Monday, 31 January 2011


Absolute madness, I'm not playing anymore, nor am I a manager at the moment, but if I had a pound for every agent or manager that has phoned me today asking about players, I would just about be able to buy a ticket to watch Chelsea. Whilst on the subject of Chelsea, oh Fernando!. There has been more ducking and diving today, surrounding on/off transfers, than I can ever remember on deadline day. I think some will run to 10.59 p.m, but I do expect to see Carrol and Adam at Liverpool, and Torres at Chelsea. Apart from those three there will be a lot more phone calls made and received in the next that the phone!!!!!!


Sunday, 30 January 2011


Another crazy weekend of F.A cup action. I was absolutely gutted to see Torquay lose out on a place in the fifth round of the cup, especially to Crawley, and especially now, considering how good the fifth round draw was. The club has really deserved it's place in the fifth round over the last couple of seasons, but as we all know so well you sometimes don't get what you deserve in this game. It was interesting to see Chris Coleman's reaction to the game and some of the antics involved though, I think I know what he wanted to say but it couldn't be aired!
Well done Bevs for getting your massive frame down there for those two pens, although being kissed by Branno is a very harsh punishment. As much as the club will be gutted, the boys just have to forget it now and crack on towards the play-offs. It could be worse, you could be in the real world!!!!!!

Today we have been on a very special visit. All I can say is that is was classified and it was impressive! Thanks again to Joycie and Mick, top blokes doing a top job. The kids are still talking about it.

P.S Karate kid on Box office last night, a table full of sweets, chocolate, and wine, boy do we know how to party! All babysitters welcome.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I know the modern man has reached new heights in domesticity, and I am one of them, but the sight I witnessed with my children a couple of days ago was definitely at the top end of a mans husbandry duties. I know a lot of men who have very little to do with household jobs, and I know just as many, or more, who like me dig in and crack on with all that is chore related - sometimes this may be to appease 'her indoors', sometimes it's because the old OCD has kicked in, but mostly it's because it's fair.
The sight I witnessed however just looked very unusual, I saw two men power running/pushing two high tech three wheel buggies (containing babies of course), complete with full high visibility lycra running gear.
Don't get me wrong, at times I have whipped all three of my little babies around the block (several times) to get them off to sleep, so that mum can take a breather for a while. The difference being that I had a pair of jeans on and my best mate wasn't next to me. I'm not saying it's wrong, and I don't want to judge because I don't know the circumstances, but seeing two guys decked out in base layers, pushing pushchairs, and moving along at marathon pace was a first for me.
Get your coats kids, I'm getting the four seat bike out!

P.S I have to comment on the scenes I have just seen on News at Ten. A young couple stoned to death for eloping, the woman survived and was then shot. Absolutely mental, absolutely, completely mental. For once I am at a loss for words.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Battered, knackered, shattered, and haggered, it is with regret that I head straight for the beer fridge tonight.

Much love


P.S Apologies about the lack of any replies, as I don't know how to comment myself yet! but yes, life is good after football, retiring was very, very tough but it had to happen in the end, and no gutted couldn't get to the Torquay v Oxford game, missed a good one there.

Monday, 24 January 2011

SkyGate and Adamgate

I have to talk about the 'Skysportsgate' scandal, and the news that Andy Gray and Richard Keys have basically been suspended until further notice. I have been listening to most of the debates surrounding the subject today (I have spent a lot of time in the car!) and there have been some really interesting comments. The main train of thought is that in modern society there is no room for that type of sexism. The fact that it goes on in most pubs, and football clubs, maybe true, but in the position that Gray and Keys are in (and are very lucky, and very well paid to be in),and with the experience of broadcasting they have, harping on about the fact that a woman could be a linesman was a bit stupid - adding Karen Brady's name into the mix just added fuel to an already raging fire.
Maybe they are 'dinosaurs' as one phone in described, and maybe they do come from a different generation, and maybe they are just like any other blokes having a chat. Darren Gough eluded to this on talk sport this afternoon, and as much as he is also an opinionated northerner, he did have a point. He compared the lineswoman bashing to a show like Loose Women - where there is a fair amount of man bashing going on - the difference being that Loose Women is done as a bit of laugh, whereas Andy Gray and Richard Keys had no humour in their tone at all when talking about the lady in question. It would have still been wrong, but the fact that it was said in the way that is was, showed a real old school attitude. Maybe they have had their turn, maybe it is time for them to stand down, and maybe they have fallen on their own swords, because I know one thing for sure, they have had one hell of a run on a very cushy number, they have earned a hell of a lot of money, and they have been allowed to have a very opinionated voice for a long, long time.
I'm not a betting man but I would be very surprised to see an organisation and brand such as SKY glossing over this this space.

