Sunday, 31 October 2010


Torquay won, Oxford lost, Brentford won, Northampton won, Plymouth lost, Hereford won, Hull drew, Grimsby drew, Everton won, and West Brom play today. That is my football update, well for all the clubs that I have played for anyway!.


Friday, 29 October 2010

Yule tide

With Christmas just around the corner I am waiting with baited breath to see what delights my little beauties will have written down on their lists. For the older two (Who I know still think Santa is real) it will no doubt be something heavy duty like a small car or an Apple Mac, whereas Hattie (Who isn't bothered either way as long as she gets some sweets) would honestly be pleased with anything. My little power pack would be quite quite happy with a six pack of yogurts, as long as they were accompanied by a couple of bags of sweets. Of course we will get her more than that, but my wife is slightly disturbed that all she has asked for so far, after looking through one of the six Argos catalogues on the go, is a dust pan and brush or a hoover! I know it is not something any mother would actively encourage her daughter to get used to doing, but as I have been displaying increasing signs of turning into Mrs Doubtfire recently (OCD problems), she needn't worry about Hattie only seeing a woman do the chores!!
Before 'Chrimbo' however we have Bonfire night, Halloween, and a birthday to look forward to look forward to, so for now the sight of a long(ish)haired Santa knocking on the door for a visit is only a distant worry.


Monday, 25 October 2010

Action plan

Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah! Sometimes talking can be very overrated, tonight is one those nights when action speaks louder than words. Action = red wine, silence, and bed.

Spokoinoi nochi


Sunday, 24 October 2010

See the light

I happened to be at Fulham football club's training ground at the weekend, and apart from bumping in to a very sombre looking Danny Murphy, the car park was a dead give away for a Premiership footballers workplace. It was awash with 21" rims, blacked out windows and a shed load of Porsche, Range Rover, and BMW badges. It must be funny for the lad operating the gate at the training ground, watching hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of motor fly past each day, well maybe not that funny because the realism in football has, I think, just about disappeared.
Unless Wayne Rooney scores thirty goals from now until the end of the season and bangs in another ten for England I honestly do not see his £250,000 wages each week being justified. Ronaldo yes, because he is a one off. He has done it in two countries already, he has learnt another language, he gets people off their seats - and he has just scored four for Real Madrid!
I know a lot players in most of the divisions and I know what they are on. Some are on very good money and some are on peanuts, but for one player to be plying the same trade as another and yet be earning five hundred times more, is surely not right. I'm not bothered whether one plays for Man Utd or one plays for Hereford, and I'm not bothered if one has a Bentley or one has a Fiesta. What I am bothered about is one taking the absolute **** and believing he is above the rest of the football world (as well as his own team),and I'm not even judging him for the off the pitch stuff because if I was, I would be writing all night!
What I am saying is for Christ Sake someone please do something that actually puts football back in a decent light.


Friday, 22 October 2010

Making your mind up

I cannot believe the saga surrounding the Rooney deal. It has been an absolute joke and Ian Holloway had it about right when he gave his summary on Sky Sports News... that is was an absolute joke!

A mate of mine has just returned from a trip to Euro Disney - you know the place, Mickey Mouse, loads of French people, and a heart attack on the wallet. He actually stayed at the hotel we stayed at a few years ago, and I remember how traumatised I was back then at the price of a coke, or in fact a Minnie Mouse outfit (for my daughter, not my wife!!!). Well, my mate went one further (or in fact, two, three, and four further). Like me, he took the family, and like me he spent a fortune, but unlike our trip, which coincided with a scorching French summer, his little break was also freezing, and had gone up in price. In summing up he conceded that it had been a very average family holiday, and all for the princely sum of five big ones! Why do we do it? I am wedging myself in Devon next summer and I'm not setting foot near a check-in-desk, or a shell suit, or a banana boat, or a lilo, or an airport argument, or a set of new locks, or even a bottle of aftersun.

Chocks (not) away


P.S Apologies Ian, I have just remembered about Thursday, life is a bit hectic at the moment!!!!

Thursday, 21 October 2010


The only topic of conversation I have for you this morning (obviously apart from how on earth George Osborne is going to clear our massive national deficit!) is the magnificent hat-trick scored by Gareth Bale last night. Pace, power, skill, and three unbelievable finishes at the San Siro. Wayne who?


