Sunday, 17 April 2011


A great time was had by all last Friday night (Yes I am still playing catch up) as I went along to my mate Mickey Turners Sportsman's dinner, in aid of the Firefighters Trust. Together with Dan, my next door neighbour - Also a firefighter, also a mate, also on the receiving end of many a battering at tennis by yours truly, and also the worst quiz player ever (that's for telling your dad to put 9!) - we popped along to Harkham house and had a good meal,a good laugh, and a good chat to some old school football faces. Steve Perryman and Keith Burkenshaw provided some great stories from years gone by (I started playing when Steve was finishing!!) and together with a bit of an auction (A massive thanks again to you Mike, I think a certain Mr Turner has bid the highest for the black and white shirt!) a fair whack of money was raised for a great cause.

Yesterday it was a day off football and a day on the rides, and today it was a day of coaching with another fifty or so very hot and bothered football people.

Finally, it's a case of an early evening beach, a late supper salad, a late night chat, and an early morning start. Then let the games begin.

Love to all CH


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