Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Later.....Ballo and BB

Balotelli? Love him or hate him? Well anybody who fills everyone's car up with petrol at the local garage is good enough for me! Yes, he may not be everyone's cup of tea but he is a young lad doing his stuff with what looks like some serious pent up anger in there. For me he can carry on with his bling in the warm up, with his love for spending money, and his penchant for getting sent off, because he is different and you get nowt in this world if you are the same....

So raw philosophy over, now it's time to talk about........BIG BROTHER!!! I know I am so,so,so sorry but in a moment of weakness after training this weak I got involved (Steady it's a family blog!) and watched some of Channel 5's BB. Firstly I reckon it's better than channel 4's effort (No reason and I didn't watch the last C4 BB but it just seems a better show) and secondly it's mental, they are in total meltdown in there, talk about career maker and career wrecker, it really is catering for both.
From the little I have watched here goes.............

Frankie and Romeo seems like decent lads, The Twins are in my book (No I don't mean 'in' the best book of last year, this year, and next year 'Where's Your Caravan' by Chris Hargreaves) and as any self respecting 'Essexite' would agree "A pair of mingers', and I will tell the 'Heff' the next time I'm in the states (to sort him out with his magic pills) that they are BAD news.
Nicola IS a WAG, simple as, Gareth is a six foot seven, tattooed beast, who loves being hugged, Michael has been in some BIG, BIG films and can be excused a little bit, although he is VERY Hollywood, and Denise just wants to have a good laugh. I have no idea because I don't know any of them (Well you know off record I do but I don't like to talk about it!) but for what it's worth I also think Natalie should have won, that Kirk needs a few minutes to have a chat with himself, Andrew is now in a very, very dark room, and the model (poor form but I cant remember her name) was a bit 'flicky'. Have I missed anyone ? Not sure but I have obviously watched far too much of it, so in true Mr H style I will grab the remote of Mrs H and........turn the volume up a little.

P.S Rumour has it that Chris Hargreaves is going to be in the next show....


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Busy Bee



P.P.S SPEAK LATER...........


Friday, 20 January 2012


Me and 'Big Dog' Guy Henderson are going to rip up some tunes tonight (Well I am, as Guy is way,way older than me!!!) Check it out at..... 7 till 9 p.m
and if your on facebook

Guy helped in a big way with the inception of this blog, and although I have recent reason to give him some serious grief, I will let it go for now and join him tonight for a bit of fun.

I as at the Express and Echo sports awards last night mixing it with Steve Cram (Google him if you don't know who I am talking about!) who was the guest of honour, and a whole multitude of sporting talent. It was a fantastic night and congratulations to all those who won awards.. OH DID I NOT MENTION (IN BOLD LETTERS) THAT I PICKED UP AN AWARD (Well it was actually for my team but you know, same thing!!) Anyway less of that, BUT AGAIN (IN BOLD LETTERS) I WILL PUT IT PRIDE OF PLACE ALONG WITH MY BBC SOUTH WEST FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR AWARD, MY 50 METRE SWIMMING BADGE (1980) AND MY ELEMENTARY CANOEIST BADGE (Earned in Grimsby docks with my 1984 Scout Group) Big achievements I know but I refuse to let them go to my head!

Football now and the season is hotting up for all four of the South West clubs, come on my old boys at Torquay, it is their for the taking. Speaking to Mr Mansell and Mr Nicholson I know there is a quite confidence in the squad that this may be another special season. Still cannot get over Kev's performance on Soccer A.M.. unbelievable, he actually dressed like that a heck of a lot when we both lived at Chris Todd's house in Exmouth - The only difference was that he usually greeted me at the door with a rose in his mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I obviously desperately want Plymouth to survive and speaking to Dan Macauley last night, who as Plymouth Argyle Chairman for many years, and who was instrumental in helping start Plymouth's progress to the championship, it is hard to believe what has happened there. More wins needed boys so come on.
For Exeter and Yeovil it looks like it is also about survival, and being a coach at Exeter's academy, and knowing what money does for clubs and their youth development, relegation is not an option so it's definitely a case of play and fight in equal proportion for the rest of the season.
As far as my other clubs are concerned it would take a long while (and you would get bored) to go through them but I know one thing, everything is crossed, and crossed again, for Northampton. I was disappointed not to get that job but I know David Cardoza just wants the best for the club, and so do I, but until I can do something to help, it is just a case of willing them on!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012


TWITTER is on......CHargreaves1


Friday, 13 January 2012


Hello, and apologies, I just cannot seem to get to this bad boy (laptop) at the moment. Anyway here goes.....

London at the weekend, I took the boy to Chelsea v Pompey and the girls rampaged their way through Harrods (And no I have not won the lottery!)
We walked,talked,and ate our way through our country's great capital and I am sending out a direct request for anyone who works in London...... please give me a job!!!!!!!!!!!
Returned to West Brom last night and I have to say a 'Massive Big Up' to Daryl Burgess,a truly great lad he is.
Football wise, let me leave you with this one. I know two footballers who are great friends, both are nice people, both are good players, both are identical in ability and desire, and for a long time both had the same path mapped out. Both had families to provide for and both cared about the job as much as each other. One is now on £200a week, and the other is on £100,000 a week....who said football is a funny old game.

Love to all


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Twitter me up!

I am finally on Twitter (CHargreaves1) and yes, after a lot of debate, facebook will follow....
My tweets, like most, will be very odd!!

Anyway after watching Plymouth v Torquay I was gutted for Plymouth and pleased for Torquay. Very odd to have such feelings I know, but my old club Plymouth desperately need to survive and Torquay are obviously still close to my heart. My overriding feeling though was of worry for Plymouth, points are needed and needed quickly.

Saw baby Leo (Nicholson) today who smiled at me and said "Daddy" - OK he can't speak yet but I know what he was trying to say. Joking aside it was great to meet up with the Mansell and Nicholson crews, good times.


Sunday, 1 January 2012



A massive night was had by a few, that few are still recovering.
2012 WILL be a big year.

P.S Cheers Selfy, the commentary was a great laugh (Torquay v Oxford). The game wasn't great but at least I bumped into messers Mansell and Nicholson, keep going boys and make the most of it!! - and yes the phone is still on the blink !xx

P.P.S Looking forward to the game tomorrow, again I have played for both teams and again I want both teams to do well, I want Torquay to get promoted and I want Plymouth to survive, so the fence is ready for predictions, good luck!

Cheers to all