Tuesday, 13 March 2012


So the Grizzly is done, and yes it was very, very tough. It started with a run on a shingle beach followed by a big hill, and then for the next nineteen miles it was hill, cliff, hill, bog, hill, water, hill, and finish. For me it was three hours and eighteen minutes (Without training I might add at this stage, which on reflection was at best MADNESS) The run definitely takes your mind and body to places that if your not careful can break you, but it was a brilliant day with a whole host of fantastic support all the way round, which I know all the runners were so thankful for. After a hell of a lot of water, gels, jelly babies, and will power it was over.
It was then a case of hugging my beautiful family and heading for the pub! Thank-you so much to everyone who donated, it is massively, massively appreciated.
I am running the Sports Relief mile soon, and it will be with someone very special indeed so if you can spare any money then please donate at the link below - And I do appreciate how times are tight at the moment, I am feeling it with the best of them !!! - but any money donated does make a huge difference to peoples lives.


Love to all


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