Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years Eve

Tonight for millions of people will involve lots of alcohol, maybe some food, most definitely a 'Conga' and without doubt a few half hearted but well intentioned New Years resolutions.
You know the ones, stop smoking, stop gambling, no more chocolate, save more money, stop swearing, work harder, no more dressing up as a woman (men) and even no more New Years resolutions.
I will take on board the last two (I mean one of course!) of these examples.
For me the last fifteen or so New Years Eves' have been spent at home with family or friends bringing in the New Year quietly. The reason being of course Football. Playing on New Years Day is hard enough anyway but hung over is not great!.
Saying that back in the day, whilst playing for Grimsby, I remember going out partying one NY's eve. It started with a few 'social' drinks and ended with me throwing a few shapes in Pier 39 ( Cleethorpes premier nightclub!! ) and throwing a punches outside Pier 39 ( Cleethorpes premier nightclub!! ). Oh and I nearly fell out of a window that night.
You may be thinking how did the game go? The answer is very well. We beat Fulham 4-3 and I happened to smash one into the top corner !!!!.
I wouldn't recommend it though, looking back it seems crazy especially considering how disciplined you have to be now to stay in the game. If you have guidance, discipline and a portion of luck early on in your career it gives you a great chance of success. However if any or all of those traits are absent then it can be trouble. As they say hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I know one thing for sure I am more than happy to be watching 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' with my babes this afternoon, having a nice meal later on and seeing in the New Year at home rather than celebrating it by 'high fiving' someone I don't know in a club listening to 'Come on Eileen'.
Hold on though! no game tomorrow lets party!!!!.

Only Joking Happy New Year to one and all from all at Hargreaves Towers.


Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Credit Crunched

What a sad sight it is at the moment seeing Woolworth's shops closing around the country. I bought my first record( vinyl )from 'Woollies', all those years ago!. It has for lots of people, after countless shopping trips, been the final destination. I'm one of those people, in recent years being dragged in to buy gifts for someone, in past years being dragged in to get my new school uniform and pencil case !. A high street institution for many I'm sure.
Well, it's a 'goner', 200 branches going this week with the rest of the 600 due to close before Jan 5. I'm sure Frank Woolworth will be turning in his grave to see the brand come to an end. He was the man who while running his multi-million dollar chain of 5 and 10 cents stores decided it was time to go 'Big'. In 1913 he gave the go ahead and the money ( 13.5 million dollars paid in cash !!) for the construction of the Worlds tallest skyscraper ( The Woolworth Building ) to be built in New York. On completion it rose to 55 floors, achieving his goal of it being the biggest building and with it gaining some serious bragging rights.
The 'Brand' had started.
The Neo Gothical beast of a building obviously still stands in 2008, proudly sitting between newer but no less impressive structures. But poor old 'Woollies and it's thirty thousand employees does not.
Yes I have given you facts, yes I have given you heartache but at least one person was happy. My wife nipped in today for a few last minute bargains while I was being used for target practice at the bombing site (4 kids and me at the swimming pool).

By the way I saw David James out shopping today. I bumped into him in Office while looking at a pair if trainers. And what thought popped into my head ?.
Does he look at a pair of runners and say to himself "Do I really need these trainers and when is it pay day ".
Not wanting to pry I answered the question myself "Get a grip pal I'm living the dream, I'll have 2 pairs in white and 2 in black and I don't care when it's pay day baby I'm Mult...i".
I walked out empty handed, it's a five week month !. Still we will both be playing in the same cup competition this weekend, you can't buy that.