Onto Charlie Adam now, and no, not in any other year would he be good enough to play for Liverpool. He is of course a decent player, but 7 million, no, nor 6, or even 5. He is 'probably' worth about 4 million in today's over inflated game, but for a player that was run down by Sunderland's midfield on Saturday as if he wasn't even there, maybe everybody is getting a little bit too carried away.
I hope he does get the move because he deserves a chance to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, and I hope he goes there and runs the show, but I am very undecided about his price tag, about Liverpool's desperation to get him, and Blackpool's resolve to keep a player that they rely so heavily this space!


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mr and Mrs Bevan?

It was with great pleasure that I joined 'Bevs' and Kim, and a few close friends (basically the whole T.U.F.C staff and players!) to celebrate their engagement last night. I didn't realise engagement parties still went on, but to be fair it is still such a shock to everyone that the 'Bevanator' has managed to tie down (trap) a girl, let alone the lovely Kim. She does understands his bizarre behaviour though, she likes boxing and protein drinks, and she also likes a challenge, so I think that they will be fine - enjoy the champers and protein bars you guys!
It was good to see the old crew last night, in fact it was just like the old days, the only difference being there was a lot more bling on show, and I don't mean Elliots diamond encrusted nipple ring, or Mark Ellis playboy keyring. I had a good laugh with the heirachy, and the lads were all on top form, Dingle was actually talkative, Danny was running 'tings' at the bar, and Robbo has finally moved into a flat with his girlfriend, after thinking about the cost of living there for about three years. Damo came on his bike, Kenny came ready for a wedding, and 'Branno' and his brother 'Milse' were inseparable. Manse, Kev, and Wroey brought some good old school banter to the table, and the rest of the boys were last seen fueling up ready for action.
Top night and top lads, and no, I didn't leave my wig in the car lads, it has actually all gone, although I did keep a lock of the old mane in case any of you get withdrawal symptoms.

Love to all


Friday, 21 January 2011


Tell your friend, facebook your mate, fax your bro, text your buddy, call your pal, skype your mucker, and email your sister, the blog has gone live!. You can comment to your hearts content about any football related matters, any family of friendship issues, or just how you are feeling. Enjoy.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I am reeling at the moment, and believe it or not it is down to a smell. As I was putting in another night time story shift my wife walked in with a pot of something for Hattie. I thought nothing of it at first as she handed me the small blue tub, but once I had opened it all the memories came flooding back. It was a pot of Vics Vapour rub, and together with Deep Heat these two smells are the first and last things to hit you in a changing room. Just a quick blast of the blue stuff saw me falling into a slumber of melancholy, my wife had to give me the old 'and your back in the room' reminder otherwise it could have been very messy......

Gotta go, night off and the football is on - or homework as I like to call it.

P.S C and C, we definitely owe you lunch!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


I saw one of the most horrendous sights I have ever seen today, it was shortly after I had taken the children swimming to the local baths - I named it **** soup as we walked in, as there was hardly a space left in the little pool. Partly due to it's heat, depth, and ease of access, it was like an African watering hole in there. For health and safety reasons we headed to deeper waters and the big pool, and duly froze to death.

