Friday, 30 December 2011


10 miles with a stitch, dishwasher broken, boiler broken, radio tomorrow, BIG PLANS....

Love to all


Monday, 26 December 2011


Belated Merry Christmas to all !!!!!

Firstly congratulations and commiserations to all those who won and lost today, and to those who drew, a state of mild contentment.

Well yesterday, together with Cam, Issy, and Paulo, and complete with Speedo's (Budgie smugglers) and a strong heart I braved the sea at Exmouth. There was a magnificent turnout on the seafront and I have to say, with true bravado, that it wasn't actually that bad!!
I did however abstain today in favour of watching the madding (or should I say mad) crowd at Sidmouth. They in turn donned Santa Claus outfits, Speedo's, and even Cops and Robbers outfits to brave the elements. It was a great spectacle and although it doesn't beat playing football it certainly gets the blood flowing (Well in some areas more than others!!) to jump into the raging waves.

Christmas dinner itself went without a hitch, it was truly a sight to behold, and after wining and dining for a good seven hours we went for a full ten minute walk to the pub to get a bit of fresh air - it was shut so we quickly marched back and cracked on for another few hours, although exercise did come in the form of some magic dance moves on the old Wii.

A great day was had by all.


Turkey (Three times)
All the trimmings (Goose fat roasts a given)
Ham (Twice)
Pigs in Blankets
Stuffing (No comment)
Cheese board (Twice)
Salmon (Twice)
Nuts (lots of)
Christmas Pud (Way too much flammable Brandy on board)
Banoffee Pie (Homemade and wicked)
Chocolate orange
Proseco (Lots of)
Red wine (Lots of)
Bays (Lots of)
Mahito's (Lots of)
Peroni (Lots of)
G&T (Lots of)

.....breath, let the buttons loose, and relax

P.S Guilt running begins tomorrow with a marathon like distance!!

Hope all is good with everyone, love to all


Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Divine intervention needed, come on big man!


Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Fever

Just been on another football course, got no Christmas presents as yet, I wore a tremendous Christmas jumper on Spotlight tonight, and we have had one hell of a visit from Mr and Mrs H senior from 'Up North' bearing gifts fit for baby Jesus.
Other than that all is quiet at Hargreaves Towers.

As far as the footy is concerned all is hotting up quite nicely in the 'Prem' going into the New year....Man City for the title!!!!
As for my old clubs, some are facing a fight for relegation and some a fight for promotion. I hope that the outcomes for all the clubs are favourable, I can only say that I would rather be in the mix than not !!



Thursday, 15 December 2011

An unbelievable blog!!!!

You won't believe this, it really is a classic Christmas tale.....

So the story starts here, my wife receives an email from somebody who thought it was their Mum - he was a Hargreaves and his Mum was an F.Hargreaves, strange but true. And no, it wasn't a call, or even a text, it was a Christmas email. In fact it was his Christmas list, and what follows will both shock you and make you laugh.

This is the list... MINE ARE THE BITS IN BRACKETS!

Hi Mumsie (Bad start I hear you say!)

A few ideas for Christmas, more to follow (Oh that's nice of you I hear you say!!), I will send an email to Grandpa, and another when he replies (Wow it's an email frenzy!!)

STOCKING LIST (Not just a Christmas list, this boy wants blood)

Protien - Whey protien tub (First and second spelling mistakes from Mr Charisma)

Cufflinks (Shock horror Gordon Gekko)

Collar straighteners (How about teeth straightners!)

Shirts/ties (How about Shir..T and ti..E)

Ipone (it's iphone mate!) running strap, I lost mine :-() (I had to work it out how to do that ridiculous face!)

Cable for my Panasonic camera, or USB SD card reader very cheap (Oh thanks for caring!!)

Shirts (Shirts again eh, bit greedy aren't we!!)

Razor, a whole razor please I lost mine (Wow any danger of you looking after something)

Books on sales and selling (Yes I know alarm bells are ringing)

Books-on how the city works (Yes it works with ***** like you in it)

Pants-Playboy (You have now confirmed all suspicions!)