Monday, 29 December 2008


I woke up still in one heck of a bad mood today but spurred on by the family took a trip out today to the Eden Project. It is something that we have always thought would be good to do but have never got round to doing. What surprised me about Eden was that the first major steps to creating this amazing place started in 1998 the year Cameron our son was born in Plymouth. It has taken that long to visit!.
If you haven't yet been I will try not to ruin it for you but lets get a few facts out of the way first. Ten years ago the Eden site was a used up China Clay pit, it has been transformed into a global garden housed in huge Biomes ( one of which is the biggest greenhouse in the world ).
The Eden Project includes landscapes,crops and wild plants as well as its own rain forest. It definitely makes you think about the environment and the stresses that we exert on our planet.
The best Stats of the day were those of the 'Seed'. Given its own mammoth 'Display Cabinet' this huge copy of a seed was carved from one piece of rock weighing in at 167 tonnes( the biggest single piece of rock ever excavated). Eventually coming in at 70 tonnes after completion it was lifted into place in a spanking new building, much to the relief I'm sure of the man who spent most of the 10,000 hours needed to carve it!!. Stats over.
All in all a good day out.
An extra bonus tonight as my bro Mark and his son Harvey have rolled into town for a few days. It will be great to catch up and have a few shandies. I may even look over some of the books he has brought with him one of which I have just seen titled Equity and Trusts( he is currently taking a law degree). Containing around 5,000 pages pages I should have that one polished off by Thursday!!!!.


Sunday, 28 December 2008

Gutted is an understatement about today's result. Losing at home against a team that had one shot on target in 90 minutes is hard to take. We have been punished for not taking our chances in a big way. The performance was very similar to that against Histon at home last week and we won that 4-1. But if you don't take your chances, and we didn't this afternoon, this game that drives us all mad has a habit of hurting you. The Kidderminster players and their 40 fans celebrated at the final whistle like they had won the league and I'm not surprised as they should have been beaten by 4 or 5.
As a player you have to take it on the chin but I can tell you that losing a game like that is a real killer. I'm that angry I feel like wrecking the place and throwing my boots through the window but I don't think that would go down too well with my Wife and Kids. Having my family at games is great but trying to remain calm after losses is difficult. My boy takes it really badly in fact he kicked the seat in front so hard he thinks he may have broken his foot. I could go on all night and probably will to myself when everyone is in bed but the fact is it's done.
If anyone thinks that as a player you leave the ground after a match and turn off you couldn't be further from the truth. All the lads will be extremely low until the next training session and the next win.
For now I will be putting on a brave face and getting on with family life whilst suffering from a massive case of internal combustion.

Thank you as ever for your support.


Friday, 26 December 2008

Home and Away games

A good victory, a bad game and a fantastic following. That about sums up today's match. Hope those who travelled to Weymouth have now thawed out and are tucking into some nice turkey sandwiches. Lets move on now to Sunday for more points and the last of the turkey.
It will be a quick training session in the morning and then it's back home to relax and crack on with Lego building, Wii playing and farmyard constructing. Bring it on.


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

To all readers of the blog, T.U.F.C supporters, family and friends I hope that you have a great Christmas. Hope to see some of you on Boxing day at Weymouth or if you have had too many Quality Streets or need some fresh air feel free to pop down to the racecourse tomorrow morning to watch training, K.O 9.30 a.m !.

Thanks so much to all who have read the blog, I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. The Herald Express asking me to start the blog was a real bonus and I am really grateful for their support namely Andy, Guy and Dave.

I must also say Happy Christmas and a massive thanks to all the staff at the club especially Kerry, Sally and Ann who always go out of their way to help myself (a lot!), the lads and our families on Match days.

My children are buzzing with excitement, it will be great to see their faces light up (early)on Xmas morning. Lets hope Santa has been generous!. My wish list is the same as usual, lots of points a Chocolate Orange and a nice bottle of red.

Merry Christmas
Love Health and Happinness to all

P.S Regarding recent comments about dogs; I love them really especially Bella and Jake ( The Mansells pooches ).


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Final preps

I'm currently knee deep in pressies and flat pack items so uber quick blog tonight. Myself, Steve Woods, Lee Mansell and Chris Todd went to Torbay hospital this afternoon to drop a few presents off and to see some of the patients in the children's ward. There really are some great people who work in that ward helping not only the children but their parents too. Quite a few of the guys we met today will be spending Christmas in Hospital which must be extremely difficult for both them and their families.
I hope that the New Year brings health and happiness for them. At least we made one young lads day with our visit. He had a Liverpool top on and so on receiving his gifts he was delighted to get a Torquay autograph book so that he could get the signatures of his favourite Liverpool players!!.


