Friday, 27 May 2011


Holy smoke Batman!!!!!! I cannot believe I have not managed a blog in the last week! To be fair I have been a little bit preoccupied with finding Asics in a size 6, balancing the books, and ordering stock, but it's no excuse...... must do better!
Well it was great to see the boys at Torquay on Tuesday - I popped down with the SKY camera's to do a sort of preview to the big game at the weekend (There is a full showing pre-match tomorrow so please tune in!!!!!)
I took some abuse from the boys about my attire (as usual) and about my hair (Rick Astley shouts) but on the whole it was a top day (I gave some major abuse back of course). Everyone was in a really positive frame of mind and the team spirit was spot on, I really do think it will be a great day tomorrow, for the players, staff, and of course the fans. Sadly I cannot be there but I will be wearing a T.U.F.C shirt, the flag will be flying at the shop, and my fingers will be crossed that the cup is lifted.
Granddad and Grandma have arrived so we can breath a sigh of relief!!
I have bought a VW transporter so I am now officially a member of the cool gang.
I haven't managed to lift a weight for three weeks
I haven't managed a run for three weeks
My wife is now nearly back to full fitness
Harriet dressed as Sporticus to go to school
Issy dressed as 'Supercook' to go to school
Cameron is creating a IKB sculpture
I have landscaped the garden
The book is complete
and finally

P.S. SOME HOME TRUTHS. I know how it feels to be on the verge of a big game, and I have to say it fills me with sadness not to be with the boys tomorrow. I still find it very hard to admit it's over for me, but it is, and I can only hope that this feeling dies down eventually.
Grasp the opportunity lads, it is yours for the taking.


Sunday, 22 May 2011


Well done lads, by that of course I am talking about T.U.F.C. I will see the boys on Tuesday (You know TV and all that) but unfortunately I will not be at Old Trafford (got a see a man about a dog) but my thoughts will be with the lads and with the fans. I am really chuffed that some of my old mates have reached the final and that their families will be able to enjoy travelling up to Manchester to see them play. I am also delighted for the fans who pay at the turnstiles each week and who can now watch a piece of Torquay history - the lads will obviously win the game!.
On to current affairs now, and after one hell of a week I am delighted to say that CHSR has had a 'belter'of a start. Twenty cricket bats, thirty five pairs of trainers, about a hundred tennis balls, a shed load of rugby balls and footballs, a couple of punchbags, and a whole host of other wares have passed through the door (and till!). Thank-you to all those who have helped out, worked, and of course purchased. Now where to open up next..........................


Thursday, 19 May 2011



Sports Republic is going GREAT guns, MASSIVE good luck to T.U.F.C, and I have just poured myself a LARGE glass of red.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Two days in, fourteen hour days.........welcome to the real world!

P.S Great fun though!!!!!!!

P.P.S I will publish all comments tomorrow (if suitable of course!)

P.P.P.S Love to all


Sunday, 15 May 2011


Chris Hargreaves SPORTS REPUBLIC, Sidmouth, opens tomorrow. Fell free to pop over for a chat.....and if you insist, a purchase!!!!!

P.S 'Official' opening Saturday 21st May.




P.S Loved the day, Bruce was a top guy, the studio was a bit windy, and it was great to see all the boys before the game.
Gotta go now though, the Hargreaves clan have put another serious shift in at the shop, and as they have all just toddled off to bed shattered, I too now have system failure.

P.S Thanks to Avy and Mart as ever

P.P.S THE SHOP IS OPEN TOMORROW, I may well blog (Well a tweet-like blog anyway) from the shop tomorrow.

Friday, 13 May 2011




Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Is it still Wednesday ? Wow I'm losing the odd marble here, I am drifting folks so I will join you tomorrow. I haven't seen the News today, I haven't seen Sky Sports News today, and although I have seen my family today we didn't have time to talk, so my current affairs knowledge, or in fact my family affairs knowledge, is not up to speed, hence no rants/rambles/stories.

P.S Well done to my beautiful girl Issy in her SATS and to the boy for his cricket/athletics/football..... and whatever else he is managing to do at school. I can't miss Hattie out so well done to my little firecracker for constantly making us all laugh.

P.P.S Thank you fi-fi x


Freudian slip

I meant Old Trafford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freudian slip



Ridiculous lack of blogging! Sorry about that.