The sight I saw outside was a car, and a pimped up car at that. I'm not just talking about half the contents of Halfords hanging off the back end, I am talking about a serious modification of suspension, spoiler, and colour. Regardless of having wheels, the car was almost level with the tarmac, and it had the biggest man made spoiler I have ever seen. Either side of the afore mentioned demon spoiler were two hand carved dragons, and below these macabre looking bits of black fiberglass, in big white letters, was scrawled the romantic statement 'LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS'.
Now call me old fashioned, but if any scrote ever has the audacity to turn up at the family house attempting to pick up either of my beautiful girls I will take a large bat to the rear spoiler of this dream machine and carve up a new back end for Doctor death and his car.
I'm no killjoy, but I will be rigging up full CCTV in the games/monitoring room that I am setting up for my children (when they are about twenty one).
I love my babies so much that I cannot imagine them leaving. I wouldn't call myself an emotional person but I just sat and stared at Hatty last night as she was sleeping and I was full of pride and love at my little fireball. This may have been ruined when she officially kicked off in the morning, but 'the' moment had definitely been had.

Commiserations and congratulations to those in the game this weekend.


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Calorie counting?

Harriet's food diary 15/1/11



1 Jam doughnut and 1 large Pepperami
1 glass of water


1 packet of POMME BEARS


Spaghetti Bolognaise
Small tin of beans and pork sausages


Cheese and ham sandwiches and crisps (in her play tent)


Starter - Tortellini with pesto

Main - Chicken korma, rice, and naan bread

Dessert - Finest Madagascan vanilla yogurt with Belgian chocolate chunks (was mine)

All washed down throughout the day with around half a litre of Tropicana tropical juice.


Tomorrow we wait, tomorrow we think, and tomorrow we plan.


Friday, 14 January 2011


A new member of the family has arrived, I picked her up around 3 p.m and she is just getting used to her surroundings. Flopsy Peppa Marley Pip (I know it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue) is currently checking out her new crib and as of tomorrow, when the girls get hold of her, she will be pampered, hugged, and cleaned to high heaven.
The last rabbit we had destroyed the garden, went missing every couple of days, and was impossible to catch, but I have every confidence in this little beauty. She doesn't look high maintenance at all!



P.S Good luck to all teams, fans, and players alike.

P.P.S Jase you might as well hang up the phone, it is a BT policy to break you before you break them. My wife uses this tactic on a weekly basis, a sort of 'I'm in a bad mood for no particular reason' silence that slowly breaks you. This is why so many men turn to drink, and it just so happens I am heading towards the beer fridge now......

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Who gets what

I was going to talk about some of the many events that this country has seen over the last few weeks and months, some things that should never have happened, and some things that only nature could decide. I am choosing not to however, not because I am shying away from subjects that can be very painful and incredibly sensitive, but because turning any news channel on at any certain time will inevitably lead you to more than enough worry and reality.
I therefore aim to give you a bit of a release, a bit of light entertainment - although I could easily run you through a few facts currently being shown on Channel Five's Battle of Britain programme!

"He left school at sixteen with only an ASBO to show for it", I have just heard that comment on the TV and I had to laugh, I know some of these kids get into a bit of trouble, but is it really all their fault? Have they had it tough, have they seen things we haven't, and are they hurting more than us? Probably. I know a few people who I could easily give an ASBO to who are earning decent money, and who are regarded as 'decent' upstanding citizens.
For a start I am awarding my first one to all those who pile past me in the supermarket desperately trying to get home to rip open that 18 pack bag of Quavers (we do eat them by the way, but you get my point). My second award goes to the man in the white van who is determined to get in your boot before you have time to pull over (yes I know your late pal, but my kids are in the back of that car!). The next to get a gong are those who can help, but who clearly won't (I'm talking about the fat cats with the fat wallets, with the fat bellies, and the fat bonuses. You know, the ones who have the Range Rover Sport and the affair on the go at fifty)
My next gong goes to the class snob, who hates modern money, but who loves his inheritance (usually of house, education, and money) and is determined to believe that no one has helped him get a head start in life.
My final gong goes to the man or woman who believes it's always somebody else's fault (if you have a stinker, admit it!, I have had plenty!!!!).
I could have actually done away with listing individual cases and just written out the seven sins, but I'm not hear to preach (well OK I am then). All I'm saying is that the next time you are at the lights and someone looks down at you in their four wheel drive, or the next time the bank manager blankly refuses you help, or even when the next trolley ploughs over you in the supermarket, you have my full permission to shout "ASBO".