Monday, 22 December 2008

Beach Babes

Maybe it's a Northern thing that my children have inherited the love of beaches and paddling in the water in winter. We drove to Blackpool Sands today, amongst other places, and within Ten minutes all three kids were waist deep in the drink!.
It started off gently enough with the three of them running in and out, avoiding the incoming tide, but as soon as one got wet they all decided it was a good idea to take a few layers off and wade in.
It definitely raised a few eyebrows with other well wrapped up beach goers as my lot steamed in regardless of the sub zero temperatures. When they eventually got cold ( it took about 30 Min's) we headed off home with the heaters on full belt. Must get another in car DVD player at some point because without some serious help, entertainment wise, there is only so long you can withstand the screaming, fighting and laughing in the back of the car. I did smile though when we were all trying to guess Isabella' eye spy question of " I spy something beginning with C ". After loads of tries we gave up and asked Issy to tell us, and her answer ?....... "Christmas"!.

By the way I have just returned from meeting Hilly ( Kevin Hill ). His Manager at Dorchester wanted to get hold of the DVD of our recent game against Bath as they play them soon in the league.
We had a good chat about football and work etc as Hilly now gets dirty twice for a living, playing football and working for his brother fabricating metals. What a top lad Hilly is. He is enjoying his football and his new home and is looking forward to getting married ( and the stag do !). True to form he didn't stop bouncing the whole time we were talking!!. See you Sunday mate.


Sunday, 21 December 2008


The countdown to Christmas is here so it's lots of celebrations ( the sweets ), tangerines and nuts to get through and plenty of old school films on the TV. In fact as I am typing away E.T is on in the background, as usual playing to no one as the kids can't sit still long enough to watch anything.
My wife is in bed ill ( a smokescreen I think so she didn't have to get up early with Harriet, take the children out or cook the dinner ). I might actually go upstairs soon and quietly rush in, I'll probably find her relaxing eating Belgian chocolates whilst reading Hello magazine !.
Anyway me and the rest of the clan headed to the beach this morning to blow the cobwebs away. Twenty rolls down the sand dunes later we were ready for refreshments especially as the 'Devon dog beach meeting society' was beginning to grow in numbers.
I like dogs and eventually we will get one but when there's an eight foot great Dane bounding towards my little girl looking like it hasn't eaten in weeks it's definitely time to go. To be fair it's owners were shouting the obligatory " Don't worry he doesn't USUALLY bite, he's a big softy", but I couldn't take the risk. Harriet could have got away with riding it as a back marker at the Grand National it was that big.
We made it to the cafe, devoured a couple of thousand calories and returned home. Albeit on the drive back I think I may have been caught by a police camera probably for doing 32.5 in 30 zone!. Twice in a week, not good, my dislike for these devices is growing to Jeremy Clarkson type proportions.
That's the first rant of the day over, apart from the 'Beach dog club' of course. The second rant is about things that you buy that break but you can't take them back as you have lost the receipt.
The third is people that owe you money but avoid you like you have the Ebola virus. Don't stop me I'm on a roll, the fourth rant of the day concerns the 'Chavs' who have abused the local playground, it's now ruined, good work there!.
The fifth is the madness you have to contend with when attempting to buy a few pints of milk at the supermarket as the person in front is stockpiling for a possible nuclear disaster.
The Sixth is something I heard second hand that really annoyed me, a friend of mine told me he bumped into a local footballer ( no names mentioned I'm afraid ) and his wife doing some Christmas shopping. Whilst the lads were chatting the lads wife lent over and said " Isn't it great that the credit crunch doesn't affect the likes of us ".
Someone get me a gun. To think it is bad enough but to say it is a joke. Lets just hope she trips up on her Jimmy Choos', knocks herself out with her Gucci handbag and wakes up smelling the roses and joining in with the real world.
The Seventh rant of the day is about slow drivers ( you know the ones, when your in a rush they are feeding the wheel and indicating round a bend ) and the eighth and final rant goes to people who............ moan a lot!. Ignore all of the above, life is good!.


Saturday, 20 December 2008

Winning Ways

Back to winning ways today in the league and in style. A 4-1 victory against Histon feels and looks good. We can really kick on from here and assert ourselves on this league. With the support we get each week from our fans and the ability and desire we have in the squad I know it can be a great season.
That's it ! No stories, no anecdotes. I hope everyone reading this has a top night and I will resume with my normal behaviour tomorrow.


