Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Apologies about missing a few blogs recently. Yesterday turned in to a bit of a mammoth trip, a 2 p.m leave from Fiona's parents house and a 2 a.m return. The trip in question was to Kidderminster - for the guest slot on Setanta's broadcast of Kidderminster versus Cambridge. It was a good chance to see two of our promotion chasing rivals close up, teams we may end up playing again this season !!.
Cambridge won quite comfortably in the end and I would certainly expect them to make the play - offs. With ourselves having beaten and drawn against Cambridge this season it bodes well for any future meeting.
I know Setanta has been criticised in the past, and although I agree some of the fixture structuring hasn't helped us over the last 18 months, you can't argue that it has not given clubs, managers and players at this level great exposure. It is just very frustrating that on the whole we have not played as well as we can in front of the cameras. What I can tell you is that the people who matter at Setanta really want Torquay to do well.
We have a big game at the weekend against Kettering, unfortunately for me I am suspended. After 40 games it is very difficult as a midfielder to avoid a suspension - even more difficult when referees give shocking decisions!!!!. In their defence though the respect campaign has helped, the meeting of players, management and officials before each game does create a calmer atmosphere !. In fact at half-time, as I was standing in the tunnel at last nights match, waiting to do a bit of punditry the door of the ref's room opened and I was offered a nice cup of tea!. Now that would not have happened 12 months ago !!!.
Back on the road today, it's goodbye's to Parents and parents-in-law's and off to Northampton. There I will drop the family off for a long overdue visit to friends of ours, I will then head back home to Devon.


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