Terror Tuesday

Tuesday was a beast of a day, enjoyable but lacking available free minutes, so a lengthy blog will appear later today.


Monday, 10 January 2011


Not a penalty, not a sending off, a great post most interview from King Kenny, and a shocking piece of sportsmanship from Rio Ferdinand. That is my overview of Sundays clash between the old enemy, Man Utd versus Liverpool.
Good player but Berbatov went down like he had been shot, good player but Ferdinand rushed up to the referee wanting Gerrard sent off like a kid in a playground (his England team mate that is), and Kenny Daglish dismissed the size of the job in hand like the legend that he is.

I have seen the first 'snood' worn by a coach today, not a good look at the best of times but on a coach, it's a sad, sad day.
Some more positive news is that my old mate Scotty Bevan has managed to persuade/hold hostage a lovely young lady to get engaged. I knew the ad I placed in 'tattooed and tall men weekly' would work in the end. See you at the 'Do' for protein cocktails, and yes I will be your best man!!.

Finally and unfortunately on a much more sobering note I was extremely sad to hear the news that Richard Butcher, the Maccesfield player, has died. My thoughts go out to his family tonight.


Sunday, 9 January 2011


Well done to my old crew down the road, another appearance in the fourth round of the F.A Cup is a great achievement and hopefully this time the fans will be rewarded for their support by a decent tie. Having been there before a few times it is about time a Premiership club had a visit to Plainmoor...........

As far as the other cup games were concerned you don't have to look much further than Stevenage's game against Newcastle to see how Premiership clubs feel about travelling to lower league opposition.

On the home front things are progressing nicely, I am very close to getting a business off the ground so fingers crossed there, but last night, with the working week a distant memory, the Millers came over for a 'Cook off' special. My wife produced a masterclass of culinary delights, the food was magnificent, and the company was just about bearable - the fact that everyone stayed fully clothed and conscious also showed how much progress has been made, or lost!!
Lastly, and in true Devonian style, I took the children for a lovely sunset walk down by the beach this evening. Well I say walk, it was more like a romp what with Harriet flying off on her bike, Issy whizzing along on her scooter, and Cameron cruising by on his long board.
After the 'text book' ice cream it was back to the ranch where I was duly sent out again to get the tea, fish and chips. They went down a treat but whatever 'Gribbles' are I just do not know. From a true Grimberian I can assure anyone that the bits of batter given away at a fish shop are definitely called 'Scraps'!


Thursday, 6 January 2011


The sea is calm today (don't worry, this won't be a Cantona) after a slight incident involving an opportunist and an open door. I will hunt you down.

Well, as far is football is concerned I took in the Bristol Rovers v Plymouth game the other night and the old cliche 'game of two halves' was as apparent as you will ever see. It never ceases to amaze me how fortunes can turn in football, in or out of your favour, over the course of ninety minutes.
After seeing some of this weeks Premiership games I would imagine that quite a few managers will have their fingers crossed, no matter how good the preparations are, during their teams next ninety minutes. Still, lets not worry ourselves too much, after all most of those managers will never need to work again!!!
On the home front now and we are peeling ourselves off the bed each morning now the school and work run has started again. I'm sure we are not alone in the morning madness though, and like most, it is also a major relief to see the recycling truck arriving outside as I type away, any longer and I would have had to have a small fire on the drive. I still might do that anyway, the children would love it!


Wednesday, 5 January 2011




Monday, 3 January 2011

Birthday Boy and Girl

Many happy returns to my bro, Mark, who is.......well older than me today! Hope you had a great day, the card is in the post!
Many happy returns also go to a Miss Ruby Miller, Harriet's fellow Peppa Pig loving friend. Well done down the slide.

I cannot believe the scoreline of today's encounter between two of my former clubs. Having been involved in both their recent promotions I am obviously keen to see both clubs do well, but seeing the late winner scored by my old mate Jack Midson go in was definitely bitter sweet. Jack is a great lad and I'm pleased he bagged a hat-rick, it's just a major blow it was against T.U.F.C. I can only imagine how that home changing room felt after the game - not to mention the fans in the stands!

Tomorrow sees the cycle start again, work, football, laptop, school, food, bed, and red.


Sunday, 2 January 2011