Friday, 19 December 2008


It has been a couple of days since I have written on the blog so apologies there. We had a nice little 'Jammin' session at the club this morning. Big performances were put in by Wayne Carlisle and, from nowhere, our part time fitness coach 'Fletch'. Beforehand as a bit of a warm up the trainees gave us a few renditions of well known Christmas Carols with Grant giving a nice solo and Steve throwing some
hardcore shapes into the bargain !
Onto the main event and with Wayne having had his old guitar replaced with a spanking new one he was 'encouraged' by senior management to try it out.
For a bit of guidance and encouragement 'Fletch' offered to sit in and he just happened to have his guitar and full list of songs in his car this morning!!!!!!.
Lead vocals went to Damien Davey with Tim Sills on backing vocals( surprisingly Tim was reluctant to join in at first, his best work is obviously done at night !).
What a gig it was, we were treated to cameos of Oasis, Paulo Nutini and the Stereophonics to name but a few .
Wayne's guitar playing was great ( bearing in mind it was his first gig in front of anyone, he told me was more nervous than before any game!). The singers were spot on as well but it has to be said that 'Fletch' came into his own with both guitar and voice. He actually made me jump when he 'Joined in/Took over' from the lads halfway through one of the songs and belted out the remainder of the track like an old pro( the fact he is in a local band may explain it! ).
Top stuff though, a great start to the day. Training followed which involved final preparation for our game against Histon tomorrow, a big game, and a game that we are looking to win.
Finally, the head tennis duo of Hargreaves/Woods has now become a trio. A third member has been recruited and welcomed with open arms. His ability to abuse match officials, dispute all line calls and generally win at all costs impressed the judges enough to claim his place. Yes Lee Hodges come on down!!.
And the first game as a three (3 games up to 21 points) results as follows;

Hargreaves,Woods,Hodges 3
Mansell, Robertson, Nicholson 0 ( I'm keeping it quiet but 'Man's' and 'Robbo' want a new member. it's getting a bit much for Kev )

Next Please.

Nearly forgot in other news the newly formed 'Book club'( OK it's only me and Broughy, we were very bored at a service stop the other week !) has finished it's first book. The book was called City Boy and is basically the account of a (now ex)City boy on the scandal, wrong doing and massive misuse of money that has resulted in the mess we find ourselves in today i.e trillions of pounds of debt!!!. Great book, great banter, worrying pension fund !.

Next please


Thursday, 18 December 2008


with Tarzan and the Bevanator

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Old mates

In the twenty years that I have been playing football I have come across some great characters and made lots of friends. Unfortunately the fact that I have had more clubs than Tiger Woods means that staying in regular touch can be hard. You know what it's like up at 7 with the kids, school run, training, coaching, athletics, dinner, homework etc its all go, I only just have time to argue with my wife before we sit down to relax about 9 p.m. So the thought of then making/receiving a long phone call can be a bit of a killer. Especially when you are allergic to phones calls like I am. My mates are used to my phone phobia excuses i.e. it fell in the bath, my son keeps losing it( that one lasted 4 years), the battery is dead, the signal is rubbish, I left it up North ( for 2 weeks ).
Imagine what I'm like with calls I don't recognise!!. In fact I have seriously considered sending it to friends abroad in the summer when I'm off, ringing with a foreign dialing tone would definately put people off and may buy me a couple of weeks of peace!. It's not that I'm anti-social I just don't like people!, only joking I love meeting people just not on the phone.
I once struck up a great friendship with a stockbroker who was anti phones while on hols in the Caribbean. Our respective girlfriends/wives were busy with the Hawaiian tropic. You know the one, eight hours already in the baking heat and if you step near them "Your blocking the sun, I'm in your shadow". So being restless anyway and having walked up the nearest mountain and nearly drowning 2 miles out to sea I crept away. Luckily for me I met this great bloke at the bar who ignored his phone as if it was poisonous, he introduced me to Gin and Tonic ( I've never looked back!)so most afternoons for us two were then taken care of!. We were also both safe in the knowledge that our partners were still welded to their towels, hooked up to a drip of factor -10 and committed as ever to their Sun God.
Whenever I go away with my mate Daryl and his family we have a great laugh when our wives rise up off the sun loungers to have a dip, in typical David Attenborough lingo " And here we have the female of the species venturing down to the watering hole, it's best not to approach at this stage as they can be extremely dangerous".
Anyway the there is a point to this story, phones can be used for speaking and not texting!. I actually phoned my mate Daryl back last night as he had left a message ( no answer from me again!) saying he needed my new address for Xmas cards etc. I was with Daryl at West brom and Northampton, our families have been away lots of times together and have had some great laughs, although our last holiday was this summer just gone, 2 weeks in a haunted villa in the middle of nowhere in torrential rain.... hilarious !!. We have been in caravans ( no comments please!), had trips to St Tropez, Pollensa and in fact most of Spain. It was great to catch up and talk about old times and stories, some of which I will talk about soon ( Yachts, David Dunn, bizarre circus acts, and fluorescent rain coats in Prague to name a few ) but for now I am going to have to go as I think the girls have destroyed the top floor of the house. Oh and while I have been writing this the home phone has rung 3 times and my mobile has rung twice, come on I've been busy!!.