Socks -any (Oh come on go for Playboy again)

Moisturiser (Playboy or normal?)

Exfoliator (What's that!)

Issey Mayake aftershave - Spray please not bottle (You get what your given ****head)

Body wash (How about soap for your mouth!)

Shampoo (2 in 1? or will the second email include conditioner?)

OK Breath folks, have a cup of tea, and get ready because her is her main list (I know it's a man but you get my drift)...............


Suit trowsers ? (Wow all the money in the world hasn't helped your spelling has it!)

A new overcoat? ('Flasher mac' or Crombie?)

Jacket? (Potato with Tuna Mayo?)

Boots? (I take it that isn't football boots!!!)

Gym Membership for a year? (Oh why not a couple of years!)

So there you have it, that is Master Hargreaves list to 'Mumsie' mistakenly sent to my wife. Incidentally, her reply was a classic, let's just say he hasn't emailed back.
It doesn't take long to form an opinion about this guy does bloke!!
I may well let this email loose on society just to show how bad it looks, because the worrying thing is plonkers like this may well be sat drinking Pimms and lemonade one day and let loose to make some very bad decisions that affect the common man and woman - be afraid, be very afraid!!



Sunday, 11 December 2011


Great result at Torquay, good goal Kev (you still haven't scored as many goals as I did but well done pal!!!xx).
Off the field and a busy weekend it was, what with buying Mahito's, winning games, learning more about the beautiful game, it is always interesting, and still to come we have the final of the X-Factor......Marcus to win!!!!!

Tree looks good, roast tasted good, wine will taste good.
10 mile run last week, going for twelve this week. Heavy weights on Friday, bulking up.

Yes, all very random

God bless one and all


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Big day

So the big day is arriving and all is very normal at Hargreaves Towers. By that I mean lots of stress, lots of stress, and lots of stress, and for good measure a large portion of stress.....happy days!!!!!!


Monday, 5 December 2011


The boy had a landmark birthday on Sunday. Yes CH junior is now a teenager, and what a day it was. Luckily for Cam, and for us!, there are no signs of the teenage angst that comes with the age, no spots, no girlfriend, no mood swings (well only at bedtime!), and no locking himself away in his room. In truth Cameron Hargreaves is a true star and god damn it I love that little man.
So for his birthday treat we opted for something very different. He did get the usual chocolate, football, and money, but we also did.......SEGWAY!!!!
I have to say it was awesome, in true Mall Cop stylie we all gave it the large on two wheels and it was absolutely hilarious. Trekking through the forest we all loved it and if you haven't tried it, DO IT!

Gutted to see my old mates at T.U.F.C go out in the F.A Cup at the weekend, it was a big ask away at Sheff Utd, and at one point it looked like a shock was on the cards, but it wasn't to be.......back to the league!!

All the Georgie


Thursday, 1 December 2011


The tree is up. Yes, after a couple of barren years (Using an artificial tree) we have opted for a lovely Nordic Spruce!! The babies and I (yes they will always be my babies) searched high and low last night for the right shaped tree and once back at the ranch I trimmed this bad boy down and then we wedged it into it's allotted space, and I have to say, even though it is still decoration-less, it was great to walk into the room this morning and actually smell Christmas. Whilst I train in the rain tonight I'm sure that my clan will trim this beast up to within an inch of bursting point. I cannot wait to get home, to put on the Christmas jumper, turn on the Christmas lights, find the Christmas chocolates, open the Christmas wine, and that will be about Ten O'clock then!

P.S Message to Jamie Oliver...your a good lad but for Christ sake stop pouring olive oil over everything. Pasta- olive oil, Risotto - olive oil, salad - olive oil, steak pie- olive oil, Fish and Chips - olive oil, chocolate pudding -olive oil, coco pops- olive oil, beans on toast- olive oil, mince pies - olive oil, your wife......lets not go there!!!!!

Love to almost all