Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years Eve

Tonight for millions of people will involve lots of alcohol, maybe some food, most definitely a 'Conga' and without doubt a few half hearted but well intentioned New Years resolutions.
You know the ones, stop smoking, stop gambling, no more chocolate, save more money, stop swearing, work harder, no more dressing up as a woman (men) and even no more New Years resolutions.
I will take on board the last two (I mean one of course!) of these examples.
For me the last fifteen or so New Years Eves' have been spent at home with family or friends bringing in the New Year quietly. The reason being of course Football. Playing on New Years Day is hard enough anyway but hung over is not great!.
Saying that back in the day, whilst playing for Grimsby, I remember going out partying one NY's eve. It started with a few 'social' drinks and ended with me throwing a few shapes in Pier 39 ( Cleethorpes premier nightclub!! ) and throwing a punches outside Pier 39 ( Cleethorpes premier nightclub!! ). Oh and I nearly fell out of a window that night.
You may be thinking how did the game go? The answer is very well. We beat Fulham 4-3 and I happened to smash one into the top corner !!!!.
I wouldn't recommend it though, looking back it seems crazy especially considering how disciplined you have to be now to stay in the game. If you have guidance, discipline and a portion of luck early on in your career it gives you a great chance of success. However if any or all of those traits are absent then it can be trouble. As they say hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I know one thing for sure I am more than happy to be watching 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' with my babes this afternoon, having a nice meal later on and seeing in the New Year at home rather than celebrating it by 'high fiving' someone I don't know in a club listening to 'Come on Eileen'.
Hold on though! no game tomorrow lets party!!!!.

Only Joking Happy New Year to one and all from all at Hargreaves Towers.


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