Monday, 18 May 2009

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I have waited a long time to write this blog and I almost cannot find the right words to express how happy I am. Happy for every person who supports Torquay and happy for my family and friends who have been there through so many ups and downs.

We did it !!!..........those three words are the words that I have waited to say. I have said before that there hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't thought about last years play-off loss, but it is so true. Seeing all those faces in the crowd yesterday cheering and then seeing my family and friends in tears at the final whistle was incredible.
It was always going to be a tense day but the lead up to the game had been pretty low key so the nerves were kept to a minimum.
To lead the team out, score and then lift the trophy as captain was the ultimate for me, I will never forget the moment the ball nestled in that net - neither will a few of my mates who had quite a few quid on me to score the first goal at 25-1! - we have all heard the saying 'It's the stuff of dreams' but it was for me. I am so proud of the lads, who were absolutely magnificent, it was a big day for them but they rose to the occasion and fought to the end. It has been a long hard slog, since the heartache of last year, so for the players, staff, and fans of this club yesterday was truly well deserved.
My heart goes out to the Cambridge fans who have suffered at Wembley twice in succession and to their players who will be devastated. But there has to be a winner and yesterday it had to be us. I couldn't have returned home to Devon without that cup for so many different reasons, the biggest being that of seeing my children's faces had we have lost.
I could talk about it all night long, I am so, so delighted but after having only two hours sleep - what a great coach journey home, that cup got used to great effect!- I will sign off. Thank-you to everybody who has supported the team and to all the people at the club who work so hard for us, especially Kerry, your a real diamond x .

P.S I cannot stop smiling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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