Thursday, 1 October 2009


Poor show old chap! Sorry I know, too little blogging going on at the moment. I have been very busy in the last 24 hours though, due, in no particular order, to enforced Mrs Doubtfire duties, coaching, icing, and training - hence lack of blogs. The 'Doubtfire' duties have been undertaken as my wife has started work (about time I hear you say). I am of course joking!, not about the work but about the 'about time' bit. I have realised in the last two days how hard it is to look after three children, cook, tidy and entertain. Oh and of course add to that the small matter of playing football - In a nutshell I have had it easy I think!.
Although tough, I have loved it though, in fact this afternoon we even made brownies! The kitchen looked like it had been burgled afterwards but hey you can't have everything.
Tomorrow I will be posting a thorough, topical, and informative blog but for now I am committed to a late night contrast bathing session (ice bath, hot shower, ice bath, hot shower) so it's S of the E of the E you later (overheard it at the school gate!).
P.S Guy, the Russian dolls are mental!!! . I will explain tomorrow


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