Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday feeling

Well England..F.C let us down again, no surprises there then, 'Arry' is not in as manager yet, and we have a major championships coming up. I like most patriotic Englishmen am feeling a bit deflated with the whole England set up, the players don't look happy, the managers don't look happy, and the fans are not happy. Smile please, you are playing for your country, you are probably on well over 50, 100, 150, or 200 grand and your Ferrari is waiting for you outside Wembley!!

Back in the real world and who thinks that 3 minutes of INTENSE exercise per week is as good as slogging your guts out on treadmills and roads all week long? Watch Horizon (iplayer) and you will find out!! - hands up those of us who can relate to the 3 minutes of intense exercise per week shout, sometimes a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Predictions.......I'm rubbish at it!! send your predictions to me and will will sort it between us!!


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