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Red to Blue

Surely Wayne Rooney cannot sign for Man City, can he? I know the money will be immense and that City are a club on the up, but to leave one of the biggest, if not the biggest club in the world, is one big, bold decision. I don't know to what extent his relationship with Alex Ferguson has diminished to, but something is obviously not right. On the other hand it didn't do Denis Law any harm or more recently Carlos Tevez to make the move across the city. If the situation at United is as irreversible as everyone is making out for Wayne Rooney, then the inevitable move will happen, and he will go somewhere, but is Wayne Rooney prepared to go to the continent, learn a new language, leave his family and friends, and join a new set of team mates he doesn't know? I don't think so somehow, so get the contract drawn up and be prepared for the **** to hit the fan when he goes from red to blue.
And am I really bothered what happens, no, not in the slightest.
Admittedly it will be a good story if he eventually does go somewhere, but until he scores the winner for England in a World Cup final, he is just another very good, very well paid footballer, with a liking for the odd back street massage! Harsh but fair.
What the hell, while I am in good rant form I will continue randomly and with no bias. Here are my top five rants for the week.
1. Owners of mental rabid dogs who walk them near kids and say "He's OK he doesn't USUALLY bite". Let me be the judge of that as I scoop my child up from it's snarling jaws.
2. The fact that there is more mince in Strictly Come Dancing than in last nights 'Spag Bol'
3. Greedy muppets who insist on barging their way through Tesco to buy the entire bread aisle.
4. Those who sponge, and brown nose. (Old school generalisation I accept!)
5. Ex footballers who rant about anything that annoys them!!!!!!

Other than that life is damn good.

Do not ask the lord, just thank when you receive.

Sweet dreams


Sunday, 17 October 2010


All sorts of goings on this weekend in the world of football. Three of my old clubs were involved in seven goal thrillers. Firstly Torquay, and as much as it must have been an exciting game for the spectator (well definitely for the Bury fans anyway), I'm sure the home changing room at Plainmoor will have been a bit fiery after Saturday's game. Northampton Town were another one of my old teams on the receiving end of a comeback at the weekend, and I think my old mate 'Sammo' will have reached for the 'tea cups' after seeing his side lose.
After famously beating Liverpool in the cup, they now find themselves near the bottom of league 2, as do Hereford, again an old team of mine, although they must have had one hell of a lift after pegging the 'Cobblers' back from 3-0 down, to win 4-3.
We all know this game by now though, it can turn very quickly, sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way, it's just how you handle those bad times that makes the difference.
I don't often harp on about the troubles of football clubs, but I will make an exception for Liverpool. After being by far the most dominant club in England for a couple of decades, they now find themselves in utter turmoil. They have slowly lost the identity that made them the giant of the domestic and European game. Too many bad players, too many managers, and definitely too many owners, has not only seen the club burdened with a huge debt, it has also seen half a dozen teams overtake them in terms of status. I'm sure they will rise again, but at the moment the club is at rock bottom. Bring back the yellow away kit with the subtle red pinstripe (I wore it with pride), bring back King Kenny (to play!), bring back Crown paint as sponsors, and bring the good times back to the original 'Mighty Reds' so that my mate Jase can start enjoying the Merseyside derby game again.
They say 'You'll never walk alone' but they also say don't let Americans buy clubs and don't don't buy midfield players from abroad, for twenty million quid, who can't score, tackle, create, head, or track back.

As far as home life is concerned, all is quiet. I think I may be talking about that side of things a bit too much at the moment, so for now it's lock down.