Firstly massive congrats to my old mates at T.U.F.C, a brilliant season could be capped off with another Wembley appearance, I will be there on Saturday in lets say, a commentary role!.
Secondly it is the school run and I am in a bit of a rush, so this will be short and sweet.
Thirdly, and finally, the main reason for the lack of postings has been long days and late nights preparing the shop, and long days and long nights finishing the book. Both of which are nearly done.

Speak later


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pomp and circumstance?

Killer blow (Well not in the big scheme of things but you know it's still not good) the Sky TV is on the blink (broken). As much as I would love to converse with my good lady wife over a nice glass of red, or play a board game with the children (difficult anyway as the one who loses always throws the board upside down) our life has ground to a halt. I wouldn't say that I am obsessed with the TV, far from it - to be honest by the time I have sat down and the children are all tucked up it is about ( about now in fact!!)- but you know what it's like when you have had a busy day, sometimes it is nice just to turn on the box and watch some 'escapism' TV - In other words I watch whatever my wife Fiona is watching
It is usually Katie Price, L.A Ink (although neither of us has a tattoo!)or any one of the thousand 'cooking' shows on the box.
The only time I ever get chance to watch the TV, and choose the channel I want, is either when a really important footy match is on, and me and the boy 'have' to take control of the remote, or when my wife has retired to bed (again about now). I can then flick through the channels to my hearts content (no comments please, I know what your thinking!). I will watch all the things that Fiona doesn't like (no comments please!), things like Blackadder, Alan Partridge, Fawlty Towers, QI, anything about the war, any old black and white classics, Sky Sports update, the News, all these great programmes have been robbed of me though what with the faulty lead/line/signal/connection, whilst I am still paying the bill (which all in, and for multi room etc, is a joke).
I am therefore cancelling Sky, because they have not only annoyed me for letting me down with no signal, they are also very expensive - and free view has almost everything anyway......................and breaaaaaaaaaattttttthhhhhhhhhh.

I have the memory of a sieve at the moment so apol (I overheard that shortened version of 'apologies' today and so had to use it) to anyone whose call I have missed, but the shop is nearly there, so in the not very distant future I really hope that anybody and everybody will come and see me in sunny Sidmouth - it would also help if you need a new pair of trainers, boots, a bat, a racket, a ball, a top........................................and so on.

And finally, the book is also nearly there. It has been very, very hard to write it, not just with supplying the content, or with the failing memory, but with the fact that I have written it whilst I have been coming to terms with retiring from football, that has been the toughest part. Don't get me wrong, earning money is quite an important factor when finishing a football career, and that part has pushed my wife and I to the edge at times, but that pales into insignificance with not having the match day buzz, the post match relief, and the training routine of the last couple of decades. Onwards and upwards now though and the future for me is Sports Republic and a certain football book called 'Where's Your Caravan'.

P.S I can't even remember if I mentioned 'THE' wedding, and if I didn't I am ashamed, but for the record (again sorry if in fact I have already mentioned it) I that thought Kate looked thoroughly magnificent. She was absolutely radiant, and I am also not ashamed to say that, amongst the inevitable pomp and ceremony that always exists in these mainly aristocrat affairs, it was a great sight to see so many people watch such an unusual event. Unusual in the fact that there aren't many countries that can pull off such a well organised and historic setting for the young royals. And for all those anti-royalists out there, pulling in 2 billion viewers worldwide must mean that someone still rates the fact that for all it's faults (and I know there are many) this country has Kings, Queens,Prince's and Princesses, and some pretty damn impressive weddings to show off. Harry and William have single handedly pulled the monarchy back into the hearts of the British public and for that, as any self respecting 'Hoorah Henry' would say "Here, here"


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Again too tired and again too late, but I have to say commiserations to Plymouth who have suffered the almost inevitable relegation. At the other end of the league below and good luck must go to my old muckers at T.U.F.C, a win and they are in.
Man U roll on, Chelsea close in, but Barca are still the team to beat.
Football report done.

P.S Thanks for lunch Scott, and thanks for the books, the train journey was much easier on the way back.

Over and out



Too late and too tired.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Massive weekend of football, and one still to come. I will discuss all later, along with Bin Laden, the shop, the Turf hotel, and anything else that springs to mind.

P.S I'll ring you today 'Slipmat'.

Love to all