Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Ridiculous lack of blogging! Sorry about that.

Firstly massive congrats to my old mates at T.U.F.C, a brilliant season could be capped off with another Wembley appearance, I will be there on Saturday in lets say, a commentary role!.
Secondly it is the school run and I am in a bit of a rush, so this will be short and sweet.
Thirdly, and finally, the main reason for the lack of postings has been long days and late nights preparing the shop, and long days and long nights finishing the book. Both of which are nearly done.

Speak later


1 comment:

Sal said...

I'll be there too... got my ticket this morning!
However, I won't be at Wembley if we get to the final
and neither will you as the final is being played at Old Trafford, I believe !! ;-)