say that one of the lads was secretly hiding an acorn somewhere!!!!!!! ( no names mentioned on this one, it's just too private a matter! ). After we had wiped away the tears it was time for a cup of tea and a bacon 'sanger' at the beach cafe - very reasonable as my old pops would say!. And that was that!.
I returned home to recieve some great news, the flat pack nightmare was finally over - two top lads came to the house and picked up the stuff
and restored my faith in Littlewoods ( well their drivers anyway!).


Thursday, 9 July 2009


Late return tonight, the game at Buckland went very well, the lads put on a good professional display., It was also nice to see so many fans at the game and chat about the new season, Wembley, and of course the blog!!!!! ( special mention to Steve Ridler, hope you enjoyed your hols, U.S.A tour invites welcome! )
Many thanks to everybody who popped into the auction afterwards. Toddy will be delighted, the items on offer did well and he managed to raise 1500 pounds - helped by his assistants, brother James and Hells Bells.
I had a lovely evening, I had a nice bite to eat, didn't break sweat, didn't shout at anybody, and didn't give the ball away. In fact I had a blinder........yes I sat in the stand and enjoyed the view!.


P.S To Becky, one of the loveliest girls I know. I'm sure things are tough at the moment in the Northern Riviera but we all love you lot's, you are a star. Tell Josh and Millie the surf is good! . Can't wait to see you guys.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I hate flat pack furniture, I hate Littlewoods, and I hate the man or woman who designed the wardrobe that has ruined my life for three days.
Exaggeration you may say, to that I say no, I could actually go as far as to say that I would rather eat my own hand than go through the trauma of assembling and 'disassembling' the collection of wood and screws again.
Monday - start main body ( 2hrs ), Tuesday - fix back pieces ( 2hrs ), Wednesday - ( attempt to hang doors, line up doors, patch up doors, abuse help line, disassemble, throw screwdriver into wall, hold nose which has just received a whack from a shelf, throw shelf, re-pack, drive to Tesco for parcel tape ( non in stock- Tesco is also on my hit list!), put two bags of leftover polystyrene in bin, hoover up, swear non stop for 20 minutes, and breath ( 5 hrs ).
Yes it's my fault I know, I got sucked in to looking at a catalogue and it's interest free loot, never again though. It's a case of "I want that one, that colour, that size, delivered in full working order, here is the cash, thank-you and goodbye".

Couldn't train as got sore calf, whacked nose twice, very close to blowing!!. Time for the time bomb to retire I think. Finally though, well done to the lads at the club, they have worked really hard over the last few days. Lot's of hard running as well as the football, the whole squad already look like they are raring to go.


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Second day back ( original title eh ! )

Just returned home and sat down, my body is now rejecting all forms of movement. The combination of some hellish running this morning, some equally hellish flat packing this afternoon ( equation: 500 screws + 100 pieces of wood = brain freeze ! ) plus some coaching tonight has resulted in serious rigor mortis for yours truly.
I cannot face the drawer section awaiting me, I am sluuurrring my words in type form ( spell check is on fire ) and Rob Brydon is on the box, so it's goodbye from him, and it's goodbye from me ( The Two Ronnie's if your wondering ). Or is it the other way round!.


P.S The Rob Brydon programme is great - he is basically just talking about the Welsh for 1 hour. It's just like rooming with Toddy for a night but a much shorter version!.

Monday, 6 July 2009

First Day Back

Yes new colour scheme, yes different, same blogger! and if this new look page doesn't tickle your fancy just blame Guy !.
I am again posting late on tonight as I have only just returned from the club - a night of pictures with the cup, Hargreaves and Sills!. Thanks to all who turned up, hopefully you went away with a good shot and hopefully the club raised a few pounds to put towards Nico's shower gel.
The first days training went well, a classic 'Bleep' test, a few press ups and a smidgen of football. Mansell skipped away like a spring lamb, Toddy was committing to sliding tackles and I was avoiding elbows but was still trying pull every trick in the book in order to win ( sorry Kev ).
It was good to see some of the lads again ( Benyon excluded ). Bev's has now reached a milestone, a years barren spell is now a major worry though!. Mark Ellis is the only man to have returned from holiday whiter than when he went, maybe you can actually ski in Mexico!. Broughy is building up his biceps after a horrid Wimbledon newspaper shot. Danny is still reminiscing about Ibiza and Robbo is now ( post Murray defeat ) denying he is Scottish.

I returned home from training to find myself ushered upstairs ( steady !) where I saw a sight that sends shivers down the spine of most men ( steady again! ). Yes the mother of all flat packs is still in pieces, covering the entire bedroom floor - I only had an hour at home before I shot back to the club and so had just started it. It is like a 1000 piece jigsaw and without doubt I will be left with several important pieces on completion ( around Friday ). Failing that, and if it starts to beat me, it will all be thrown out of said bedroom window !.
Can't wait until tomorrow, more running and more random pieces of wood.