Monday, 15 December 2008

Fight Night

I travelled up to Bristol with Chris Todd last night to watch his bro James fight, and what a night it was. James is now fighting under the 'Calzaghe' gym and last night was his his pro fight.
Along with Wayne Carlisle, his clan, and our mate Barry we eventually sat down for the pre fight meal. Oh I forgot to mention the thirty or so Todd family and friends who descended on the Thistle hotel, a regular Bristol boxing venue, ready for action after their journey from Wales. The three tables filled were certainly going to create some noise!. For a bit of extra muscle throw in Enzo Maccarinelli as well who joined the group!.
We all had a good chat before the fight, even James popped in to say hello. The last time I had seen him was a few months ago at training and he looked a different person. He had dropped a few pounds to get in at the weight of 10 st for a light welter weight but he looked fit and ready.
Onto the fighting and the first two bouts were decent but we were all keen to see James in action, it was a long wait for his family and friends though when after these first two bouts the master of ceremonies announced that the auction would start!!. A few signed gloves, signed shirts and a couple of grand later it was time for the two fighters to enter the arena.
James came in to a great reception, it was a great sight seeing him bowl in wearing the Todd number 6 Torquay shirt, he jumped into the ring looking strong and ready.
Then his opponent came in, Adam Cunningham a local lad, also to a great reception.
A quick check and chat by the referee and the bell was sounded, 4 three minute rounds here we go.
It started ferociously and before you knew it pretty much all the punters were stood up with the the shouts of "Toddy, Toddy" ringing around the place. It was a great fight, both of the lads were full on in fact I can't remember a lull in any of the rounds. James moved round the ring brilliantly and reigned in some great combo's. He actually looked stronger as the fight went on, I reckon he could have done another 4 rounds !. The bell sounded for the end of the fight and the 2 sets of supporters obviously thought their own fighter deserved the victory.
We all obviously thought James took it because of his finish to the fight, the Bristol supporters thought it was their man, home advantage and all. And the result................a draw!. It was a big decision, the first two rounds were given to Cunningham the second two given to Todd, I can tell you that their would have been a near riot either way if victory were given.
Toddy was gutted, his family and friends were gutted but were also really proud as their boy had gone in their and really fought well. Both the lads were given glowing reports by the 'Ringmaster' who said he would be very surprised if either of them wouldn't be fighting for a British Championship at some point.
I went to see James after the fight to say well done, he was in the dressing room with another 'Away' fighter who to be fair had been battered in the last bout of the night. It reminded me a lot of football dressing rooms after defeats when your shattered and annoyed and you just want to get out and home to lick the old wounds. James was disappointed he hadn't won, he deserved to, but he must have been pleased with his first pro fight, his family and friends certainly were. James is 19, the lad he fought was 32 and had 60 odd amateur fights under his belt. It was a great performance from 'Toddy' and I think the lad he fought will definitely be pleased with a draw today!!!.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Wembley trail

