Monday, 29 August 2011


A week, a week has passed and nothing, not a sausage from Mr H (well quite a few actually as the BBQ has taken a battering, but you know what I mean) Well sorry about my absence but let's crack on.
On the home front the Hargreaves clan have been reunited and we have already seen some surf, some van time, and a tad of 'fuzball'- 8-2 by the way, what is that all about !!!
On the domestic front we have seen Big Brother, X- Factor, and a few festival's, and on the World front (odd phrase but I'm going with it) yes, we are still seeing more turmoil.

I would continue but after only a couple of hours sleep in the last 48 hours my left eye is slowly closing.

Love and luck to all


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Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your book. Makes a change reading about lower league players/clubs. That's where the real soul of football lies these days. You should get on twitter, mate. It's right up your street.

p.s. I'm up to 2001/02 in the book.

Jordan, Liverpool/Manchester