Sunday, 5 July 2009


Uber quick blog tonight. The night before the first day of pre-season feels like it always has, very similar to that of returning back to school after your summer break, horrible. The only bonus being that we don't have double maths as well !!.
I am currently watching 'Thin Ice', the story of James Cracknall and Ben Fogle's attempt to race to the South Pole - the first time anyone has undertaken a race through Antarctica since Scott and Admundsen nearly 100 years ago. Hardcore stuff I know, but I would love to do it!!!. Anything to get away from the washing up eh!!!!.


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Two Blogs

There will be two postings tonight, this being the early one!. The second will be later on, around two hours later on actually. With Cam out on a sleepover and Hatty having just retired the remaining Hargreaves women have decided that we are all watching a 'Chick flick'. I hope the Dairy Milk and Haribos will get me through it, until later.................


..............later !. Film done and I have to say that it wasn't bad at all. I was pretty high after 17 chunks of fruit and nut, the same of dairy milk and double of haribos, but the flick was good.

It's been a big sporting weekend, even before the men's Wimbledon final to come tomorrow. Good to see the Lions win their first test win in eight years, a brutal encounter that definitely restored a bit of pride. The Williams sisters domination of tennis continues, I think Serena will match Venus' Five Wimbledon wins before long and finally, the Tour De France kicked off today, unbelievably Lance Armstrong made his return after four years away.

Back on the home front and after a short BBQ break I have to say thanks to the Sills clan who cooked up a great meat fest today. A few of us got together to catch up after our summer breaks. Manse has been running and painting more walls, Toddy has been running and buying more watches, Sillsy has been recuperating and replaying his goal ( I am in that category ! ) and Kev has been running, 'press uping', 'coreing' and not eating.
See you all on Monday lads, just bring your trainers !!!!!.


Friday, 3 July 2009

Super Tent ?

So the camping trip ended a little bit abruptly, the rain was relentless on the third day and with the surf also out of action we decided to go off day tripping before heading home.
Back to camp life first and with us deciding ( wrongly ) to book a 'Super tent' for the week we were all pretty excited to get in it and see what it was all about - we left our own tent and 'stuff' at home thinking it would be too much hassle to erect, instead going for a pre - erected tent with all the trimmings ( supposedly ! ).

I wouldn't want to go over the top with my first impressions of the 'Super Tent', so lets just settle for 'pants' !. The contents ( battered and bruised ) and the furnishings ( made out of MC Hammers trousers )of the tent didn't really go with the 'fully equipped' tag but we ignored these small problems and, early on the first morning, shot to the beach.
The children surfed there little hearts out whilst the 'wife' and I built boats, trenches, holes, and castles in the sand for 'H'. We actually left the beach at 10 o'clock on two nights, having a BBQ late on, and then building the obligatory fire complete with toasted marshmallows ( and toasted mars bars! ).
It was real Spanish donkey stuff on each leg to and from the beach though, I actually cramped up on one journey due to the incline involved and the two surfboards, one bodyboard and three wet wetsuits strapped to me!
I can honestly say though that we all loved it, the times late on when our little family were the only ones on the whole beach felt brilliant. It was like we had our own two mile stretch of private beach!!
Back to the tent and we beat the noise, we beat the toilet and shower blocks, we even beat the sleep deprivation but we just could not beat the English weather - the 'Super Tent' dealt with the downpours but the campsite was rapidly becoming 'Glastonburyesque'.
All told a great break even though the tent was as much like a 'Super tent' as a 1989 Mini Metro is of being a 'Super Car' and I should know because I took my test in one!!.
On to the away day and, without rambling on too much, we visited St Michael's Mount ( impressive - still lived in, involved heavily in the battle with the Spanish Armada and serves a great ploughman's lunch ! ) and then Lands End ( not impressive - still the last point in England, involved heavily with a shopping village and closes at 5p.m ! )

Away from National trust life, surf and BBQs and the two big shocks today are Andy Murray losing at Wimbledon and Michael Owen signing for Man Utd.
I feel sorry for Andy Murray, he either didn't get firing on all cylinders today or, more likely, he faced an opponent in Andy Roddick who played out of his skin. Like any sportsman or woman, however bad the fans are feeling I am sure no one feels as bad as he does tonight.
Unlike Michael Owen who has hit the jackpot!!!!!!!!!.


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rained off !

Back a day early from the camping expedition due to torrential rain, BBQ overkill, shower block syndrome, and sleep deprivation. I will give you a full rundown of events tomorrow as well as some interesting, if a bit boring, facts!. For now though, in no particular order, it's a case of hot bath, fluffy pillows, TV control, several goblets of red and a minimum 48 hour red meat ban!.