Our journey, hopefully to Wembley, has started today after our victory against Bath. It has certainly been a long week though and sat here now looking back at the last few days all I can say is I think the lads will really benefit from some time off. Being away from football to recharge the batteries, to spend some time with family and friends can be important. Then it's back in ready to train well and ready to beat Histon.
Personally I am a bit worn out at the moment, a combination of not feeling great and also having played 30 or so games already may have something to do with it. It is a long season and at the moment I am in pain but a few good nights sleep and some good food will sort it out. As well as feeling rough I am not totally happy with my game. Like a lot of players unless you are putting in Man of the Match performances every game it's frustrating but after all these years I know it can soon turn. I still have goals that I am aiming for, none more than promotion with Torquay, so it's a case of head down, dig in and most importantly win at all costs!.
Tonight like millions of other's its' X-Factor and tomorrow it's a Christmas party for the kids then a trip to Bristol to watch 'Toddy's' bro hopefully win his first pro fight.


Friday, 12 December 2008

Match Day Video

A Chris and Cameron Hargreaves production!

Thursday, 11 December 2008


This evening we were treated to another performance of the Christmas Play. It was very good, a classic nativity play. The children have been in some bizarre Christmas plays at different schools before. I remember one play in Northampton being set in space and lasting for over one and a half hours!.
Stick to the original format, we want to see Mary and Joseph, three kings, baby Jesus and the innkeeper and his wife, job done. And so it was, as well as being super quick( it lasted 30 Min's ),the play ticked all the boxes and bonus points for Cam our son as he was Joseph.
He remembered all his lines but he refused to hold hands with Mary and was a bit intimidated by her size ( a foot difference ).
Isabella was spitting feathers in the back row, she was only an Angel. To make matters worse Cam was given a box of chocolates after the play. More bribes needed for next years lead parts I think.
I managed to video the show which was no mean feat considering the size of the camcorder I was holding. We bought it over ten years ago and times have moved on. People watching the play thought the BBC were in filming a documentary the camera was that big. I dread to think what the film looks like as I had the shakes for the final scene, my forearm was failing.
Still I shouldn't worry, Cams first birthday( He is ten now ) is still on a tape in the box with all the other Plays, Weddings, Christmas', Birthday's, holidays, and Bar Mitzvah's that we have filmed over the years with that Camcorder. In fact it's a miracle I found the box with the camcorder in. The amount of house moves we have had recently have meant that some boxes have remained up opened for years on end going from garage to garage. Which reminds me I must remember to look for the box marked "Kid's pets". Only joking they are safe and sound at Friends in Northampton!.
Hi to 'Flopsy' the rabbit if you have managed to unlock the gate, open the back door, turn the the computer on, oh and have learnt to read!!.


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Move on

It has been a long time, in fact I think it's the first time I have posted on the blog after having played in a game in which we lost. I haven't talked in great detail about the wins and so I won't about the losses. What I will say is that their are no excuses, we definitely didn't play well and we didn't deserve to win. First and foremost as Captain I look at my own performance and I am far from happy. I am certainly not going to criticise my team mates, their efforts in the last few months have been massive. As a team we will look at what went wrong tomorrow morning in training. We have to make sure this is a one-off and go out to win the next two games, the first on Saturday against Bath and the second the following Saturday against Histon.
Finally I have to say thanks to the supporters who travelled to Eastbourne to watch. I know it wasn't the display and result you were hoping.
Returning home at 4 a.m this morning after losing has put me in the sort of bad mood that won't be lifted until we are sat in a winning changing room once again.
This may all sound like boring old spiel but I am not in the mood for cartwheels. I know that you have to move on though, and quickly, starting with watching the kid's performance in the school play at 2p.m this afternoon. No comments please on who will play the donkey.


Monday, 8 December 2008

Brighton Pier

Arrived at our hotel last night after a journey of ridiculous length and heat. To rub salt into the wounds I was sandwiched in between Mark Ellis and Dave the driver for the our evening meal. The banter was very poor, I asked Dave to pass the water and he looked over to the sea and said "There's plenty out there" !!! and Mark just stared at us as if he wanted to eat us both!!. We are situated on Brighton seafront so it's a banker for hitting Brighton Pier today!.


