Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nowt as strange as Folk

The family have gone 'Up North' so I am home alone. It will be microwave meals, Top Gear, Grand Design, chocolate, and red wine. I would of course swap all of that 'Man stuff' to have my family around but I am cracking on with the business and the Grandparents are ready for action.
As regards football - the world of - I am still always amazed at how ridiculous some players can be with their 'tweeting' obsessions. Why Joey Barton feels the need to criticise a club that pays him around seventy grand a week is beyond me. Keep you mouth closed and play for the club that pay your wages, end of story. I did have another rant to get off my chest but I have completely forgotten what it was.
As regards work - the world of - the shop is steaming along at a frenzied pace and it has been a weird and wonderful week in Sidmouth as the annual folk festival is currently taking place. Now I'm not going to say I'm a big fan of men dancing around in tight trousers with bells on their legs and wearing funny hats but it's not just about that. There has been some great entertainment on the go and the town is absolutely buzzing......and what about the weather!, come on sunshine keep it up.

P.S A bit low today, missing the old game, it is still very hard to let it go!!!

Love to all


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Spencer Courtis said...

We miss you at Plainmoor on that field as well Chris. Bless ya!