Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Later.....Ballo and BB

Balotelli? Love him or hate him? Well anybody who fills everyone's car up with petrol at the local garage is good enough for me! Yes, he may not be everyone's cup of tea but he is a young lad doing his stuff with what looks like some serious pent up anger in there. For me he can carry on with his bling in the warm up, with his love for spending money, and his penchant for getting sent off, because he is different and you get nowt in this world if you are the same....

So raw philosophy over, now it's time to talk about........BIG BROTHER!!! I know I am so,so,so sorry but in a moment of weakness after training this weak I got involved (Steady it's a family blog!) and watched some of Channel 5's BB. Firstly I reckon it's better than channel 4's effort (No reason and I didn't watch the last C4 BB but it just seems a better show) and secondly it's mental, they are in total meltdown in there, talk about career maker and career wrecker, it really is catering for both.
From the little I have watched here goes.............

Frankie and Romeo seems like decent lads, The Twins are in my book (No I don't mean 'in' the best book of last year, this year, and next year 'Where's Your Caravan' by Chris Hargreaves) and as any self respecting 'Essexite' would agree "A pair of mingers', and I will tell the 'Heff' the next time I'm in the states (to sort him out with his magic pills) that they are BAD news.
Nicola IS a WAG, simple as, Gareth is a six foot seven, tattooed beast, who loves being hugged, Michael has been in some BIG, BIG films and can be excused a little bit, although he is VERY Hollywood, and Denise just wants to have a good laugh. I have no idea because I don't know any of them (Well you know off record I do but I don't like to talk about it!) but for what it's worth I also think Natalie should have won, that Kirk needs a few minutes to have a chat with himself, Andrew is now in a very, very dark room, and the model (poor form but I cant remember her name) was a bit 'flicky'. Have I missed anyone ? Not sure but I have obviously watched far too much of it, so in true Mr H style I will grab the remote of Mrs H and........turn the volume up a little.

P.S Rumour has it that Chris Hargreaves is going to be in the next show....


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