Sunday, 7 December 2008


Yesterday's game could and maybe should have been won as we were the side who had the most chances. The reward of 1 point for all the effort the lads put into the game seems harsh but we know that in the last couple of months performances and results have excellent so as I always say we go again starting on Tuesday at Eastbourne.
Very 'light' blog tonight as the last 40 minutes writing a story about a family trip to Eastbourne have been in vain. The 'Beast' has just ripped the phone plug out of the socket, I hadn't pressed save, the battery was dead and so as they say 'Its a gonna'!. That reminds me is it bedtime for my little 'Angels'!.

I will 'Double blog' late on tuesday night when me and Red bull get home!.


Friday, 5 December 2008

Fun and Games

We have a great game to look forward to tomorrow, Cambridge at home is a going to be a stern test but one that we are ready for. A return to a league game and hopefully back to winning ways.

Update on club 'Games master' Tim Sills' TV appearance. Forget 'Don't forget the Lyrics' that dream is over but say hello to 'Wogans' Perfect Recall'.
Yes the quiz master funk is at it again but this time it's for real. The Date ? 17 December, the day ? Wednesday, the contestant? T.Sills and the show ? 'Wogans' Perfect Recall', a game show on Channel 4 that requires contestants to show off their memory and general knowledge with prize money of up to 250 thousand pounds on offer. One for the diary there.
"Starter for Ten Points", How much money will go into the players fund if Tim hits the jackpot?,
Answer from Tim, " Your breaking up mate, gotta go I'm having Terry over for drinks"!!!.
Second bombshell of the Day, revealed in the weekly circle. Up steps a great lad, every ones friend, a real gent, Kev Nicholson!. And the revelation? He woke up this morning racked with guilt about a dream, a 'liaison' with one of the lad's wives. Were thinking come on Kev it can't be that bad, it happens. Then the revelation, "It was Fiona Hargreaves"!. Brilliant thanks for that mate, to be fair though the lads reaction was very funny!.
That reminds me, I really did enjoy those Exmouth days. Kev's Fiance Jenny, me and the strawberries oh and Kev walked in and ruined it!.


Thursday, 4 December 2008


Happy Birthday Cam Hargreaves, 10 years old today. We got Cam a new bike for his birthday as he had worn his other one out. As well as that he got some clothes, the obligatory computer game, footy boots ( like the lad's wear!) and an under armour. Yes even at 10 all the young football starlets have to have the designer thermals!. Issy got him a chocolate football boot but Harriet got hold of his tube of smarties and started destroying them at 8 a.m. Not a bad day for the boy all in all especially with Christmas to come.
The kid's also received their replies from Santa this morning ( Typed by the Elves! ) so they are excited. Santa may well visit again this year but when he does I ( I mean He !!!!) seems to take on a Welsh accent, must work on that one. Not forgetting the year 'Santa', after 'visiting' was locked out of the house for half an hour with only a pair of shorts on!. Cross wires and too much consumption of wine by my wife to blame for that one.
My Christmas memories as a boy are littered with bizarre events. Losing my brothers bike on Christmas Day was a bit worrying, but having the only customised chopper in the street( A glitter spray job ) on Xmas day wasn't bad. Another time I was fooled into thinking my new remote control car had a lead on so you had to walk it like a dog, it wasn't great ( Mum I bet your laughing now, I know it was payback for me being the Devil child!!). But when the joke was over on Xmas morning ( an hour later !!), and my real car was revealed a Corvette Stingray I blasted it round the neighbourhood for the rest of the day using about 20 batteries and traumatising my Bro who had chosen a Truck and trailer that crept along at about 0.5 mph. Your reversing was awesome though mate!!!.
Great times but I got up to so much mischief back then my Mum and Dad must have gone stir crazy. It was all worth it in the end though especially now some of the restraining orders have been lifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Express Delivery

Late blog due to a non stop day, this being the first time I have sat down at 9.55 p.m. Last night we lost 1-0 to Forest Green and the reaction?. No one likes losing but hopefully the positives of being out of that competition will far out way the negatives i.e fixture pile up!!.
I had the pleasure of watching the lad's last night and they put in a really professional performance, some after not playing much football at all this season, and although the result wasn't great the attitude was.
Thanks to Mrs Mansell and clan who looked after us at the match, much appreciated food, warmth and banter!.

