Friday, 26 November 2010

Bearing up

Christmas shopping, school projects, and cooking dinner, it's enough for man to take, I am heading for the beer fridge and will join you again tomorrow.


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Burst Bubble

Before anything else, I have to talk about Tuesday nights football fixtures. I completely forgot to do it yesterday, but there were so many good performance and fight backs that they definitely warrant a mention
Torquay battering Wycombe for 90 minutes, Plymouth coming back from a goal down to win a vital game, Exeter coming back from the dead to level at 3-3, Northampton coming back from 2-0 down to draw, and Oxford coming back from 1-0 down to win away. Unbelievable stuff.
I can really see my old mates at T.U.F.C kicking on now and getting promoted, I know it's a bit of a statement, but why not, why shouldn't they be the team to do it. I'm delighted for Wroey to be back in the goals again after what must have been a very strange month for him!
Of my other previous clubs I'm not sure, I think Plymouth have a lot to deal with off the field at the moment, but as the play-offs are pretty much always reachable with a good string of results, you never know. At Northampton, 'Sammo' must be feeling the heat a little bit, hovering just above the bottom two, and for Oxford I still think they have the capacity to kick on and go up again.
When you step out of the football bubble for a while, as I have, you can take a much more philosophical viewpoint on the game, on results, and on league positions. Admittedly there is zero pressure, and that may the the reason why the rest of it now seems like a circus to me, but one thing is for sure though, I will back in the bubble at some point!


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Star quality

It's not often that I would write about a bit of good quality radio chat, but yesterday afternoons offering was an exception. Richard Bacon's interview with Bette Midler was brilliant - for our younger readers, Bette is a very famous singer and actress - she went on to talk about her rise to fame and her disbelief at today's microwave stars 'done in no time but soon burnt to a crisp', that's my analogy so I hope you like it!
An appearance on the Johnny Carson show catapulted her into the public eye, incredibly she was also the last person to perform on that very show - for our younger readers Johnny Carson was, at his height, one of the most famous faces in America, interviewing hundreds of A-list stars - Mrs Midler was generally amazed at the world of celebrity now and how reality shows have shaped the stars of today.
Today's 'stars' don't really have careers any more, they just burn brightly for a while, burn out, and are then forgotten. I wonder how many faces we will remember from this years X-factor, come to think of it how many can you remember from last year?
It was just a nice piece of old school wisdom and I thought I would share it with you!

I feel I have to talk about 'I'm a celebrity, get me a mini frozen Yorkshire pudding with beef, cos aaaarrrreee Mums go to Iceland' because it is just absolutely horrific. In no particular order, the jail thing is an utter joke, Gillian is on the wrong show and if we are supposed to take nutritional advice from someone like her then we really are all doomed, I still have no idea who Aggro is, and Limpit truly is a total weasel. Well done Nigel for walking and Shaun to win.


Sunday, 21 November 2010


I met up with a few old team mates yesterday. With Brentford playing away at Plymouth it was good to see a few of my old muckers - well all two them who remain at the club, Kayleigh Osborne and Kevin O'Connor.
As much as it was a bad result for Argyle I was really pleased for Kev who is currently the Bees longest serving player and their captain. Although they have been struggling a bit recently, the South West has been a happy hunting ground for Brentford, with them having beaten Exeter 4-1 a few weeks ago. I was also at that game and Andy Scott now wants me to go to all Brentfords games!- sorry 'Scotty' no can do mate, but all the best to him and the boys. It is a great club and the one season I was there was incredible. Tipped for relegation, we narrowly missed on automatic promotion to the Championship, and eventually lost to Sheff Wednesday in the play-offs. A trip to Abu Dhabi, a double hernia, a bad case of septicemia, thirteen yellow cards, and a Tag watch are just some of the memories from that season, and that's without mentioning having Martin Allen as your manager!
As much as Plymouth's turbulent season continues, my ex employers T.U.F.C are still right in the mix, and up the road at Exeter the play-offs could be back in sight after a great win at Huddersfield. I can't run through all of my old teams results because I need to get the roast chicken on, but walking down the tunnel to see some of the lads yesterday did me no favours at all in trying to dampen the desire to put the boots back on. Stop it, just stop it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Friday, 19 November 2010


The Hargreaves clan were very proud last night as CH junior picked up an award at Exeter Cathedral. It wasn't for him tidying his bedroom well, or even going to bed at the right time, it was for being a good lad at school and doing well in sport. Along with his fellow award winners he was pleased as punch to be given a certificate for excellence, it didn't last long though, we arrived home at 10 p.m and he still had his maths homework to do, Chin up!

