Thursday, 29 September 2011


Well I have to say I am a bit gutted tonight as I had saved a great blog ready to post tonight, but I didn't save it, so this will have to do!!
Before I talk about dummies, and Champions leaugue games, I will talk numbers, and then I will talk about 'THE' competition.

Please tell your freinds by................... email/phone/text/facebook/MSN/Rac/B&Q/TNT/M&S/Carrier pidgeon that this Blog is amazing (You are allowed to lie) and that it needs more followers to continue - My OCD and vanity levels also need it to be above the awkward number of 93. I can then continue the blog (Unpaid) but with love in my heart!!

OK now to the 'comp', simple really, answer the question, send it to my mate Guy and he will choose three random picked winner's. The prize, for three winner's, is a signed book (not signed if requested!!) and a ball from the Sports Republic empire (I will of course be paying for it!)

QUESTION; What is the nickname of the club I made my debut for?

Answers please to

Deadline two weeks today

OK now for the 'fuzball' and I cannot believe Carlos Tevez refused to come on as sub against Bayern Munich. You sign the massive contract, you pick up the big, big, 'doh ray me', you buy the big house, you take the plaudits, but you can't take being sub, come on Carlos sort it out. And you too 'Gekko' 'Chequo' 'Grekko', you accepted the seventy-five grand a week, now pop the strawberry flavoured dummy back in and pull your socks up....breath.


Deadline 2 weeks today.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hammer down

Hell, fire, and damnation !! I honestly thought I had blogged a couple of days ago, obviously not! So what's going down? Well the rugby is going well, the book is selling well, Plymouth have lost their manager, the folks are down, I have just run six miles with a torn calf, flopsy has a new home, I want a glass of red or a pint of guiness, Hattie made it round the challenge trail at Halden without breaking sweat, I have met some great people this week, I have also spoken to great old friends this week (flashy you are a star) , I have received the best email possible (Jim, nice one) and finally her indoors is enjoying some serious 5 star luxury! (I'm really pleased for her).

Love to all

P.S To all those lucky enough to be playing or managing this weekend, enjoy it and keep the hammer down for as long as you can


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Signing on

11 a.m Torbay bookshop paignton !!!I

Funny isn't it, the Rugby boys go out on the lash and it sort of just fits in, I for one thought it was just a harmless bit of fun and obviously a bit of a reward for a gruelling first game. Now spin it on it's head and imagine the football boys and the reaction that it would bring seeing John Terry and co on a night out after a World Cup match. Result, front and back page news, and massive domestic criticism.
I think there are a few reasons why we have forgiveness for one and not the other. A recent World Cup win helps that is for sure, but the gladiatorial exploits of the rugby lads definitely leans to forgiveness on the public front. Anyhow massive fingers crossed for Sunday's game.
Tomorrow I am in media mode, first thing it's radio 4 for a chat and then I am shooting over to Torbay bookshop for a bit of a signing. Really looking forward to both. My last thought for tonight is a classic even by my standards. As I have discussed before my evening journey or to coaching can sometimes be very challenging but last night was a real belter. At the front of the convoy of drivers I was behind was the obligatory Nissan micra (no offence to micra drivers, it must be coincidence) anyway behind the Nissan was a lorry carrying a tractor, oh yes, then ( and I am not joking here) was a landrover carrying a tractor on a trailer and behind that was......a tractor carrying ? Yes you've guessed it a tractor ! As you can imagine my blood pressure reading was off the scale and my tourettes problem was maxed out!!!!!

Love to all
See you tomorrow (hopefully!)


Monday, 12 September 2011


BOOK SIGNING of 'Where's Your Caravan' 17th SEPTEMBER (This Saturday!!!) at Torbay bookshop Paignton 11 a.m - Hopefully see you there!!!!!!!!!!

Well done David Walliams, nine or ten hours swimming a day is just unbelievable. I find swimming hard at the best of times so 140 miles of it is a horrible thought. In saying that I do fancy a bit of a swim/run/cycle jobbie at some point, and on that front well done to my next door neighbour, and tennis buddy, Dan, for completing a similarly arduous event for charity this weekend.
On the footie front I went to see Plymouth play at the weekend and it was a tough day all round. For everyone concerned at the club I really hope that the financial situation gets resolved soon. I have been at football clubs when the off the field stuff takes over from the job of winning points and in my experience it has always ended in disaster on the pitch.

Away from footie, and changing the shape of the ball, COME ON ENGLAND. I am really enjoying the totally gladiatorial matches that have been played so far in the Rugby World Cup. I am massive fan of the rubgy and I hope that the England boys can pull off what would be an epic achievement by winning the tournament - I also want them to stay in as long as possible as I have ordered in fifty World Cup balls for the shop!!!!

And in other news (I love saying that!)X-Factor has obviously now started so that signals tears by the the wife at every half decent singer seen, and sighs of woe from me and the boy who just refuse to show emotion. And before I go I must just return to form with a few rants of the day;

1.Tissue boxes on the parcel shelves of cars (Especially those driving at thirty in a fifty zone)

2.Rude staff at the Carphone Warehouse who will get a real backlash from yours truly the next time I pop in - my wife was not amused with the service one little bit

3.Lorry drivers who seem determined to smash my wing mirrors off on the Sidmouth road.


5.Dark nights


P.S Big up to Jamie Campbell, nice to hear from you pal and give Andy my best.
P.P.S Big up to Torquay's number one supporters who popped into the shop today - you know who you are!!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Thanks to all who have left comments about the book, much appreciated. I am really delighted that it has already been read as 'a holiday book' and even more delighted that it wasn't thrown in the pool. Incredibly I even had a Grimsby Town fan come into the shop yesterday, he had bought the book that day and just happened to be walking down Sidmouth High street when he noticed my name above the shop. It was stuff of total coincidence and I have to say it was great to meet a fellow Grimberian (Although technically I am a 'Meggie' coming from Cleethorpes and all that).
Thanks to Kev and his wife and 'Up the Mariners'

Like many, I watched England last night and like many I was a bit disappointed with the display. Not an easy watch but being an England fan must be easy compared to being a Plymouth fan at the moment. It is sad to see such a good club in such a mess and hopefully it can all be sorted soon. I haven't been to as many games as I would have liked but I am going to watch the Pilgrims on Saturday in a match where a win is much needed.
I reckon my old muckers at T.U.F.C are going great guns at the moment. As much as I don't want to give Mansell and Nicholson any credit at all, they have been in top form this season and are a massive part of why the club are doing well - In saying that it is obvious I could still beat them both at head tennis mind you, probably with my Jeffery West's on as well!. If 'Woodsy' happens to be down this way some time we may have have a game for old times sake and show those two muppets up a bit !!!

In other news, massive respect to Mr David Walliams for his Thames swim, a hugely tough distance and some really nasty parts of river to contend with along the way...... I must just mention that whilst watching Justin Lee Collins in Vegas a few minutes ago I ran into the room semi-naked and severed a cucumber with a kitchen knife shouting "Hiyashi" as I performed the ritual. The children found it really funny but I think it finished my wife off for the day and she has now gone to bed!!! P.S DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, AT ALL, EVER, PLEASE.
Tomorrow it is more sell, sell, selling, and on Friday I may put on a cabbage suit and run into a pen of Llama's whilst reading my book, or something like that.......

Love to all