Today I have been given gifts by mates and this is unusual for me. I met a freind for lunch who kindly gave me 2 things, firstly food!!, secondly and more importantly his advice, thanks mate. Then another freind of mine gave me a great early birthday present for my boy Cam, and the beauty is we can both use it !!!, nice one.
Got lot's flying around in my mind tonight but if I start going off on a tangent and blogging it 2 things will happen, I won't sleep and you will turn the computer off so goodnight and godbless.
Oh just 2 facts then;

1. 80 billion text messages sent worldwide every day

2. very cold tomorrow!


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Testing Times

I can't believe I managed to watch a whole episode of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of here without throwing the control through the TV screen. My anger levels watching the box these days are really worrying me. My wife already thinks I'm a cross between Jim Royle, Victor Meldrew and Jack Nicholson in 'As Good As It Gets' who basically is wound up by everything and only likes a few things.
I know watching the jungle antics can be addictive, but watching last night I was cringing at the pleas for votes by the celebs and the total 'Wetness' of Brian who reached the top in a hard profession but who on the show came across like a proper 'Wet Blanket' . He stood there hanging on every word from a singer from Blue and an Eastender, get a grip mate!!.

As for the other 'Inmates' purely on her huge achievements and also the fact that she is a lovely person I won't have Martina criticised, fair play to Simon who tried to conquer his obvious fears in the water trial but who milks the old 'Righteous' one. George surely doesn't speak in 'Star Trek' mode all the time, Nicola's chest is going to blow up if she goes to close to the fire and Joe is more 'Cockney' than 'Chas and Dave' . Finally we have David, love him or hate him he is pure entertainment and is a dead cert for the baddie in Panto as soon as he steps out of the Jungle.
The worst of all though are the adverts during the show. Someone needs shooting for hiring Kerry Katona for the Iceland ads, I don't mind old Biggins, but no I don't want a box of 12 king prawns complete with plastic spoons and I'm not going to do the conga eating a frozen voluvant.

I have been tested to the max this morning by my awesome little 2yr old Daughter. I know what Fiona feels like now being home alone with 'Hatty'. This morning started early and went something like this" Read daddy"......... ten books later it was "Den Daddy'.........a displaced disc later and "I'm hungry Daddy". Her menu was scrambled egg followed by some cheese then 2 yoghurts, a bottle of milk, a lolly( couldn't help it she found it!) and 3 advent calendar chocolates ( never going to get to Christmas). Along with the food she wanted to watch cars on TV and also came out with lot's of mental phrases including; " Oh dod almighty", " I go to work now", " I won't blue jean's on", "Don't annoy me Daddy", "Don't wind me up", I lub you Daddy","Here's your hair clip Daddy"!!!!!, I need some sheese" and 5 cries of " I need milk Daddy, NOW". She is now across my lap with the TV control down her top, wincing while eating some Kiwi fruit... Life is good but please Fiona come home all is forgiven.

Game tonight and the same as normal is required, a win.


Monday, 1 December 2008

Issy and Cam ( Guest Blog )

Issy; On Sunday we got the decorations out and without Dad getting frustrated we made the house look great. Hatty was wrecking the Christmas tree and standing on the baubles. I went upstairs with tinsel and lights and decorated my bedroom as well. I am looking forward to Christmas so much, I want it to be every day. Cant wait to break up from school and have peace and quiet. For Christmas I would like a big dressing table to put all my bit's and bobs on.

Cam; Hi there!, Dad has just broken the garage door. I can't get my bike out, my football's out or anything else that I want. Grandad came to see me play football on Sunday, luckily we won 2-1. Issy has been yapping away telling me what to write and it is getting quite annoying. I went to watch Dad on Saturday, it was a bit rough. Soon we are going to be doing the Christmas play, I am taking on the part of Joseph so I need to learn my lines soon!. My Birthday is on Thursday, it's been a nightmare waiting. I have just started my Advent calendar, today I woke up to a big piece of chocolate behind the door of number 1!!!.