I really hope that a few people managed to catch one of the best things on TV this week, and I don't mean 'Celebrity muppets sponsored by frozen prawns'. 'When playboys ruled the world' showed an insight into the lives of James Hunt and Barry Sheene, two racing icons of the seventies. It's funny really because over the years when people have asked me who my hero was, I always gave the same answer, and it wasn't a footballer. I would always say Barry Sheene and my dad. I wanted to race bikes when I was younger as my dad had, but falling off a few times quite badly pushed my dad into giving me a football.
I still loved bikes though and anyone who knows about bikes will have heard of Barry Sheene. Together with James Hunt they were the first celebrities of their day, both winning the World championships in their respective sports in 1976, and along with George Best they would change the image of a sportsman forever.
Barry Sheene and James Hunt got up to more back then than all of todays stars put together, but they admitted it and they celebrated it. Without a posse of advisers in tow they had a fag on the start line, they swigged champagne after a race and they partied like there was only a week to live, and in those days that was often the case. In the bike world alone it would not be uncommon to lose thirty riders in a season such was the danger at the circuits,but these lads just got on with it.
It was an incredible documentary of an incredible time in British Sport.Please try to watch it on iplayer, imac, big mac, or whatever other source you can find, because it is well and truly worth it.

Tomorrow I am going to watch two of my old teams play, in Plymouth and Brentford, so listen out for Sparksy and Greavsie arguing on the radio, and on Monday I shall be snuggling up to Nat on the sofa,looking at the goals from the weekend, and hopefully talking through a few West Country wins.
Other than that, in true seventies style, it will be a weekend of beer, fags, women, and BRUT, just don't tell my wife!


Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Just got home with the boy and watched the England game. As it was late, and Cam has school in the morning, we watched it on fast forward. Basically the team in blue had lots of possession whilst the team in white didn't. All in all it was very, very average. It looked like an average team of average players, with an average manager on above average wages. We have to get our players to love playing for their country again because as it stands it all looks too much. Too much grief and aggravation, from the press and from the fans, but until they see something they like it will not change. Off the pitch and congrats to mini CH for his sporting achievements this week, well done son.

Sweet Dreams

Big CH

Monday, 15 November 2010

Frozen prawn stuffed with garlic sauce anyone?

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, what a load of ****. I don't know who Gillian McKeith's agent is, but I'm sure that between them they got the wrong show. She is scared of heights, spiders, snakes, in fact she doesn't even like air. Although I am usually critical of the voting public (Wagner, need I say more) I must say a massive well done to the British public for voting her to do the trials.
I will be watching of course though, and why? because the entire 700 odd other channels available are also ****. To make matters worse I have to endure Iceland adverts every five minutes. I don't want a prawn stuffed with garlic sauce, and I certainly don't want it deep fried and then frozen. Come on, the rants are back!

Shaun Ryder, Nigel Havers, or Stacey to win!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Fright night

What a waste of money. With all the hype surrounding the Haye v Harrison fight I actually got sucked in and purchased it, so while my wife showed her normal Saturday night party instincts and trotted off to bed, I tuned in to see one boxer throw a few punches and the other boxer throw none. It was, in truth, a massive let down. In fact not one punch was thrown by either fighter at all during the first round, surely a suspect betting scandal to be investigated there! Audley Harrison must be feeling low today, admittedly he was trying to be cautious in the first few rounds, but to lose having not even had a go is poor.

In other news, I am low, lower than a skunks belly, lower than Josh Low, lower than Rob Lowe, and lower than the lad who came through the door without even opening it. Only remembering those poor young lads who died on freezing battlefields, miles away from their families, and those who perish today, is pulling me out of my self pitying slumber.

