Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Greed or growth

I had to laugh at a picture in the paper today. It was of Sol Campbell and the article was about his one year 30k a week deal with Newcastle. Nothing strange in a picture you may say, but tucked under his arm was not only a copy of the Times but also a copy of the FT (Financial Times). I know what your thinking, under both papers was actually hidden a copy of the Daily Sport and the other two were just for show. Then again, for someone who has already made one hell of a bad decision in the last year, maybe Sol was just looking at the share price of his wife's future company, Barratt homes heiress Fiona Barratt !!. Nothing wrong with a bit of speculating.
On the home front it's a case of 'all tools down', Grandad and Grandma have arrived. We have already enjoyed one of Joans special cakes and now look forward with glee to a week of not entering the kitchen. By the way I'm not sure what anyone else's children are like but the Hargreaves youngsters either have worms, are having massive growth spurts, or are just plain greedy. On Sunday I visited my local well known supermarket, the one where people love reversing for hours on end and talking about their piles in the queue. Anyway I bought the weeks shopping which included 18 packs of Hula Hoops and 24 Kit Kats. By Tuesday they had all gone, is that normal. In fact by Tuesday it had all gone, is that bizarre?.


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