Thursday, 4 December 2008


Happy Birthday Cam Hargreaves, 10 years old today. We got Cam a new bike for his birthday as he had worn his other one out. As well as that he got some clothes, the obligatory computer game, footy boots ( like the lad's wear!) and an under armour. Yes even at 10 all the young football starlets have to have the designer thermals!. Issy got him a chocolate football boot but Harriet got hold of his tube of smarties and started destroying them at 8 a.m. Not a bad day for the boy all in all especially with Christmas to come.
The kid's also received their replies from Santa this morning ( Typed by the Elves! ) so they are excited. Santa may well visit again this year but when he does I ( I mean He !!!!) seems to take on a Welsh accent, must work on that one. Not forgetting the year 'Santa', after 'visiting' was locked out of the house for half an hour with only a pair of shorts on!. Cross wires and too much consumption of wine by my wife to blame for that one.
My Christmas memories as a boy are littered with bizarre events. Losing my brothers bike on Christmas Day was a bit worrying, but having the only customised chopper in the street( A glitter spray job ) on Xmas day wasn't bad. Another time I was fooled into thinking my new remote control car had a lead on so you had to walk it like a dog, it wasn't great ( Mum I bet your laughing now, I know it was payback for me being the Devil child!!). But when the joke was over on Xmas morning ( an hour later !!), and my real car was revealed a Corvette Stingray I blasted it round the neighbourhood for the rest of the day using about 20 batteries and traumatising my Bro who had chosen a Truck and trailer that crept along at about 0.5 mph. Your reversing was awesome though mate!!!.
Great times but I got up to so much mischief back then my Mum and Dad must have gone stir crazy. It was all worth it in the end though especially now some of the restraining orders have been lifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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