Love and Peace to all


Friday, 12 November 2010


Excuse my language, but, hell, fire, and damnation, I cannot believe I have failed to blog for four days. So much to talk about and so little time to do it.
I was going to blog yesterday but with it being Armistice day I knew that everyone would groan at my obsession with the war, and insistence that everybody know the full facts again. Therefore I kept silent, and then kept silent again, alone by the laptop at 11 a.m. with my own thoughts for company.
Well this week we have had a pretty boring Manchester derby, a pretty exciting West Country derby, and another great post match interview with Ian Holloway, and I have had a few mid season offers to put the shin pads and boots back on, but at the moment that one is on the back ring, on the back burner, by the back door.
Off the field of play now, and the circle of trust is still in place, the children are still on course, and my wife is still ruling with an iron fist. I am heading for my first Christmas off in over twenty years and my varied plan for the future is as varied as ever.

P.S If your not already, get on the 'Trip'. Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan. Brilliant.

Hebben een leuke weekend


Monday, 8 November 2010


I blew the dust off the old boots tonight and turned out for a Torquay XI against a (very fit!) police XI - the changing rooms were very safe, but there was a speed camera on the way into the football club. I'm joking of course, I have to say that the boys in blue were an absolute pleasure to play against and a return fixture may even be on the cards after tonights match.
As well as showing signs of Riga Mortis, I also gave the opposition a huge boost (on purpose of course) by giving their keeper a chance to save my penalty. Although it was a world class save I admit that I may be a bit rusty. Having not played for five or so weeks (the last game was also a charity game, but I did manage to score a penalty in that one!) I was a tad stiff, but our lads were magnificent, especially 'Deano' whose own penalty miss was even worse than mine, thanks for that mate. We eventually won the game, and I was given the chance to lift my second major trophy for the club.
It was great to chat with some of the TUFC fans after the game, and to see some of the old gang there as well. Finally, and most importantly, the night raised a few hundred pounds for a brilliant cause, Rowancroft Hospice. Without doubt an unbelievable job done by unbelievable people.

Get the ice.



Friday, 5 November 2010

Ill behaviour

Man down, Tarzan down. Many apologies about my recent blog inactivity, I have been 'bugged'. Obviously I have managed to do 'Doubtfire' duties such as the school run and polishing the brasses, but anything else has been a complete no-no. I am now much better though and have in fact mustered the energy to jump on a train today, although the conversation I overheard a couple of students having nearly finished me off again - please don't misinterpret this as me not liking students, I do, and I did live that life a long time ago, you know what I mean, cheap rooms, cheap beer, cheap fags, and not much work - but this little chat was hard to bear
Student 1. "I was like sitting in my bed and it was totally amazing, I think I saw like a star die, it's like a billion to one but I don't know I think it like happened
Me. Oh god get me a gun
Student 2. "Wow that's totally cool, I know what you mean though I love looking at the stars at night, I could see it all the other night, the Milky Way, the Plough, it was amazing"
Me. Jesus, Patrick Moore has turned up.
Student 1. "My brother has like figured out a totally new piece of software, he has basically like blocked out Microsoft and they are so not happy, it's so annoying he is so good with computers, I do love my 'Ap Mac' though"
Me. Spoilt!
Student 2 "I know, hey did you see Paranormal Activity 2 yet?, my friend saw it and afterwards her boyfriend like totally freaked her out by like pulling her out of the bed by her ankles, she is not speaking to him"
Me. If true, good banter by the boyfriend.
Student 1 "Yeah, I just have to see it, it's like two guys in a room with a camcorder and they have like made three hundred million. I am sooooo tired"
Me. Thank the lord it's my stop!
Am I getting old?

P.S Bale for England, oh no maybe not.


Monday, 1 November 2010

Last nights TV

Cringe factor, not X - factor. I could barely look at the TV last night as Jon Bon Jovi warbled on along with the rest of the X-factor mob, it was horrific. Sorry to all you Bon Jovi fans out there, and yes I know he has flogged 125 million albums, but it was a killer. There was also a brilliant bit of tension between JK (who I thought was great, and who sang live!) and Cheryl. Actually, only Simon clapped at his performance, whilst the other three stayed sat down motionless. Maybe someone has hit a raw nerve about singing live on the show!
I then watched some of Jamie's 30 minute recipe 'thingymebob', and again don't get me wrong I don't mind Jamie at all and my wife has every single book of his (and every other chefs I might add) but watching him throw around the olive oil last night was torture. He must have got through a litre just on the starters, in fact I have a sneaky suspicion he bathes in the stuff, and please Jamie, wash your hands my old mucker.
Apart from that Sunday TV was spot on.

Love to all