Thursday, 14 October 2010


Extreme tiredness = eight word blog

Love to all


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wembley nightmare

From Kitchen Nightmare to Wembley nightmare. As mentioned in my last blog I watched the highlights of the England game last night, and I have to say I'm glad it was only highlights. What a bad game. Capello is either struggling to get his message across or he is now struggling to inspire his players. Playing for England is undoubtedly tough but surely we must be winning games like that. I think Capello needs help, and not just with his English, he needs a right hand man. Last night I looked at the bench and sat next to Capello was Ray Clemence.
Don't get me wrong he was a great keeper, but if our national team manager is in need of a second opinion or a bit of guidance in an important game I very much doubt Ray Clemence is the man to do it. I could be wrong, and I'm sure old Raymondo knows more about the international scene than me, but an ex keeper who has never managed (but who has hung on in there, reign after reign) surely cannot give an informed tactical decision on World football.
Obviously Stuart Pearce is usually there, but he has publicly stated that he hasn't the experience for the job, again not a massive help when massive tactical decisions need making. So that leaves Capello, still berating his players, still struggling with the language, and still giving the impression that he could take it or leave it. All for the princely sum of 6 million pounds a year. Whats the answer I hear you say. Short term, sack Capello (he would get another club straight away anyway), give the job to Harry Redknap, use the four million a year you would save on his wages to the coaches in the country who are struggling to do the job they love, and start getting the players to play with a smile on their faces. Long term, cut the pitch sizes in half at youth level, make it easier for good footballers with football brains to get qualified to coach, have a winter break for players to stop any late season burn out (e.g Rooney World Cup), use more players from the championship if they are good enough, and totally reshuffle the board at the F.A.

In other news, I must dash as I think I may have left an old oil painting down the back of my sofa, and I haven't yet checked my lottery ticket from the 113m jackpot draw.


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Kitchen Nightmare

Shall I tell you who is really annoying me at the moment? The answer is Gordon Ramsey. Stop bouncing around and stop giving it the large one would you. Other than that small issue, I am just about to watch the highlights of the England game (a bit late I know but I still don't know the result) More hope and more expectation, so lets see what happens.



Firstly,sorry about the gap in postings. Secondly, apologies about the length of today's blog!

More later


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Breaking News

I cannot believe I forget to share some massive breaking news with you. The time was 12.20, the location was just outside bar in Torquay, and the person responsible for this incredible revelation was non other than Scott 'beavonater' Bevan. As 'Bevs' arrived for Kev Nicholson's surprise 'do', I actually thought I was seeing things, there was a girl in the passenger seat!!.
At first I thought it must have been his sister, or counsellor, or maybe even just a friend, but no, Scotty B really did have a proper girlfriend. After being introduced to the lovely Kim I asked her how he had managed to trap her, she laughed (nervously) and then explained that they had known each other for a while, and that they had chatted for three hours most nights (on facebook of course, with Bevs no doubt harping on about his Achilles for 2hrs 45) until eventually they got together. I have to say that I am delighted for the big fella, not only is she really nice, she also has no problem with him carrying his bottle of anti-bacterial gel around with him, or in fact him talking about protein 24/7. Good luck and god bless.
By the way, it was brilliant to see the lad's, even 'Dingle', at Kev and Jenny's little get together. Hearing about their trials and tribulations in the world of football did remind me of that day to day training and banter. All I know is that an old school pairing of Hargreaves/Woods would still whip any Nicholson and partner combo hands down in head tennis - whilst blindfold and hopping on one leg of course!
See you soon lads.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I'm trying my best to put some words down here, but with the board room being a bit tense at the moment (Apprentice) you will have to give me fifteen or twenty minutes....

Twenty minutes later...... ish! I know it's sad but I am currently watching Peter Andre whilst tucking into some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. It has been one hell of a day, and although I would really love to talk about the troubles at Liverpool F.C and the latest football gossip, I cannot transmit thought to words. My head is far too fuzzy.
I did forget to mention though, while I am on the topic of Andre/Price/Reid, that I did watch the Reid/Watson fight and it was pretty damn good. Yes he lost, but he did get stuck in, and he may wear a dress and make-up at the weekends, but as I have said before 'don't knock it until you've tried it'!


Monday, 4 October 2010


A great last gasp win in the Ryder Cup, a couple of medals already in the bag at the Commonwealth games, and just this minute, a real battle of wills won by Mr Hargreaves (Hattie's bedtime). All in all, not a bad day's work really.
Must say a huge thanks to Mr and Mrs H (senior) who spoilt the children rotten, as usual, this weekend.
Body malfunction = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Sunday, 3 October 2010

BIG 40

HAPPY 40th to Kevin Derek Albert Nicholson. You are a top lad and you look great for 40 mate. Great to see you guys today.

Love Tarzan

P.S Enjoy !!

Friday, 1 October 2010