Sunday, 15 November 2009

Good morning

Another long trip and another draw. One point for nearly forty eight hours of preparation, travelling, and of course playing, doesn't seem like much but losing the game would have been disastrous, especially having played for so long with ten men (well almost nine really as I was basically hopping on one leg for the last fifteen minutes with a ripped thigh) . The sending off seemed harsh and although we did get a bit of luck with our goal the goal that they scored was a joke.
Up until then the referee had had a decent game, but when one of their players tried to play a through ball, which was quite obviously going harmlessly out for a goal kick, the 'ref', who had turned his back, got in the way, it hit him, landed to one of their players and from that they scored. I was absolutely livid and told the referee what I thought (several times). To be fair to him though he was really apologetic and he was actually a nice fella, but unfortunately when you are down at the bottom of the league that sort of thing seems to happen. We are all still fighting though and that includes the fans who were magnificent yesterday, thanks to all those who travelled to support us.
Today I will be mostly limping around Devon on a 'Hargreaves' family expedition. Report to follow.


Report; With the use of only one good leg the decision was made, no outward bound mission, just shopping! Yes, not only was I still limping, I also had to inflict some severe damage to the card.
Before this though we had all decided on a trip to the cinema (still called the 'pictures' in my book). We plumped for Fantastic Mr Fox and it was a great choice, although I think our presence in there was frowned upon a bit due to the six bags of crisps and sweets opened and demolished during the film.
I can only remember two books that I really enjoyed when I was younger, (obviously other than volumes of 'The Guinness Book of World Records' and the 'Roy of the Rovers' annuals), one was 'The Magic Faraway Tree' (no laughing please) and the other was 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. The film wasn't quite up to the standard of Roald Dahl's original but it was pretty good.
Tonight I will be joining the other 11 million people watching X-factor, the other couple of thousand enjoying a glass of red, and the other couple of hundred with a glass back, swollen ankle and pulled thigh. Enjoy.


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