Monday, 13 April 2009


Not much chat on the return journey tonight, just a lot of ifs and buts. Again we had a chance, but the title now cannot be ours. We are back on the training ground tomorrow to sort out yesterday's and last Saturday's problems, and also to start to prepare for the next game. Watching from the stands today was very difficult, as was hearing the other results coming in. A day in the life of a fan was not an enjoyable one. But what is done is done now, play-offs it has to be, the thought of lifting a trophy must drive us on. I don't intend to rip my hamstrings apart, play over fifty games, or put my family through hell for nothing. I was left with a difficult decision today, play and risk tearing my hamstring, which would mean end of season, or not play and hope we win. Damian our physio, pretty much said that it would be madness to play, but sat here now, feeling like c*** is not much better!. Another win will seal our play off place, then we will worry about the play-offs.


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